how do people come up with recipes?

I am new to raw and I see tons of recipes here…many look so good..i am do you all come up with recipes? Are they ones you saw before or did you make them up yourselves? I feel like there are so many chefs here..don’t know if I ever can come up with good stuff on my own…i did make a few things based on my ideas but they were so simple…alot of what i see has such combining of flavors…etc, how do ya do that?? :)


  • A lot of people recreate cooked versions only doctored up to be raw. You can still combine things like you do cooked food…tomatoes and basil etc. Take something you see alot of (like a dehydrator cracker) and mess around with it. Get something you like and poof – new twist on a recipe! And you should post your recipes; people appreciate simple!

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    The “Secret” live and eat RAW everything will come out naturally! I asked this very question 12+ years ago before I became more raw…but as you eat more naturally, organic, pure, healthy, have pure loving healing intentions for not only yourself, but your friends, family, neighborhood, community then the World and ENTIRE UNIVERSE (raw will transform your consciousness and natural abitlities give it time) you will transform into SUPER SELF and HIGHER DIVINE SELF, I was already practicing Yoga for 10 + years but after eating Raw Organic WOW it made such a huge difference I have so much energy that everyday I HAVE to be creative, invent or promote RAW it WANTS ME TO :)

    You will be on an amazing raw adventure of discovery, spiritual journey, mine took me all around the World, I still learn something new everyday for past 12+ years that RAW solves, heals, prevents, and more. People love it, it is fun, but give it time and transition into it too, do research to do it right PLEASE GET AND READ BOTH: Conscious Eating and The Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine both by Gabriel Cousens MD GUARANTEED TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER it did mine! I was raw but after meeting Gabriel, working with him and for him reading his books before, it totally elevated my spiritual path, healthy, intentions and more I based all my recipes from RAW IN TEN MINUTES and all I do on his really raw research, recommendations because well he is the BEST he does actual RAW Lab research, tests, has scientific/medical/spiritual info that is real and works.

    Now I am not shy, I am a people person, I love to help people be more happy, healthy, recipes just “come to me” but you will see and discover for yourself, everything about RAW they say is true but you have to do research and do it right. There are certain raw ingredients I never eat or touch that many do, but you all have to decide for yourself…we all have different goals.

    Hope that helps, have fun with it, give it time, transition into it most people try to jump into it too fast that is not a good way of doing it for too many reasons to list…

    After a while you will “Grasp” all the food, combining, flavors, how ingredients act together, sometimes I have funny stories behind each of my raw organic inventions or creations, sometimes it is just people or a friend asking me “Hey do you have a Steak Recipe? HA ha!” They were trying to be funny…but you know what I CAME UP WITH ONE in a few minutes and got the last laugh ha! Also someone asked me for a Macaroni and Cheese Recipe so I invented the first raw organic vegan version and reversed engineered it, what is orange and mac like? Yams! What is yellow and cheese like? Tumeric and pine nut/miso/olive oil blended together? What makes raw veggies look and taste cooked? Marinating in olive oil…so it just came to me easy! Recently a friend asked for a Japapanese Ramen recipe, so I started to do the same process and it came out!

    Bryan Au 

  • I absolutely love to cook and read cookbooks. When I travel, I watch how food is prepared and buy cookbooks that feature local, traditonal recipes. I try to recreate them at home, making adjustments along the way for health reasons. When I started transitioning to raw, I bought a bunch of raw cookbooks. Some of the recipes were great, but others seemed to use tons of salt or salt sources, oils and nuts, which is not my preference. I began adapting those recipes, plus taking some of my cooked faves and adapting them to raw. The results are mostly great, though there have been a few losers among them. Everything is trial and error. In cooking, you’ll find as many different recipes for one basic dish as there are cooks. Use recipes from others, but adjust to your tastes or based on the ingredients you have. Consider the reason that each ingredient might be used in a recipe, then imagine how you might improve upon it or use some other ingredient or seasoning that you prefer.

    My boyfriend and I love tomato-basil bruschetta. I initially adapted the concept for multigrain pasta, adding lots of garlic, scallions and something fresh, like spinach, zucchini or peas, to make the meal more nutritious. So, even served that way, it was partially raw. Now, I still make the bruschetta topping, but I make him the cooked pasta, and I eat it on zucchini noodles. I’ve since added some lemon zest and the juice of a lemon to mine, as it perks up the zucchini. He might put some freshly grated cheese on his, if he’s in the mood, but mine is great as is. If I want cheese on mine, I put a few raw cashews through the coffee grinder and add some Himalayan salt. Nutritional yeast would do the same trick. It provides that gritty Parmigiano Reggiano crunch and savoury flavour, but without the cow’s milk cheese. If we both want something salty as a topping, but not cheese, we can use a few raw, cured olives or some capers (not raw, but vegan). So, you see, what started as a tomato basil sauce, using canned tomatoes, became a raw bruschetta sauce and later, a completely raw meal (for me). The most important aspect of this meal is that it is simple. I can make the entire meal in the time it takes to boil the water and cook his pasta. If I were doing the whole thing raw, it could be done in 15 minutes flat—less with a sous chef.

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