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Definitely Not a Palin fan

greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

Thank you JoyceH for posting “Please watch this video”:
I had heard about Palin rewarding bounty hunters for bringing in wolf paws that the hunters had cut-off.
It is disturbing at best.

While Sarah Palin’s attitude towards animals is reprehensible her whole stance on the environment (and other issues) is abhorrent.

She is also blatantly against women’s rights…. she is such a discredit to her gender it’s not funny… Even charging rape victims for the forensic rape-test kits.

I wish I were able to be at this rally in Alaska….

Some of my fav quotes from the above mentioned rally:
“I vote with my brain not my gender”
“There is nothing that Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin share except a chromosome!”

Palin is a woman who hates women – just like Bart Motes penned in his article in the Huffington Post.
Now there’s a real twist on misogyny.
this one by Erica Jong also tells it like it is:



  • beany – here’s Kandace’s response to my other post about Palin promoting the killing and hunting of wolves from planes:

    kandace writes, 5 hours ago: (624 posts)

    You’ve actually posted in the right place for a link like this – the Other Stuff section. This is a catch-all area of everything else on our minds other than raw, veganism!

    I guess if someone doesn’t want to talk about Sarah Palin, they can just skip this particular post right? We’re adults and I’m sure we can be civil. Hopefully the trolls are gone and won’t find this post :-)

    I’m sure there are woman here that do support Palin and that is OK b/c everyone is entitled to their own opinions. So even though I may not understand a Palin supporter, I do respect his/her opinion. I’m just thankful I can voice my very strong opinion against Palin. Freedom is a precious thing. If Ray and Kandace feel my posts are out of line, I will gladly delete my posts and keep my lips sealed on this topic.

    A new friend at yoga has been trying to convince me to help campaign over the border in New Hampshire for Obama and I just might do it….

  • Thank you GreenGhost for posting the links. I abhorr her and am genuinely shocked and saddened whenever I hear people who think she is so wonderful.

    She is a sell-out, arrogant, self-serving, manipulative, lying, fanatical, war-mongering, religious extremist who happens to have physical looks in her favor and a charsimatic surface, albeit a very shallow charisma if one looks a little deeper into her mannerisms, facial, and body language—not to mention her whole sorry record. And then she and McCain lie about it while spewing lies about Obama and Biden.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Thanks again JoyceH for your posting and thanks to aspire too (I don’t think I could have described Palin better than you!).
    Palin is an absolute fright.

    Sorry beany, but I’m not going to stick my head in the sand when it comes to issues like women’s rights and the environment. No disrespect to you, but if your political views differ so much then please just don’t read this forum.

  • Beany- Kandace and Ray have let us know it is ok to discuss other topics here on GoneRaw, like politics. I think the main issue is, of course, remaining respectful to all members and posters while discussing topics.

    A majority of raw foodists are active in their community, environment, and are therefore interested in the political environment of their countries. If some do not wish to discuss politics they have every right not to click on and read the clearly-titled post. This post is not being forced on anyone. Because one person decided to try to make things ugly around here, doesn’t mean we all should tiptoe around and not post as we normally would. Then the troll only “wins.”

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    PS: JoyceH Good for you! :)
    I hope that you do get to campaign for Obama & Biden! :)

  • Oh my gosh can you imagine if Obama/Biden win??!! I’ll be crying tears of joy and dancing in the streets. Obama really does inspire hope!

  • O.K. here we go. Palin is not running for Vise President. How many times do we ever hear about the Vice President? ” Tho shalt not kill” A baby inside the mother is just as much a baby as out side a mother. I am against sex ed. in schools. It is the parents responsibility to teach their children,not the schools which are run by the Govt. and if you dont have sex you wont get pregnant. It is very simple….. Every body who is running for office is sponsored by somebody, that is just the way politics runs. If evolution is taught in schools then so should creationism. Or else take both out. Another very simple solution. To the war. They started it. We should finish it and not turn tail like we did in Vietnam. Who better to rely on than God. After all He has been with America since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. Library…..For many years I have seen books that were inappropriate for a public place and one where my tax dollars are put into. So if Palin saw books that are inappropriate for the Library and tried to remove them than more power to her.

    Who am I voting for? Well you take a guess. Tho like I said, gone raw should not be for politics.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Yes I agree JoyceH, Obama does inspire hope.
    I think it’s because he’s intelligent. This comment is not meant facetiously to you by any means!
    I just can’t believe what maniacs we have running the country now…. oh man do I so hope that we don’t get McSame!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    You can’t legislate morality.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    hmmmm interesting….
    I didn’t think you liked this forum beany....
    If it is not to your taste – feel free to not read it.

    BTW—Whatever happened to the Separation of Church & State?

  • “IF” he won, I would be digging a cave, load it up with food and stay there for 4 years. He is just to scary for me!I have a hunch we will have terrorists armed in America like they are in Israel. I know call me an alarmist, but the people of Germany wanted great change, too, and they got Hitler. Course I am not comparing the two as one. Just that the people jumped out of the pot into the fire!

  • There is no such thing as Separation of Church and State,. True tho, I am jumping off this forum. Just wanted you to know my thoughts. Chow! To the “food for thought” much more pleasant.

  • Beany- “Thou shalt not kill.” Just curious- are you against people killing animals- hunting, sport, for the wearing of their skins, the killing of baby calves for people’s taste in veal, etc; and are you against the death penalty?

    Do you get most of your information from the mainstream media: tv, newspapers, and magazines and/or friends who get theirs from those places then? I can’t help but feel sad that the whole fear-mongering of the Republican Party (and I am not affilliated with any one party, btw) seems to have had its targeted affect on you- instilling such fear-based thinking that you believe terrorists would be overwhelming us.

    P.S. “They” did NOT start the war! Where do you get your info from, because it sure isn’t the facts.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    beanyplease do your research. It was not Iraq that started the war. If you are talking about 9/11 it was – FYI – a terrorist from Saudi Arabia named Osama bin Laden.
    As we discuss this issue from the comfort of our homes our troops are dying or suffering from injuries that many will not recover from. Check it out for yourself:
    Frankly I don’t see how B & C can sleep at night.
    BUT I must congratulate them for filling you with so much fear.
    That is how they control people.
    Interestingly enough that is how Hitler (who you brought up) did it too.

  • beany – your opinions are respected and you have a right to state them..Some of us may totally disagree with you while some will support you. Isn’t that the beauty of free speech?

    Personally I feel sad about abortion, for the mother and baby. I don’t think anyone (republicans or democrats) want to ‘kill babies’. I don’t think the decision is ever taken lightly and I believe many women feel desperate and have no choice. I’m sure it’s an agonizing decision for everyone involved. I do hope that the underlying causes like poverty and unemployment can be addressed. I support policies that will help decrease abortion rates and support mothers with newborn babies. But I don’t think making it illegal will solve the problem. Some women will go up to Canada or have them done in unsafe environments. I hope someday this country will address the UNDERLYING causes of abortion by helping to reduce poverty and create more livable wages. Tax breaks for wealthy individuals and corporations are not going to help struggling women…..

    and as we’ve seen so far: the ‘trickle down’ economic policies of the current administration are not working but destroying this country in every possible way…beany I honestly don’t think this country will make it through another 4 years of the Bush administration policies…housing market crisis, huge banks and brokerage firms collapsing, record high spending deficits, record high oil prices, historically weak dollar, a war financed by China, etc,etc…..And to think that McCain who admits to being computer illiterate and unable to type emails could be our next president. That’s frightening!! He has supported Bush in every possible way so what is he going to do that is so different??...don’t you think your/our kids and grand kids deserve a bright future or at least a shot at it?

  • JoyceH- well said!

    Beany- I hope you realize your opinion is welcome here and is respected as just as valid as any others’. In the end, I truly believe we all want the same thing: peace and prosperity for ourselves and all.

    We simply need to become willing and open to recognizing that we cannot create prosperity amongst our country if we are fighting amongst and dividing ourselves. We are not seperate from each other, nor from our Earth. What we do to each other and our planet, we do to ourselves individually also.

    I feel Obama has a much higher probability of bringing about a true change in attitude and moving away from an old, outdated, archaic, and proven-losing paradigm of thinking- the seperatism that has led us into this situation we are miserably flailing around in now, ready to be sucked under if we do not learn from our past mistakes and transcend the shallowness, greed, and fear-based thinking.

    *And abortion will take care of itself as the the underlying root causes of it are addressed, as JoyceH already pointed out. Making it illegal does nothing to address and solve those underlying causes. We’ve got to start thinking in the big perspective, not myopic-based thinking.

  • I know the topic is not about abortions, but just wanted to say…I agree. I do not think making abortions illegal is the answer either. JoyceH put it very well!

    In regards to abortions, there are those rare occassions where they do have to take place for health reasons. I am not refering to down syndrome. Sometimes things can happen to the babies that become very toxic and deadly for the mothers. An example would be something like high drops.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I just want to say that a true Christian does not claim that the life of the unborn is sacred, while screaming for the blood of foreign babies. It doesn’t work.

  • Alright, I was leaving. In the 30’s my mom had an abortion She wasn’t married. To make her life better she murdered my sister or brother. I had a 4 month tube pregnancy burst on me. Oh, that I could have protected that child. I would have given my life to save her/him, but they didn’t know what was wrong with me until I was under the knife. The doctor said it was just a bloody blob. That bloody blob was my child. Tho I do know one thing, I will one day see my sibling and my child as will every mother. Believe it or not. I guess I should mention I am not afraid of O Bama. It would be a log day in January when I became afraid of any man. I am just cautious about him. Not my cup of tea, as one may say. I am truly off now. Oh yes, how do you like the Stock Market Problems? How do you think this will help the elections?

  • Lol! Have the Republicans put a Democratic spin on being the cause of it now? The Stock Market Problems have been a long time coming. Have you researched The Federal Reserve- who really owns/controls it, how it came to be, who ultimately gains from it, how it truly works? It is both parties’ fault and everyone’s. The greedy men and people who installed and masterminded it, and us Regular Joes who were too complacent to think for ourselves and insist on understanding how our gov’t truly works and keeping it working for us and not the elite few.

    Again- part of the old parardigm failing way of thinking and acting.

    The positive thing to come from all this old paradigm/thinking is that we are being forced to recognize what doesn’t work in order to find better solutions and ways of living that DO work for the prosperity of ALL Earth’s people and inhabitants. It can be done. It’s bigger than just our little piece of the world, too.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    beany I’m sorry for what you have suffered. Really.
    But I do agree with aspire & JoyceH & everyone else who believes that Obama/Biden will do a much better job at representing our nation.
    McCain himself has even stated that he is:
    “divorced from the day-to-day challenges people have”.
    We’ve all had and will have challenges in our lives.
    I’d like to quote Plato as a reminder to all of us:
    “Be Kind for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Tough Battle”.

  • greenghost – that was well voiced!!!

    I wish we all went around daily refering to that quote.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    One aspect of the abortion issue that I didn’t see mentioned yet is that freedom of religion ceases to exist when legislation is passed based on a specific religious belief.

    If a woman’s spiritual beliefs lead her give birth to every child she conceives, regardless of her circumstances, she is not controlled by the religious beliefs of others under current US law. If a woman has no objections to abortion and finds herself in the difficult position that leads her to make that decision, if she is denied that option then she is forced to bear a child because of the religious beliefs of others. She has no religious freedom. If you enjoy your religious freedom, why would you want to take it away from someone else?

    The desire to control women in this way without supporting a means to eliminate the underlying reasons they consider or choose abortion indicates that the “value” of life begins at conception and ends at birth. It is stunning to find that women, who are people, have no merit in the equation when in conflict with a fetus, which is only a potential person. How is it that a potential person has more rights than a being whose personage should not be in question? What does this say about the value of women?

    On another note, if the government can make the decision that women cannot have an abortion, how is their authority any different when the pendulum swings and they begin forcing women to have abortions? Imagine how much worse it would be when women are forced to abort children they want. Today, some of us may not imagine it to be possible but if we keep contaminating our environment and choosing the welfare of large corporations over our people, such as securing our food supply, that day is coming.

    Lastly, if women don’t want to get pregnant they shouldn’t have sex! I love when someone finally admits their motivation. If you pay close attention to these religious arguments, the root belief is that forced pregnancy should be the punishment for bad girls who have sex. Women should be denied any of the innate pleasures from a sexual relationship because their only legitimate role in our society is limited to their wombs.

    I suspect the reason that we take such issue with the radical, fundamentalism in the Middle East is not that we are so different but rather, like it or not, we are very much like them. As societies progress and change, those changes scare many people who insist we should go backwards in time. We have a population in this country that wants to see our citizens living under the christian version of the taliban. That movement also started with the oppression of women.

    Toms Mom, I agree. I am always amazed at the audacity in thinking that the value of life depends on who you target for death. It is revealing that most, although not all, people who want to outlaw abortions, and the political party that claims to be pro-life, are zealously pro-death penalty and pro-war.

  • Meditating – You never cease to amaze me. Your voice of wisdom always tends to blow me away!!

  • Meditating- ditto on SimplyRaw’s above post :)

  • Beany- I am sorry for your pain and hurting you have felt and still feel for the loss of them.

  • Meditating~ I do believe you would make a Great Debater!!! Hope you haven’t missed your calling… LOL Great Job and very well expressed!!! Couldn’t agree more!!!

  • I am neither Rep. or Dem., but I just have to say that many a negative thing can be said about Obama/Biden as well.

    Being pro life doesn’t automatically mean that person is anti-woman. Sheesh… there’s a whole lot of judgement going on in this thread…

  • Thank you aspire. I really have two children waiting for me. I should have mentioned that my mom never got over having an abortion. When she wasn’t a Christian or when she was. She was a mother who lost her child, and she realized it was preventable.By the way, I have a cousin who is about 10 years behind mentally. In the place where she lived they gave her a hysterectomy. My aunt signed the papers because of strong scare tactics and threats. When she was mentally old enough to leave, she got married, had a good job but no children. Forced abortion does go on in America. I have two other cousins one born at 5 1/2 months and the other born at 6 months. They are now in their 50’s. Would you call them a potential person? When will they just be a person?.... If some one murdered my child or even raped her, I would say yes, to the death penalty. It is scripture, we all live by something. I made my choice. Others like there choice, but I choose life for those who have no vote,who can not speak for themselves. I am sure my sibling would have chosen to live, and not be put to death…..Those who would try to take away my freedom and the freedom of my family is war in my mind..War will always be on this earth. There are to many hateful, greedy people not to. I just pray the free countries will always win the outcome. Hum, I hate to use the word win. Death and destruction on either side is not winning. But this is freedom. Being here is freedom.

  • Hi Raw Sarah. I didn’t know we were judging. Guess I better shut my trap. It is always flapping. Must be age and experiences in my life. Yep, age. Good night.

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