Carob Powder.

What do you think about carob powder? Do you like it/dislike it? Do you like it better than cocoa? Can it be used to make drinks?



  • I do enjoy carob, but do not think that it should ever be compared/substituted for cocoa. Carob is an entirely different substance than cocoa, and therefore has an entirely different taste, sensation, and feel on your body. With carob I do not experience the buzz or energy spike that I sometimes get with cocoa. Likewise carob is not as heavy and does not give me the sluggish feeling I sometimes get with cocoa overdose. Carob does not work for period or emotional induced craving. It is delicious, however. Really it depends on my mood, which I prefer. Try it out, and see what you can do with it. And yes, you can make drinks with it!

  • lstorzlstorz Raw Superstar

    Personally, I can no longer handle the effects of cocoa. It has a really intense effect on my body. I find that carob satisfies my desire for chocolate. I often just mix a spoonful of carob powder into a cup of hempmilk or nutmilk. I pretty much substitute carob for cocoa in all recipes, and I think it works out just fine. I have used it in raw brownies, and for me, it works perfectly. In fact, raw brownies made with cocoa taste too rich to me now.

  • Does it taste good when mixed, in equal parts, with cocoa to make a drink (I'm planning to make it using almond milk)?

  • seaweedseaweed Raw Newbie

    Raw carob is also cheaper than cocoa. Sometimes I get it, and add some to my smoothies.

  • I recieved my order of carob powder and thought it was delicious. I ate it without anything else added to it and made some recipes. My mom tried it and thought it was repulsive. It must be aquired taste. Anyways, I never really loved chocolate like most people seem to. It doesn't uplift my emotions or apetite in any particular way. I mainly only like chocolate because it is sweet, so my like of sugar probably translates to not having preference for one over the other. I just seem to like all sugary desserts equally.

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    I like carob much more than cacao. Cacao gets me kind of jittery and i think its kind of addictive. Carob has that chocolatey taste, is cheaper and lower in fat too. Get it raw off of sunfoods- its pretty darn awesome. Makes spectacular brownies too, fyi.

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