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too many dates?



  • mewmewmintmewmewmint Raw Newbie

    You know what you should try?

    Tamarinds! They're sweet and tangy and much cheaper than dates. The taste is something like a fruit rollup.

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    I'm going to look for them. Thanks for recommending! Are they easy to find at the regular grocery store? Are they in season now? Love to try new stuff!

  • ZemphiraZemphira Raw Newbie

    I ate 3 lbs of dates last week, yeah I think I have a problem. Maybe I'll have to nix the dates in my smoothies and force myself to subsist on the sweetness of fruit alone. I doubt I'll be buying bulk from the Date People right now (although, I'd really love to give them my business since they practice sustainable agriculture). But clearly, I cannot be trusted alone with 10 lbs of dates in my house. Unless somehow, I can train Sophia (my puppygirl) to hide them from me after I've made my smoothies. =\

  • mewmewmintmewmewmint Raw Newbie

    yah they're available at my grocery stores in little red boxes

  • graceinyafacegraceinyaface Raw Newbie

    I've seen tamarinds and always wondered about them....how do you actually go about eating them? they look like a brown bark covered pea pod right?

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    It took me all this time to run across those tamarinds (yep in red boxes) and they were in my favorite Asian Market this whole time. Very strange looking but they taste so good. I'm hooked. BTW I find I can handle less dates than before. Upset tummy from too much sweet :(

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    oh yeah, got some lychee fruits too. oh, we are so lucky!!!

  • matthewmmatthewm Raw Newbie
    I ate approximately 80 pitted deglet noor dates today.. I should probably cut back
  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Dates can definitely be addictive. That and dried apricots. I like to mix it up a little. cool

  • I also love dates and the most delicious dates I ate were Iranian dates. Each date has a certain amount of sugar that you can include in your diet depending on the sugar of that date

  • Harmony1Harmony1 Raw Superstar

    Figs and dates are always good!

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