Can anyone help me improve my raw diet / offer suggestions?


I *think* this is in the right category, since I am primarily asking how healthy my present diet is.

I typically eat this in a day:

- two cups of green smoothie for breakfast with two scoops of "raw power" added to it (a maca, goji, etc. superfoods supplement)

- a soup made primarily of red pepper, carrot, avocado, garlic and onion (sometimes with sea kelp noodles)

- four cups of juice (typically carrot, cucumber, celery and kale)

- sometimes a nori roll as a snack or a few dates for dessert

I'm trying to do the right things, but there are a lot of things I am still learning about nutrition. I don't take any supplements anymore, though I do have some flax oil and spirulina tablets I was taking. Is this a balanced raw diet? What else would you suggest? I don't eat a lot of fruit; is this a problem? I'm trying to optimize my health. Are there any supplements or products anyone uses here and would recommend? Sprouts? Any help much appreciated!



  • How do you feel??? Are your clothes the size you want???

    I think your diet sounds fine, the only thing I would add would be more calories if you are under sized and maybe some seeds or nuts for the added nutrients and good fats.... Hemp and pumpkin are wonderful IMHO

    If you feel good and are the size you want to be, just keep on keeping on... smile

  • Hi Waterbaby12347 - Thank you! Strangely, I haven't lost any weight eating raw. Maybe I've gained a few pounds actually, since I was pretty thin to start out with. So maybe I'll pick up some pumpkin and hemp seeds! I suppose I was worried about B-vitamins to some degree (I wasn't vegan before becoming raw). I feel good, but am still having some tired detox days...I guess it leaves me wondering at times if I am eating a balanced diet. Thank you!

  • You should take a sublingual B-12, methylcobalamin supplement. No question about it. Everyone should do this.

    Your diet sounds great, except maybe eat some sprouts and fruit.

  • Hi superfood2 - could you recommend a good brand of b-12 in sublingual form? It's the one thing I am most concerned about - B-12 defiency. I do add nutritional yeast to my soups, but I don't think it is a great source of B-12 specifically?

  • Should it be assumed on a raw foods diet that you're deficient in B-12? Is there an easy at-home test for this, I wonder?

  • I believe the concern about b-12 is mostly for raw vegans (whether you are raw or not). B-12 is mostly found in meat and dairy. Vegan food can be fortified with B-12 too. But, if your eating only raw (not eating fortied food) you won't be getting B-12. I've seem articles claiming that not washing vegetables and fruit can help because B-12 is in the soil (but, there may be other stuff that you don't want in that dirt too, like bacteria and stuff ). Personally, when I don't eat dairy, I take a supplement just to be sure. I don't take any other vitamins, just that one. Actually, I tried to take it all the time, even when I do eat some dairy since they (medical research) is finding that many meat and dairy eaters are deficiant in B-12 too because of absorbtion issues. Here's an article if your interested:

  • From what I understand , B12 is found in organic soil and is absorbed by plants.

    However, the soil found on farms has been destroyed by over farming, pesticides and fertilizers, and even the soil in organic farms isn't as good as it use to be.

    Therefore, if you were foraging through the woods and gathered some plants and ate them, you should get enough b12. However, that is not practical to do, so you should try to get it from somewhere else.

    b12 can be stored in the body for a long time, your doctor can do a test, and i believe it is safe to take a supplement.

    I also don't believe that washing the vegetables has nothing to do with it, since the overfarming probably destroyed the b12 in the soil.

    If there was no b12 for the plants to absorb in the first place, then why would there be b12 in the soil?

    Am i missing something here?

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