How do I know?

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to eating raw. I have been reading up on the subject for about a year now. I am slowly transitioning, but am planning to be 100% by the new year.

Anyhow, even in all my reading, I am still unsure of how I know exactly what I can eat beyond fresh fruits and vegetables. It seems like a lot of things I thought were raw- I soon find out are actually not, for one reason or another.

Almonds, oats, any nuts, lara bars, raisins, etc. I guess are all not really raw? Am I mistaken? How do I know? What else is a safe bet besides just fruits and veggies? While I am transitioning, I’d like to throw a couple other things in with my daily menu…

Any advice/answers/suggestions are appreciated!!



  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I know what you mean. There is a lot of innocence about raw nuts, for example. “Raw” for nuts just means unroasted, and since many types of nuts are first hot-steamed in the shell for cleaning, they are not raw for us. In addition, some nuts are traditionally shelled using heat because of poisons, like cashews.

    I call the growers and processors personally, and find out which method they use to clean shells. As an example, it is industry standard to clean pecans in the shell before they are shelled. Hot steam is usually used and that’s not good for the nut. However, bleach water(cold method) is being used more and more, and that leave the pecan inside totally raw.

    Do not automatically trust any store online that proclaims raw, no matter how popular it is. If you must buy from one of them, first ask them how they know their nuts are raw, if they know the processing habits of each grower and processor. If they refuse to answer, go elsewhere. Call the growers and processors themselves. I’ve gotten nuts from popular raw stores that were sometimes truly raw and other times were clearly not, in addition to one experience(Natural Zing) where the pecans were rancid and dark. Foul. Even when I posted on this, people still loudly advertised this place as being great, regardless of the fact that I have picked and processed pecans myself and know rancid, bad nuts when I see them. So, get your nuts from the growers.

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think lara bars are raw.

    Raisins, dates, dried fruits: call the processors, since many dried fruits are dried in high heats, or worse, the fruits are fumigated as industry standard, like most dates.

    The nice thing about the Internet is that you can look up growers and processors and call or write them. Often, you can buy foods right from the growers, which is wonderful, because you are directly supporting the farmer, and they get all the money instead of a store which rapes the farmer.

    Oats are usually steamed. My oats are raw only because they are for growing! I sprouted them to be sure. (I don’t eat grains often)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I totally understand! It can be overwhelming & frustrating to try to figure it all out! Here are a few things that are raw, besides fresh fruit & veggies:

    Sunflower seeds are raw – they sprout. I make Zoe’s “Cheese With Spring Onions” & leave out the pine nuts, & it’s all raw – also cheaper without the pine nuts ;)

    Also, buckwheat groats (kasha is roasted buckwheat, but the buckwheat groats are raw & will sprout).

    Flax seed (buy whole) is another raw, non-produce option.

    The raw olive oil (cold pressed and unfiltered) I love is the Bariani brand – – I had to email them to be able to order it, but it’s totally worth it. Yum!

    Mediterranean Organic has some raw sun-dried tomatoes – the ones that are not packed in oil.

    Wilderness Family Naturals sells a raw coconut oil – the centrifuged one. They also sell raw dried coconut flakes.

    Really raw cashews can be purchased from & are yummy!

    If you want raw oats, go to and order the oats for sprouting (oat groats are not raw even when they say they are).

    Raw dried fruit is available from

    Lentils can sprout & aren’t bitter like other bigger beans. :)

    I hope this helps! Good luck & happy eating. :)

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