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Anyone from Seattle?

Being a working mother of two Im looking to save time while shopping (wouldn’t we all, lol).

I have a few questions regarding where to shop. Do we have a store in the city the focuses on raw? I have always shoped at PCC, Trader Joes, Whole Foods and Super Supplements but as you know many of the raw items are sprinkled throughout.

I am new to being raw and would love to find a store where they have a section dedicated to the raw diet. It will cut down on trying to find all that Im in search of. Any suggestions?



  • Ohhh, your from Seattle. Hear you have some good raw restaurants there. You lucky one! I am south of you, OR. Never heard of such a store, but wouldn’t it be nice? Many go online. Oh! You may be interested in www.azurestandard.com they are sort of like a club. You send in your order at least a week before delivery. They deliver to a drop off point and you go and pick it up. They have an online catalog if you are interested. I get most of my organic dry goods, dates and honey through them. They also have in season organic produce. You need to phone them to find out the nearest drop off point for you. The company is in Duffer,OR

  • Branwyn32Branwyn32 Raw Newbie

    Nope, but I love Seattle and really have been thinking of moving there. It seems like it’d be a wonderful place to be raw too. And it’s so beautiful!

    I fantasize about being able to go to Pike Place Market everyday!

  • Hello! I am from Seattle also! I don’t think there is a store that focuses on raw, but I feel like the ingredients that other people have a hard time finding are pretty accessible in our city. I think PCC is probably the best place to shop for a RAW person. That is the only place I can find young coconuts, SeaTangle kelp noodles, and raw olives. Chaco Canyon, the raw restaurant in the city, does offer little take out items in the refrigerated section by the deli and they are WONDERFUL. Hope that was somewhat helpful, glad to see a fellow Seattlite!

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Madison Market on Capitol Hill has a significant dedicated raw section, but I’ve heard there have been some concerns about the freshness of their product because of their distributor in Portland, OR.

    Also, try Raw Vegan Source in Redmond, WA. For a $25 lifetime membership, you get serious discounts on raw food. It’s run out of Tom Armstrong and Susan Park’s house, who are pillars of the raw food community in the Seattle area. Check them out on rawvegansource.com.

    Nature’s Pantry has delicious raw lunches on weekdays, kept in the refrigerated section. You can eat in or take out. They also have kelp noodles, raw snacks in the refrigerated section in the middle of the store, and commercial raw desserts and energy bars. :)

  • Fabulous! Thanks for the information :)

    BTW Beany, I love love love Chaco Canyon. If you see an black betty cruiser out front with pink flames and a black basket, chances are thats ME (most likely with a ATS sandwich in hand)

    Branwyn32 – We have loads of room in Seattle. Move on in :)

    Cheers! l.

  • Branwyn32Branwyn32 Raw Newbie

    2SonsRock I’d love to! :) I’m looking for a new start but I know literally ONE person there, and she might be coming back east in a few months. I’ve never lived away from the east coast. I’m a-scared!

  • I live in Seattle and I heard there is a raw store/small restaurant opening on Roosevelt in the U-district. It is called generation thrive or something like that. I’m really excited for it to open!

    BTW-I also love Chaco Canyon! I was actually offered a job there, but had to turn it down because it wasn’t enough hours. :(

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Thrive is opening soon, right across the street from Whole Foods! Hopefully, it will be open sometime in October. There is no target date assigned, and it’s going to be a “soft” opening. :)

  • Thats right! The new place on 65th & Roosevelt (across from Suede Salon). Yay! I forgot about that :)

  • Oh, and you mentioned Trader Joe’s. I work there (the one in the u-district) and accidently discovered that the cashews are genuinely raw. They sprout at least, so I think they must be. The organic valencia almonds there are also raw (and sprout), but the non-organic “raw” almonds aren’t really raw. They also carry raw hazelnuts, pecans, and sunflower seeds. Occasionally they also have raw almond butter for $5 a jar! (I don’t know if it is genuinely raw though)

  • Hey! I live in Seattle too and my boyfriend works in the juice part of the deli at madison market co-op. The raw section is the first isle to the right of the deli. There are some refridgerated raw things to the right of the fake meat stuff, and across the isle is the raw section. Pre-made food is costly, but it’s good for ideas. And they atmosphere is pretty cool there. If you can’t find it, just ask….You’re in the right section if there is tomato sauce to the right on the dry shelf.

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie


    Try rawvegansource.com they have a location out of their home in Redmond. Awesome selection better prices than my co-op and very wonderful. Just a few mintues from Seattle. You could probably ask them to get your order ready for pickup they are always assisting us when we head in there with two tots.

    Good Luck and enjoy the sun it is supposed to be a rare sunny weekend here in the northwest!

  • Raw Vegan Source! It truly is the best. They have alot of raw stuff, from prpared things in the deli case to books, everything. Plus Tom and Susan are so kind, I brought my non raw boyfriend and my son with me and we chatted about all kinds of interesting things. Tom gave us all samples of all kinds of goodies. It was really fun. Another thing is they are always having all kinds of events. I'm going on the 19th to Cherie Soria's book tour. Just get there you won't be sorry.

    Thrive is trying to raise up enough money to open, I've been to one of the gala's. The food was awesome. Next time they have an event you should come. It's kinda like the community is the "investors" instead of stockholders. The whole community is supporting them and cheering for them to open.

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