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the 'brand spanking' new july 31-day 80/10/10 experience



  • LuckyPenne> The Naked Juice is pretty simple- just fruit purees, although they do add vitamins such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C). I don’t know if that’s a natural thing or not. I do know now, however, that they do flash pastuerize their juices. At any rate, I don’t plan on having another one.

    Yesterday went pretty well. Still couldn’t eat the whole giant salad from the 811 book, but ate half this time.


    1 lb of cherries


    4 bananas, 8oz blueberries, 3 peaches


    3/4th pound cherries


    Course 1: 1/2lb apricots, 1/2 pint blended blueberries over top

    Course 2: 2 mango, 1 sprig fennel blended into soup

    Course 3: 1lb butter lettuce, half tomato, 1lb apricots+4oz celery blended for dressing (only managed to eat half of this monster)

    Exercise: missed

    Fitday: 1854

    Carb: 86%, Prot: 7%, Fat: 7%


    Total Cal:

  • penne…. :o( i have a classic ipod….no monkey ball for me :o( :o(

  • I just filled my entire blender for .83!

    After work today I stopped at the nearby Publix. In an effort to avoid corporations, I no longer shop there but since I am nearly out of food and saving my big shopping spree for tomorrow at the farmer’s market, I decided to pop in and see if the organic section had improved in the last year (that, and I was absolutely ravenous). To my delight, it had. In addition to the little corner, there is now a full aisle (ok, half an aisle). I planned on just grabbing a few bananas but saw they had my favorite kind of mangoes- the big round red and yellow ones. Bad news is they were $3/piece; much more expensive than plain old nanners. There were only 3 mangoes left and 2 of them were not looking so hot on one side and only 2 ripe bananas, certainly not enough to keep me full until dinner. I figured if I could get the mangoes half off, it would be worth it to cut off the bad area. When I went to checkout, the cashier called the manager to approve the discount. He came out and said, “You found that on the shelf?” I said yeah and he told me to just take them. Score!

    I knew if anyone would appreciate my little good fortune today, it would be my fellow 811ers :) Gawd, I just love free food! Correction, free fruit*.

    Breakfast: 1 pear, 1 green kiwi, 1 golden kiwi

    Lunch: 2 bananas, 2 mangos, bunch of greens

    I have an apple and enough greens and such to make a salad for after yoga tonight. After that my fridge will be completely empty. Well, except for avo and coconuts but I am not touching that.

    Sorry to hear about the blender, penne. I love the Osterizer that was donated to me, more for the fact that it’s glass and less for the fact that it starts to smell if I leave it running too long. If money is not an object, I would of course suggest a Vitamix. Other wise, check thrift stores or CL. http://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/gms/747756875.html

    I need to start looking, myself. My little 1.5 L is struggling with these massive 811 meals.

    You guys probably think I am a cheap *ss after reading this post. I prefer the work ‘frugal’.

  • frugal and fruity :o)...way to go on the mangos…the thought is making me crave mangos

    i’ve got a nice glass jar 1.5l 650 watt philips blender…no way can i afford a vitamix…i’m actually really happy with it especially as it blends frozen bananas…mmmm, ice-cream…..1.5 litres seems to do me ok until i start adding too many greens and water…need to do more experiments….i can easily blend 11 bananas with water, and once blended i could throw in a few more (if i could ever eat more)...11 bananas actually went down very easily…i think it helps that i use less water these days, so volume is less

  • July 10

    Food Log 1582 calories

    86/6/8 ratio (carb/prot/fat)

    Breakfast: 1 very small yellow watermelon 7 oz tomaine, 1.5 Tbs Newmans dressing

    Mid Morning: 36 sweet cherries

    Lunch: 2 bananas 7 oz romaine w mango/tomato/lime dressing Tomato, vidalia onion, red pepper, cucumber salad w newmans dressing

    Dinner: Smoothie – 1 banana, 3 peaches, 2 cups blackberries. 1.5 cups blueberries 4 medjool dates

    Throughout day: cold weak genmai cha tea and water, 1 mug genmai cha AM

    *Exercise/activity for the day: * 30 minutes jogging on rebounder 30 crunches 20 oblique crunches 30 lunges 30 side lunges 30 squats 30 plie squats

    7:30 hours/minutes sleep last night

    30 minutes sunning

  • July 11 aka The Day of the Stupid (but informative) Experiment

    Food Log Who knows calories

    Not a clue ratio (carb/prot/fat)

    Breakfast: 3 bananas 1 cantaloupe

    Decided to go to the “big city” – @ 140,000 pop. :-) – to get some goodies I can’t get locally. This was the good idea part of the day.

    Went slightly insane (but in a good way) at the Asian produce store and came away with a small case of atulfo mangoes, a giant section of thai bananas, 3 young coconuts, daikon, a gorgeous bok choy, thai basil, vietnamese mint, sweet pea shoots, lychees, longans, frozen jackfruit, frozen coconut water, and durian (durianriders posts have been making me salivate) (yes, I’ve tasted and smelled durian before) Packed all in the giant cooler w ice packs

    Lunch: Went slightly insane (in a bad way) and decided that I would try out some sashimi (bad, bad, not veg me, I know), one of my old favorites. Even that might have gone ok, but ate the rice they served along side. (I don’t remember getting rice w my sashimi before)

    Started feeling a bit sleepy soon after, but otherwise mostly ok

    Mid Afternoon: Not used to the lack of volume?, after some other fun errands went and picked up some vietnamese summer rolls (got the veg ones), then went and did some more errands and scored some local figs.

    THEN, went to the Lebanese store and picked up some henna, gorgeous medjool dates, debated some more barhis, and was asked by another customer re: the homemade yogurt. UH OH. Had to say, yes, incredibly tasty yogurt, great stuff. Fell to temptation, added 2 QUARTS of the dang yogurt to basket. On the way out of store picked up a yogurt drink and 3 sesame cookies (wheat), and ate them on the way home.

    Started feeling kind of uncomfortable on way home, and the sluggish, sleepy, flat feeling came back. Got home, started unpacking all. Intestinal cramping starts. Managed to get all put away, then spent an hour in some serious discomfort, plus rest of evening felt sluggy, unmotivated, generally icky.

    Dinner: No dinner

    Throughout day: cold weak genmai cha tea and water, 1 mug genmai cha AM at home, coconut water and that dang yogurt drink while out

    *Exercise/activity for the day: * zip

    7:30 hours/minutes sleep last night

    So, the experiment results says STAY WITH THE PROGRAM

    The intestinal effects were nasty, but not nearly as bad as the flat, uninterested, sluggish feeling. It felt like I went straight back into a dysthymic state, and the lifting of that has been one of the greatest effects for me of this way of eating.

    On the other hand, I am the kind of person that likes to be reasonably sure where results are coming from, and having the confirmation is valuable info for me.

    (Yogurt is good for the skin, right? I see a big yogurt bath in my near future)

  • This morning

    I’m still feeling a bit off, but better. I’m off to the farmers market this am to grab some lovely local produce.

    Did some “Ministry of Silly Walks” stretching. This is my name for a stretch routine my 77 yr old mom does. I almost fell over laughing the first time I saw her do it. It starts out exactly like the old MP sketch, with the gigantic high and long step forward, in s-l-o-w motion. She does this, walking around for 5 minutes, very slow motion, very high, long steps and wide slow swinging arms, occasionally doing a crab walk or backwards version.

    I asked her what in the heck she was doing. She of course, told me to give it a try. It’s actually amazingly good for the balance and can be quite a challenge. I’m reassured that she won’t be falling over from lack of balance any time soon. Of course my brothers and I then MADE her watch some MP. She was mildly amused.

  • Today is the third day in a row I’ve woken up feeling totally dead. I haven’t exercised, either; got no energy. Methinks I’ve had too much instant gratification in my life cuz it’s hard to just wait and observe while things don’t feel so hot. But, alas, here I am. Sticking with the challenge and waiting. There’s a reason it’s called a challenge, and it appears to differ for us all.

    I’m on the verge of concluding that I must stop reading negative opinions of 811 if I am to keep a confident mind while trying the diet. I’m not having the easiest time – though admittedly, even my bad days have felt better than my bad days on SAD or high fat rv – so sometimes bad press I read about the diet can leave me feeling pretty insecure. I tend toward skepticism and I like to know as many possible angles on a thing as I can get. But my general self-confidence is still shaky enough around food and diet that I think it’s wise now to keep the negative input to a minimum.

  • DAY 11 also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…

    sleep: 9 hours; felt tired, weak, dead upon waking

    breakfast: 2 mangos lunch: 3 medium bananas and a pint of strawberries smoothie snack: 3 medium bananas dinner: 2 medium bananas, 1 pint strawberries, 1 mango smoothie

    total calories: 1472 92/4/4 C/P/F

    exercise: none, aside from lugging laundry to and from the laundromat

    notes: after a couple hours of being awake, my energy increased somewhat and concentration was fine; still, i had no desire to exercise (like the amazing desire i’d had upon waking during my transition into, and on the first 3-4 mornings of, 811rv); no morning bm, just several small bms throughout the day (same as yesterday, though i forgot to post it); meals came about 3-4 hours apart; my skin looks bad: acne still increasing, color is somewhat pallid, fine lines seem sharper, bags under eyes for some time after waking; seems less hair has fallen out today

  • To clarify: I want to read everything people here have to say about their experience, pleasant or unpleasant. What I will avoid is looking for press elsewhere online until I feel comfortable in me own skin…

  • Penne: thanks for the bm notes. I do pay serious attention to that! Also, we have a Braun blender, bought via Amazon last year after assessing ratings on Consumer Reports. Was rated well for its price ($50). It works fine, but one of the teeth on the lid that goes on the bottom of the jar (to hook into the rotating part of the machine) broke after the second week. So, I can’t entirely recommend Braun. That’s the extent of my blender experience. Buena suerte!

  • i’m so confident this is part of the healing, hilary :o)

  • read back to last months challenge….i’m pretty sure seize chimed in with similar early symptoms

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey everyone! I’m feeling pretty great on 811 rv. I haven’t craved fat at all and only fruit, with the occasional salad. I’ve mostly been eating kiwi, apples, watermelon and peaches. I’ve been running and lifting weights and just generally having more energy. I’m losing weight – my “snug” pants are loose and practically falling off of me now. Yay. It feels so right to eat this way…

    ...one question I have: everytime I take a poo, it’s LOOSE (not liquid, just loose), and the food inside doesn’t seem to be well-digested. And I poo A LOT.

    Is this normal, do you think?! It concerned me that it seemed like my food was being released in nearly the same form as it went in.

  • I have read that undigested material in the poo is related to poor digestive function on the way there. Apparently, if our bodies are doing their jobs right, they’ll digest everything…completely. So that it doesn’t show up in its original form again. I have no references handy to back this; it’s just been a repetitive message I’ve gotten from various nutrition books and web searches.

    The first several days I was on 811rv, I had well-formed (smooth) poo with no undigested material. I also felt really great, super-human with lots of energy. Then, for about 5 days I had lots of undigested material showing up. At the same time, my energy was waning and my bloating was extra bad. Then my body demanded a 35-hour fast, after which I had lots of mini poos of pale color but with no undigested stuff. Today (three days after fast), I had a well-formed poo. I’ve also had low energy for the first half of today, accented by a healthy dash of crabbiness, so I make no claims.

    Instinctively, I feel like the well-formed ones, not loose, and that sink, indicate the best health for me among the other types I’ve experienced. If nothing else, at least this gives you another perspective!

  • hi el-bo. i looked through last month’s and only found 2 posts from seize toward the end in which he didn’t say much of his own experience. might he have had a different name early on?

    i found his profile on gi2mr and left him a message, but it looks like he hasn’t had much activity there since april or so.

    oh!- i know what i can do! wait. and see. methinks a theme is developing. (still, if you have any insight…) : )

  • hilary….i think the best thing to do (aside from stick it out) is to post over at vegsource


    the place is full of 811’ers only, many long-term and you’re likely to get a better insight from those who have been doing this for a while…maybe title it “dr.d…having initial bowel problems on 811”...this will bring it to his attention and others will usually respond as well…..be very detailed in the question because those that want to help will ask for more details…so give an idea of daily intake and explain the problem as you have over here

    let us know how you get on :o)

  • i’m gonna wait a while longer before i consider posting there. just gonna keep sticking…

  • July 12

    Food Log

    992 calories (way low, but I really don’t want anything else, probably making up for yesterday)

    85/7/8 (carb/protein/fat)

    Breakfast: 1 small cantaloupe

    Mid Morning: 1 Mango, 2 peach, 1 banana, 1 cup tangerine juice, 4.5 oz spinach smoothie

    Lunch: 7 oz romaine 1.5 Tbs Newmans low fat sesame ginger (really must find something I like as well)

    Mid Afternoon: 25 sweet cherries

    Dinner: 1 tomato 1/4 vidalia 1/2 large cucumber .5 Tbs Newmans dressing

    Treat: Young coconut water and small amount fresh coconut meat

    Throughout day: cold weak genmai cha tea and water, 1 mug genmai cha AM

    Exercise/activity for the day:

    35 minutes jogging on rebounder

    30 lat pull downs

    30 lateral raises

    30 overhead pressups

    30 chest presses

    30 flies

    30 rows

    and drumroll please 10 push ups!! Admittedly, knee push ups and not to full depth, BUT I don’t remember that I’ve ever done 10 in a row, even as a kid. Go me!

    I’m soon going to need to get some super heavy duty exercise tubing and heavier dumbbells or actually go to (gasp) free weights! (for free weight snobs – one advantage of the dumbells is that I can use my exercise ball as a bench, getting all the core strength benefits)

    25 minutes sun

    9:30 hours/minutes sleep last night – undoubtedly recovery from yesterday

  • Hi Kayell,

    Mish gave me the following list of 811rv salad dressings that look pretty good:

    (can blend with lime or lemon juice, or cucumber, for more juiciness or tartness)

    Mango and celery

    Papaya and lemon

    Orange tomato and celery

    Avo and mango

    Pineapple avo and celery

    Pineapple and red pepper

    pineapple and tomato

    Mango and tomato

    Cucumber pineapple

    Berry celery

    Tangerine lettuce

    Celery tomato

    Red pepper grapefruit

    Tomatoes with enough dates to sweeten to satisfaction

    Tomato Celery

    Cucumber Avocado

    Kiwi Lettuce

    Pineapple Parsley

    Try some blends and see if they measure up to Newman : )

  • Hilary,

    Thanks for the list. Some of those look pretty interesting. Red pepper/grapefruit, pineapple/red pepper, hmmm.

    I just need to pitch the Newmans so I don’t get tempted.

    Hope your tummy starts treating you nicer soon.

  • Breakfast: 5 small papayas from Whole Foods (free!)

    Lunch: Rode down to the Int’l Mango Festival and had 5 different mangos.

    Dinner: little bit of coconut jelly

    My total is 969 clories w/o the jelly. I can’t find it in nutridiary.

    Biked 35 miles Gardened 2 hours

  • Hilary – Hey there. :) I got your message on GI2MR. It’s totally normal that you’re feeling lethargic, run down, needing more sleep, having severe acne breakouts and don’t feel like you “want to excercise.” I can totally relate (even with the hair loss/thinning… early on it bothered me; however I’ve learned to embrace it now as it has been said that the body will shed old to make way for new which could time… so be patient).

    Let’s talk a little bit about the acne first. I still suffer from it myself but I have started to get it under better control. I have found that if I eat an abundance of fruit (which we do everyday) and have minimal greens then I break out worse. If I include LOTS of greens (I’m talking 1-1 1/2 heads of greens… different types of lettuces, kale, collard, etc.) then the acne eases up significantly. Also there are different body types out there and some prefer elimination through the skin. Now one of my own theories is that perhaps my (and other suffers of acne) has a clogged liver and therefore the body is pushing the overload out through the skin (I don’t know as I’ve never done a liver cleanse; however, I am not against the idea). Remember – acne is a good thing. It means your body is removing harm that would, in the future, become more of an issue (disease). I have also found that if I use pure lavender oil and rub it onto the breakouts it will dry them up without any harm to your skin. Try it; you’ll see major differences in a few days.

    As far as not wanting to excercise. This is normal and many people’s downfalls. Even if you don’t feel like it you need to still get out there and do something – even if it’s walking for a couple of miles. You’ll find once you start the excercise you’ll body will crave it more. It’s truly an amazing thing.

    This was sort of a rush post as I’m doing it on my phone. I will add more when I have a little of time. Keep pushing forward as this is a major change for your body and the lethargy you are feeling is due to the body healing…

    Ponder this for a moment. When you eat heavy cooked (or even raw) foods it takes bounds of energy to digest this food. When you eat lighter, more nutritious food the body uses less energy on the digestion process and more on healing. When the body is healing it needs more sleep (as this is when rejuvenation occurs). As you stay on this diet longer and longer the tiredness will ease away followed by the need ‘always wanna move.’ Keep your head up and remember – GREENS! And in order to get them in adequate amounts you may feel the need to do green smoothies. Whatever it takes you cannot forget this important part. I’ll be back later to post more. :)

    Best wishes always and much love,


  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    I just wanted to pop in and see how everyone is doing. Sounds like everyone is experiencing really different journeys. Fascinating. I am not doing 811 now, but it was really an eye-opening experience. Good luck to all of you.

  • Doesn’t it feel great to eat ‘this much food’ and not feel weighted down? I love it!

  • DAY 12 also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…

    sleep: 7.5 hours (and had a 1.25 hour nap late morning)

    breakfast: 2 large and 1 medium banana lunch: 3 bananas, 2 small valencia oranges, 1/2 lb strawberries blended dinner: 3 medium bananas and 3/4 medium head of lettuce blended snack: 1 mango and about 8 strawberries

    total calories:1402 90/6/4 C/P/F

    exercise: 1.75-hour medium effort bike ride

    notes: bm in morning was well-formed and full; 1st half of day i felt pretty gnarly: about 1 hour after eating 3 bananas for breakfast, i was crabby, thick-headed, limp, tired, and like my lungs were restricted (lungs weird ever since waking); took a nap for 1.25 hour; after re-awakening and having lunch, felt slightly more alive, though still dragging; laid low, took it easy all day; decided to try for a mellow bike ride around 7:30 pm; once i was out there, i had energy to keep going and rode largely uphill for 1.75 hour; felt energized to about 90% when i got home

  • Hi Dave,

    Thank you for your thoughtful response. Though I was pretty freaked out at the end of week 1, my patience for my body’s healing process is now moving closer to center stage. Still, as I continue to develop my perspective, I really do appreciate reading of your challenges, responses and observations on 811rv. I’ll keep in mind the lavender oil next time I’m at the health foods store.

  • There ya go Hilary! That’s what I’m talking about!!! And it gets better the more you do it (the energy part). I know if I got w/o working out it seems like the energy turns against me. The body wants to expend it. Also… you should try to not mix acid fruits w/ sweet fruits (i.e. bananas with oranges – or at least wait an hour between the two). This will help with digestion and eliminate unnecessary usage of energy.

    I highly encourage if you haven’t done so yet to please read the information on the following website:

    www.rawfoodexplained.com/index.html <- a must read for all 811rvs IMHO.

    It will answer many of your questions and go in depth as to why you feel the way you do. :)

    Love and thankfulness,


  • i love giving out that link, dave…i encourage anyone who wants to read some great, free nutritional info to click on the above link


    sorry i haven’t been posting much….contrary to everything i said before, i’m actually water fasting….it wasn’t planned but as a response to feeling a bit ill after eating some bad bananas the other day….i’m coming up to 55 hours and going to bed soon…i may break the fast tomorrow morning…i don’t want to go too far unsupervised but i’ll take it hour by hour

    keep on keeping on , everybody :o)

  • Dave: A couple Saturdays ago I spent a lot of the day on rawfoodexplained.com. I found what I read to be extraordinarily helpful. There’s a lot on there I haven’t read though, so I’ll certainly be back to it at some point. Like in two minutes.

    Thanks for the reminder : )

    Ooo, and THANKS for the reminder about acid fruits and sweet fruits. I’d plum forgot (as I drink the last of my banana/strawberry/lettuce smoothie…doh!).

    El-bo: hope you sleep well and take it easy when you get back into food.

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