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Raw Trials and Tribulations

zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

How do you all do it? I mean… for two days I am doing great, energy levels building. Then I crash and get starving hungry. I used to break off of raw but not anymore. Or I eat avocados and nuts and get constipated and feel sick for 2 days. Or it’s the dried fruit (figs!).

I’ll literally eat until I can’t eat anymore and then feel sick with low energy levels for a day.

How do you do it? I have huge 2 500calorie+ smoothies a day plus big salads. I don’t combine foods and I eat very low fat.

Something in me just gets the craving and then I do something that messes up my system for a day or two.

Please let me know how to curb the cravings and stop the binges! Thanks!


  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Eat more fruit! It’s better then nut-binging and getting constipated…I’ve been there…the only thing that stopped me from binging on nuts is eating tons of fruit. My bowel movements are powerfully awesome now. :-)

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    powerfully awesome you say? I just ordered the 811 book. Can’t wait to dig into that (just like a spoon into melon, yaherrd?).

  • Young thai coconut water first thing in the morning. Excellent for cleanse and the most natural energy drink with all the elcetrolytes and lauric acid. Can be a little intimidating to open at first but check out youtube videos on how to open the coconut and then stick a straw and enjoy and it’s low fat too!

  • RawsikiRawsiki Raw Newbie

    I’m having issues with raw too. It’s weird though. Every time I get fed up and start eating cooked food, I just come back to raw…I forget the problems and look forward to it. Then, like a day or two in, I remember why I left in the first place.

    Spending too much money

    Constantly thinking about food & recipes

    Always being hungry

    Eating way too much fat

    And, MOTH, I know that eating more fruit would help, but for those of us who have a meager salary, we can’t buy a ton of fruit. I tried it, and ended up spending a lot of money, while still running out of fruit fast and still going hungry.

    So, does anyone have a solution to this? I’m a college student and I am busy, so recipe making is difficult, but it seems like the only easy way to get a lot of calories.

  • Sprouts and soaked grains are pretty cheap. Soaked buckwheat is incredible, but soaked oats are good too and cheaper. I put almond milk, raisins, and pumpkin seeds on top. Bananas are cheap, and apples will be soon. Eating tons of greens in smoothies(at least 1 bunch a day) really heps curb hunger. Around here collards are $2/bunch now. It may seem expensive but its worth it. If you have a dehydrator you can make bread out of spelt and sunflower seeds and flax. Because you only need 1 piece a day to get full, its actually pretty cheap. After the smoothies, grains, and bread, I only need a salad and a couple pieces of fruit a day. I think this is much cheaper than my previous diet of organic eggs and dairy and tofu and all that.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Rawsiki, everytime I see your beautiful avatar I drool. I’ve searched GoneRaw and even Googled “rawsagna” hoping to find the recipe, without success. Could you share the recipe for this absolutely lovely rawsagna?

    Sorry. I know this is off topic, but I just had to ask.

  • Hey emtpdmom, here is a link for a recipe for Zucchini Tomato Rawsagna by Sarma Melngailis. http://moofmuffin.livejournal.com/4624.html It looks pretty good.

  • I notice sprouts seem to fill me up..

    *eat as much fruit as you want! don’t worry about too much fruit.. half a cantelope seems to really feel me up. *definitely combine foods, its essential to getting all your amino acids going at the same time.

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