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Hi From New Zealand...

Hi everyone! I am 21 and live in New Zealand. I have been reading this site for a few months, so decided it is about time that I join:) I have been looking into eating Raw for a some time now, and intend to go 100% raw very soon. This site is so great for recipes and help…so I look forward to chatting with you all!


  • Welcome and hope you enjoy your new journey!!!

  • CaresCares Raw Newbie

    Welcome Angel_NZ, good time to start as we head into Summer…that is always the best time as the variety is so much better. Cares (NSW, Australia)

  • Thanks for the welcome guys:)

    @ Cares: Yeah I agree with you…I am feeling heaps more motivated with the lovely spring weather too:)

  • Cool! I’ve been to New Zealand and Australia, and it was so much fun. It’s beautiful over there, and the people are so nice and I dig the way they talk. I got to see all kinds of strange and different wild animals that we don’t have here in the states like kangaroos, koalas, wallabys, and boongas.

  • miss soufflemiss souffle Raw Newbie

    hey im from nz too.auckland. but im not really 100% ugh cough or even 50% raw yet.. im getting some cool recipes here though as well and plan to increase my rawness! where abouts in new zealand are you?

  • miss soufflemiss souffle Raw Newbie

    omg its so wicket theres someone from here on here haha i mean from nz yaanes

  • Hi miss souffle! Sorry I haven’t been around the forums much lately, so missed your replies.Yeah it is great to see a few fellow kiwis on here:) I am in the Auckland area too…so would be great to chat with you a bit more! Hopefully you are still around to notice this post…lol:)

  • miss soufflemiss souffle Raw Newbie

    hey. i just noticed and sent a message back on my nz post hehe with my email address...


    im 22!! lol

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