What does 50% raw look like? 75%?

Hi everyone – I am totally new to raw foods and want to minimize the impact of detoxing as I move towards a 75-90% raw diet, so I just want to start small and go slow. Can anyone tell me what their food life looked like when they were 50% raw? I’m just having a hard time figuring out the difference between just adding more uncooked fruits and veggies to my diet and adding significant amounts.

Today I had coffee with soy milk, raw turnip-tomato-zucchini-olive-cashew butter-homemade pesto lasagna, a fruit/greens smoothie w/flaxseed oil and almond milk, and am planning to have the rest of the lasagna and maybe some asparagus with raw cashew cheese dip for dinner. I am going through an awful lot of fruit and veg… I get my first veggie box from the natural grocery down the street on Wednesday (hooray!) and I am excited to try some kale smoothies. I know I’ll need more than just greens and fruit to get me through the day, though. And yeah, in the above list the bulk of the calorie-dense stuff is not raw (almond & soy milk, particularly). I can’t quit caffeine just yet because I have some serious work to do over the next month and I can’t afford to have a weeklong headache.

Thanks in advance for your help & advice!


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    you are doing great! just keep trying out new recipes. lots of salads are good too. flax crackers are a nice addition sometimes.

  • Hi plethorax, welcome! It can be really daunting to try to figure out where and what to put in place of your normal meals, but it sounds like you are really doing well! Congratulations!!! I guess the best way to describe my 50% was raw till dinner. I would plan out my meals starting with a juice in the morning, then a green smoothie or nice granola, big “sandwich” or soup in the afternoon and a salad to tide me over. Don’t put a number on your meals. Eat when you are hungry and keep it simple. Plus I always had snacks. I couldn’t do raw my first run because I was unprepared. I never had anything I wanted to eat available. Now, I make sure my fridge and pantry is stocked with my favorites plus tons of fruits and veggies I really like. It’s not expensive if you shop seasonally and look for deals everywhere. I’m not much into the superfoods yet (Gogi berries taste like fishy overly dried raisins to me :P) but I’m working on it. We are a family of 6 so it’s budget budget budget. My shift from coffee came when I did green teas then weaned off of them, to a chocolate banana smoothie that really got me singing.

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    i wish i could tell you, i never know what people mean when they give percentages. do they mean by weight? calories? meals??

    looks like you’re doing great though. i have a daikon recipe i rather like on here that takes like 5 minutes and is really good. also if you don’t mind some cooked try some steamed veg and gluten free grains? i usually am raw all day until dinner. (green smoothie to start with coconut oil and vegetarian EFA supplement and hemp seeds, then usually some seeds and fruit or interesting salad or something. at dinner i have a big dinner salad (raw) like an hour before dinner, and then have a big bowl of steamed veg like broccoli, greens, carrot, beet, etc. with a small portion of cooked gluten free grain and occasionally cooked legume.

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