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How much is 80 procent raw?



  • I LOVE what you wrote there, derryckl. So right on.

  • "I think that the whole "why can

  • vabeachcgvabeachcg Raw Newbie

    honestly, i would compare this whole clouded, bloated discussion to, (what else?) Christianity.

    There are Christians. people who consider themselves followers of and believers in Jesus Christ.

    I consider myself a Christian. Do I go advertising it everywhere? No. If someone asks me about my beliefs, do I tell them? Yes.

    Then there are the Fundamentalist Christians. Christians who set borders and boundaries and parameters to designate, segregate, and distinguish. I am a Christian and I do things differently, so therefore the way I do things is more Christian than the way you do things, and you need to therefore adjust your Christianity to suit my needs as a Christian. WTF?

    I feel that the term 'raw foodism' has become similarly the same way. there are fundamentalist Raws, and just 'spiritual' raws. is either any less deserving of the term?

    no i'm not 'calling anyone out' or trying to point fingers, but i feel it helps to grapple this dialogue by comparing an a way that many can relate to.

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