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this is what raw almond butter tastes like!?

My raw almond butter came in the mail today (Artisana brand, 100% Raw Organic Almonds)! I was so excited, I opened it right away and stired it up real good and got ready to spread it on a banana. But first i popped a spoonful into my mouth and… whoa!? am I crazy? this tastes like it has cherries or something in it?! It was not what I expected (not sure what I expected, but the sweetness of it surprised me). So then I kind of freaked out and got worried it was labeled wrong or got mixed in with something else and decided not to eat it.
Was anyone else surprised when they tasted raw almond(or any raw nut) butter for the first time? I’ve been eating almond butter for a few years now but was buying the roasted kind before… I knew it wasn’t going to taste like roasted but it’s very different. Just wondering if this flavor is normal or if something really is wrong.


  • No I think your almond butter is fine. It’s really different from the flavour of the roasted kind and it might take some adjusting to. It’s definately sweeter. I never really thought of it as tasting like cherries before. hmmm. But hey, almond butter tasting like cherries? am I the only one who thinks this CANNOT be a bad thing;)

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Well, I used to buy a raw almond butter brand that was refrigerated. It tasted great, just like one would imagine it to. I don’t eat nuts anymore but I don’t think it should taste sweet. As long as it tastes good, you’re fine. Just call Artisana and ask them if it’s supposed to taste sweet.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    No, you’re right. If you compare Trader Joe’s raw almond butter, which I used to use, with Artisana or Better than Roasted, which is also made with really raw almonds the flavor is much stronger. For even more proof – if you eat raw valencia or any other raw almonds from Italy or Spain, they taste much more almond-y than California almonds to me, which are now pasteurized anyway. Just remind yourself that now you’re eating the good stuff!

  • Almonds always taste sweet to me.. so I am sure it is just the goodness of the raw almonds coming through. :)

  • This kind is the best taste ever!

    I love almond butter! Especially Almondie raw almond butter made from skinless, unpasteurized almonds. A real delicious treat!

  • mmm...now I really want to try this:-D

  • When I first got my Champion Juicer, one of the first things that I did was buy some almonds from the co-op that they had labeled raw, unpasturized and from a different country, so I'm pretty sure that they were truly raw. Anyway, I ran them through the juicer with the blank plate to make my own almond butter, and my first thought was that it tasted a little bit like cherries, too. I'm pretty sure that your almond butter is fine. Enjoy it!

  • Cherries.. yeah! That's what it is. If you smell raw almond extract that's what it reminds me of too..

  • or...prior to going raw, if you've ever used almond extract in anything, that stuff TOTALLY tastes like cherries. In fact, when I used it in a cupcake recipe awhile back, my dad swore there was some sort of cherry flavor in them and it was just the potent almond extract.

    yeah almond butter, raw, is very different.

    I like it alright, but I prefer raw cashew butter to anything. I could eat a jar of that stuff...which is why I never buy it (or cashews to make my own) I would get so sick and so fat! haha

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