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Hello, and HELP!!!

Hello everybody, I’m Herby and I am a pro-choice, civil-libertarian, nudist, Spiritual (and Secular) Humanist, Beatlemaniac, Pythonist (as in Monty), Marxist (Groucho, Chico, Harpo and sometimes Zeppo), Lennonist (see Beatlemaniac), Shakesperian and Whovian (Doctor who greatest sci-fi of all time).

I just recently started the raw food diet, although I have not yet reached the 100% raw which is my goal. This is the ONLY diet that has been able to bring down my sugar levels, although I am still high and insulin dependent. Any suggestions the group can give me to bring the levels down further would be appreciated.


  • Hi nrising,

    I come from a family that suffers from diabetes after a certain age. I have to watch my sugar levels. I recommend you look into reading about greens. Victoria Boutenko wrote a very good book titled ” Green for life”. I do my best to avoid food items with high glicemic indexes or at least I minimize their consumption. Dates, grapes and even bananas, peas and carrots. The bananas are tough because they really help in making green smoothies creamy. Welcome to this website, its full of info, recipes and help. I love it. I went raw overnight, cold turkey and in a foreign country with very limited access to many products. Adapting recipes from this website, getting basic grocery and pantry lists from this site really helped. Good for you for being raw! Blessings, Dea.

  • Thanks for the advice. Bananas will be a tough give up, but once the sugar goes down I am convinced the raw diet will reverse diabetes.

  • Hi Herby. I love sweets and I always make raw sweets for me. One of the best one is chocolate mouse (1 avocado,carob or cacao 1/2 tablesp,and agave nectar) or a banana shake (2 frozen bananas,water,carob,and agave). When I have one of those recipes I am completly satisfied with my sweet tooth.Good luck.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Hi Herby, I had gestational diabetes, had to test my blood 2 hours after every meal. Eating the way they suggested (dairy, meat, breads) was soooo wrong! They FREAKED when I asked if I could have fresh juices and they said NO FRUITS AT ALL! Wrong… Then I discovered, after meeting with a wise vegetarian advisor, that I could have carrot juice (6 oz.) and my blood sugar was normal, I could have fruit IF I put ground flax seed on top of it or ate a small handfull of raw nuts afterwards. Blood tested normal. When it was not normal it was because I had eaten something that was processed (even though it said whole wheat or 12 grain or anything like pizza…this was all before I got in to raw foods). If I caved and had a bowl of cereal with rice or almond milk, my readings spiked, but if I ate the same cereal with 2T. ground flax seed on it my readings were perfectly normal. Hmm :) What got me through most was the ground flax seeds, nuts, avocados, olives, olive oil…any fats (raw, organic) that I could add to my juices, fruits, salads leveled out my blood sugar every single time. You can do this, you will jump over this hump (it is not an uphill battle :)). Dairy, from what I’ve read, is the main cause of diabetes, so you at least have that under control. I also have a friend that had HIGH sugar levels and she did a 40 day juice fast, under her Doctor’s supervision, and her blood tests and other tests run by her Doctor were AMAZING! He had said that juice fasting would not help…he was wrong. In addition to losing weight, she lost the diabetes too :) She enjoyed green drinks in the end and fruit or veggie “slurries” (blended salads), and they really helped to curb cravings and balance everything out. Every body is different and she was wise to make sure she was checking her readings through a Doctor since they were more severe. So my main suggestion would be to slowly try different things and see how your blood tests (if you test it) and add those healthy fats in to your regime to keep everything level. ALSO, fresh green bean juice is supposed to be terrific for diabetics.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Oops, I totally forgot to mention sprouts. They were added also to my fruits and vegetables. I grown spring wheat sprouts for on my fruit and you can also use them on your salads too. I grown others too, but love those. Quinoa is great sprouted and placed in wraps and salads, super easy to grow and a top source of protein. All-in-all, they are a great source of enzymes, nutrients, and energy for the day :)

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    One more thing, another friend that had cancer (and is now cancer free thanks to becoming a vegetarian and fresh carrot juice daily), went to a diabetes weekend seminar and they said that if person’s with diabetes exercised for 10-15 minutes IMMEDIATELY after eating ANYTHING, their body would be re-trained or re-programmed on how to produce/utilize insulin, but you must do it immediately following your meal. They suggested walking 10 minutes.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Great Advice Rawmama! My mom is diabetic and she will be staying with us for a little over a month this summer. She has already told me she is willing to try raw while she is here and I am determined to show her that eating properly will make all the difference in the world. I am going to use your tips when I plan our meals. Thanks so much!

  • Wow, thank you all so very much. I have a lot to think about and plan (first thing is to get some flax seeds).

  • You can make my breakfast favorite that I have here in this site: apple pear flax (apple,pear,and flax seeds in the blender than you pour raisins and walnuts on it – YUMMM!!!)

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    You are welcome, it was trial and error at first and didn’t take long to discover the trick of balancing everything :) I like the golden flax seeds better, but either works, and I just grind about 1/4 cup of the seeds in a coffee bean grinder and keep them in the freezer, keep the unground seeds in the freezer also to prevent them from going rancid (I do that with all of our nuts and seeds). David Wolfe recommends a small handful of seeds or nuts (not soaked so the pancreas secretes 2 enzymes, trypsin and chymotrypsin, which pulvorizes foods in the gut & saliva, so it digests quickly and easily…I soak nuts and seeds for other times though) on salads to digest it better (google those enzymes, it’s very interesting). Let us know how it works for you :)

    Lucy, sounds good, I’ll have to try that, will probably put berries (instead of raisins) in it since they are lower in sugars, will try it this week :) Always like trying something new!

    Hope all goes well with your Mom spiritedmama, that is fantastic that she is willing to try it! How great that is that you will be able to ease her into it. My Mom was just up and we had so many salads, with different toppings and dressings each day, that when she went home she said she craved salads :) It’s a great time of the year for that, and the simpler I made it for her, the easier it was for her to realize she can eat this way without make elaborate meals (unless she wanted to take the time to be more creative). She even enjoyed the sprouted wheatberries in olive oil, vinegar, and herbamare and some Vice Cream that we made! I love recipes from here and also gliving.org…it’s fun trying new things :)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Greens are very balancing and might help to balance out your sugar levels. My favourite green drink is 1 cucmber+4 sticks celery+1/2 head leuttice juiced. It tastes like tea to me! It is very calming and balancing, gets rid of cravings too.

  • Sounds good. When I get a juicer I will try it. I’ve been drinking a lot of green smoothies, although I am going to cut back on the high glycemic fruits like bananas for a while. Dates and rasins also spike my numbers. A little research on the glycemic content of fruits should help me.

  • Hi Rawmama,it’s wonderful that you want to try the apple pear flax.You can do anything you want on that recipe.Sometimes I have only apples and flax seeds,and that is great !! About the greens,I’m having a lot of green soup.Every green and sprouts (alfafas)on the food processor with olive oil and celtic salt.Just amazing!

  • Hi Herby,

    I am very interested in whether the diet is working for you considering your blood sugar issues. I wouldn’t recommend a juicer for you. It would be too tempting for you to make fruit juices in it. I don’t have one and am focussing on eating real food and drinking water or tea. I do have a dehydrator so I would recommend you getting one- make sure it has a temp control and you can get one for around 60.00.

    Also I heard that taking two spoonfulls of apple cider vinegar a half an hour before you eat will maintain your blood sugar. Let me know if this helps. You can drink it in a glass of warm water with lemon or even put it on a salad.

    I also heard a supplement has had promising results- alpha lipoic acid with diabetics.

    Good luck with everything!

  • A raw diet will not reverse diabetes…

    its the ecology that does it.

    We believe and everyone we coach believes that the raw food diet is the biggest scam..

    its just to make money.

    we are against the diet




  • blindguru,

    I’m not trying to be rude, but why are you posting on an explictly raw board if you are so anti-raw? Are you simply trying to ‘convert’ people to a non-raw lifestyle? This is hardly going to be your most receptive audience.

  • This whole blind guru trip he is on is really put-offish to people. He is raw but he is a different kind of millitant raw that has alot of of rules and opinions that are pretty extreem. He says he doesn’t eat vegetables because they are all hybrid and doesn’t eat a lot of things that a lot of raw foodists eat. The thing is a lifestyle like that is almost impossible for 90% of the people out there. People are at different levels, may or may not have a blender, may not be able to turn their home into a chia farm. There is a video on his site where he is out in his yard with green almond butter smeared all over his face and torso and he is screaming that his girlfriend didn’t clean it before she went to work. Then he calls her at work and breaks up with her. So he is obviously highly emotional, and out of control- could this have to do with his war against store bought vegetables? He is a bad example of a raw vegan as far as I’m concerned because he is emotionally unstable. Some of the things he says are true about factory farming etc. But I think everyone here can agree he doesn’t come off as a very likeable person. He seems to be yelling at everyone all of the time. That is not the way to get through to people. He wants to be a guru and sell his blender brush and other things on his site but noone is going to listen to someone like that.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Boy, I have been away a while….I will have to check out this blind guru site! I am staying with my parent’s right now for a “home vacation”...I grew up on an amazing little island in WA state that is a thriving alternative/artist community. So, internet access is a bit scarce. I miss “seeing” you all as often as I am used to. Hope everyone is well!

  • I was just thinking this morning that I haven’t seen you on the site recently—enjoy your vacation.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Thanks spirit, I am! I don’t think there could be a more positive place to spend my time than on “my island”! My kids have ample places to run and explore on the beaches, there is a skate park for my son (skateboard officianado!), and TONS of positive energy and love everywhere! I will be doing a few reiki sessions to earn some pocket money, and I get to enjoy the amazing u-pick farms and farmers market. I am in heaven!

  • Thanks for the update, writeeternity. :) I was kind of confused about the whole situation.

  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    I was saw the 30 days raw trailer and I was so amazed at how raw food cured diabetes in the people who stuck to the program. I think in 2 week they were off their insulin, and by the end they were cured. You could see how happy they were. They really struggled through the detox. At the end of the trailer the doctor was dumfounded. He was amazed at the results of his patient. If more doctors knew about the amazing cures real food grown from the ground (fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds, ect.) had their would be a lot less sick people in the world. Drugs have so many side effects. It’s amazing how artifical sugars can spike the blood level but agave and other plant based sugars like stevia doesn’t. Here is the site the trailer is on…if you haven’t seen it before. It’s amazing…it really is. http://www.rawfor30days.com/rawfor30dayswmp.html

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I had a look at the blind guru (apt name) website but I couldn’t understand what he was for and what he was against and why he says he disagrees with raw food but is a raw foodist….eventually lost interest and had a delicious honey mango to eat instead… Hi spirited mama nice to see you! Check out the raw coffee thread, I put an update on it about juliano you probaby b interested in!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I looked at blindguru last night too. I had the same thoughts Zoe….I wasted an hour trying to figure out why someone who says they are a raw foodist was saying that raw food was bad. I got about 3 pages into it, got bored, and went and made raw cookies instead (much better use of time!). I think I will revisit the site to try and look at a few more pages when I have nothing else to do. Also, I have visited the website of beyondveg.com, which is another anti-raw site (they are blindguru’s main support), but again found what that site was saying conflicting as well.

    Zoe, you have got my curiosity up now re: coffee, so I will check it out right now!

  • One of the types of diabetes can be reversed. And the raw diet would help any type.

    I am not sure how walking relates to insulin, but it would help lymph circulation and detoxification.

  • Blindguru.com, as well as Rawfoodadvantage.com are not delivering on their blender packages. I finally got my blender on the 30th day after I paid for it, and 28 days after it was supposed to ship. I am still missing most of the extras that were part of the package price including the vitamix brush, tamper, nut milk bags, raspberry flour samples, blue/green algae sample, 3 bags of prill beads, anti-air pump, etc. He said he was out of those items, and didn’t know when they would ship.

    Customer service is pretty much nonexistent, except when you’re ordering/sending money. I was told the ‘free consulting’ wait list is 1300 people, unless I wanted to pay. He still couldn’t say when it would be available for paying customers. (Most of my initial inquiry emails also went unanswered.)

    Ethics are low on the list too. There were copyrighted photos and text taken from another site and used at Blindguru.com without permission.

    No matter how good you eat BlindGuru staff, that bad Carma is going to get you alot quicker than deep fried food will.

    Read another unfortunate customer story of RawFoodAdvantage.com / BlindGuru.com at this site: complaints.com/2006/december/20/___Vitaprep_3_blender_8266.htm

  • i’m a type 1 diabetic, so i feel your pain! it doesn’t take much to send my levels into the 400+ zone. going raw has enabled me to reduce my insulin by almost half, in just about 1 month. in fact in the beginning my levels were dropping so fast, i was going low all the time and i ate lots of fruit. now my body seems to have gotten used to it and is up to its old tricks again. here are some natural remedies for diabetes that will work with your raw food diet: cinnamon, bitter melon (available at asian markets or in supplement form), string beans (i juice them with carrots), and jerusalem artichoke hearts (edgar cayce’s prescription for diabetes). also try noni, it is a fruit available in powder, juice or fruit leather form, you can get it on raw food websites. i noticed a big difference after taking this for a week. and of course as everyone said, greens, greens greens! when you get your juicer try juicing celery and carrots, the carrot has some sugar, but it doesn’t seem to effect me too much.

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