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Brazil Nut Substitute?

Hi all.

When a recipe calls for macadamias… I understand you can substitute them with almonds. It is cheaper, but the flavor changes some. But, is there a good substitute for brazil nuts? I just tried a recipe that called for Brazil Nuts… but, I didn’t have any. I used cashews instead and it did not turn out so well. Any ideas? It was an indian recipe with garam masala.


  • Perhaps hazelnuts.

  • That sounds like a good substitute. Thanks.

  • Even walnuts cut with some pine nuts might work. :)

  • Actually, cashews are the nuts that are great substitute for expensive macadamias. I don’t think hazelnuts would be a true substitute for Brazils because Brazils have that deep woodsy, musky flavor that I don’t think can truly be duplicated. But hey, maybe the walnuts with pine nuts might be a nice, creamy substitute, but you won’t get that same unique flavor. Can you please post here that Indian recipe w/ garam masala…I LOVE Indian food!

    Here’s a great site for various nut substitutes, so take a look. http://www.foodsubs.com/Nuts.html

  • Thanks, lauraj. I haven’t tried the substitutes…but it’s good to know this kind of stuff for next time. The recipe is from a website I found on one of the Gone Raw posts. It’s the Garam Masala Gobi recipe from : We Like It Raw

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