Making History - Presidential Debate???

I was curious to know if any of you were aware of this…

I was just informed that on October 9, 2008 there is to be a Presidential Debate where all candidates are invited...

The follow is a quote from…Restore The Republic Radio announces Presidential Debate...

Northbrook, IL, 10/7/2008 announced it will hold an unprecedented internet radio based presidential debate on October 9th, 2008 at 9PM Eastern time. Invitees include: Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party, Charles Jay of the Boston Tea Party, Brian Moore of the Socialist Party, Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party, Independent Ralph Nader, Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party, Barack Obama of the DemocraticParty, and John McCain of the Republican Party.

Here is the link……


  • Wow, thank you SimplyRaw!! I wasn’t aware of this. Could there still be a chance that we could vote in a thrid, posssibly non-corrupt party then- a canidate who actually cares and fights for the people?!!

    I hope lots of people watch this to see there ARE more than just “two” candidates to choose from, more than just “two” parties. (I use “two” loosely since the two parties are truly one when you research who is really backing each of the two candidates.)


  • Just one problem. Voting for a candidate, that is independent isnt going to change anything, I think. Ralph Nader isnt going to be the next president, hes just going to “suck” votes from Obama

  • Voting for an independent CAN change everything! I cant remember the exact percentage, but if Nader gets over appx 10% of America’s votes, he gets Federal money for his next campaign. That means America could have the posibility of turning into a three party system. It would give Americans more options in government and who they want to elect for their officials, and can proke sweeping changes to the government in general.

  • LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

    lushpapaya~ the idea that Nader is “sucking” votes from Obama is absurd. It’s as if you feel Obama is the only one entitled to run in this race. By that logic you could say that Obama is “sucking” votes from Nader at an extremely unfair advantage. Nader also appeals to certain conservatives and has been known to “suck” a significant number of votes away from the Republican candidates.

    SimplyRaw~ thanks so much for sharing!!! I am really excited and I hope this actually happens! It probably wont get any press, but we can hope. I am going to check Nader’s site later today to confirm this.

  • Just my 2 cents, but here it goes. I would love to have a third party system in this country, but the place to start is in the election of senators and representatives (both state and national). Then you actually have people making legislation at the ground level and the building up of that party. When the third party only comes up at a presidential election, it doesn’t really do a bit of good (I’m not sure about the “siphoning” of votes, but do tend to agree with lushpapaya here). So, yes, jkd_soccer, I agree that a third party can change a lot, if not everything. Let’s get it started when we vote for our senators and representatives.

  • Ok, sucking isnt the right word. My point is, that the majority is going to vote for the two primary and most known candidates. The lesser known may be able to get some voters, but that isnt going to change a lot.

    Somehow I think that the most important issue is not who’s going to win, but who’s going to lose. The world and America needs a change in leader in the US. Im not American but I get sick of the mere thought of a Mccain/Palin win. Talk about the axis of evil. A lot of people, animals and our beautiful nature will suffer. Bush has been the worst president ever, but Mccain/Palin can likely beat that.

  • No matter who people have decided or not decided on voting for… I think we deserve to hear every candidates point of view.

    I think it is needed. I think we deserve it. And I think it would be great to hear how some of the third party candidates stand up with the other two primary parties.

    I am tired of being pushed by our policies, like cattle, to choose between the two. I think it could be educational and possibly benefical to hear all the candidates debate together for once.

    On another thread Meditating posted this link…

    LittleGems shared some great links under the same thread.…

    According to Namoi Klein there are three kinds of shock.

    1. Shock of the Crisis

    2. Economic Therapy Shock Program

    3. Shock of Torture (if people do not behave)

    Protestors would fall under the ‘Shock of Torture’. A current example would be what happen at the RNC. Here is some footage on the RNC (Republicain National Convention)...…

    quoting Namoi Klein from the link Meditating provided…

    “You need some kind of a shock/crisis. It could be a war, it could be an economic meltdown, it could be a terrioist attack… but something that creates a period of confusion, of dislocation, of regression. Then politicians come forward playing the sort of ‘Father Figure’ and use that period of dislocation to push through policies in a state of emergency, that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.”

    I do find the ‘Father figure’ comment interesting and isn’t that what Obama and McCain are trying to do to the public right now. We are in an emergency crisis and they are here and ready to pull us out.

    Isn’t a coup created to cause confusion. I think most Americans are very confused right now on a lot of things. Wouldn’t we say the coup is doing a great job…it is doing what it was intended to implement.

    All I am saying is…

    I think we have and deserve the right to hear all the candidates debate together. Why are we continuously pushed…liked cattle… to choose between the two primary parties??? OMG, forgive the ones who are not easily swayed.

  • LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

    simplyraw~ thank you! Because it is a private company, the Commission on Presidential Debates can get away with unfairly excluding third party candidates, even if they have the poll percentage required to secure them a spot in the debates. According to a recent WSJ/NBC national poll, Ralph Nader pulls 5 percent.

    “Contrast that to the most recent Gallup national poll, where Nader polls a fraction of one percent.

    Why the big difference?

    Answer: Gallup, the 800-pound gorilla of the polling world, doesn’t list Ralph Nader as one of the Presidential candidates in the primary polling question.

    And guess who the Commission on Presidential Debates depends on to do its polling to see which Presidential candidates get to debate before tens of millions of Americans tonight in Nashville?

    You guessed it: Gallup.”


    Talk about spitting in the face of democracy!

  • If one can call it a democracy at all.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I don’t want to get too deep into this, but I must say I agree that voting for Nader will split the Democratic vote. I think it would be great to have Nader as president but there’s no chance that he’ll get enough votes to beat either McCain or Obama. It will only subtract votes from Obama and add votes to McCain.

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