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Parasite Cleanse

ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

I want to do a parasite cleanse and I have looked on the internet and seen loads of different kinds and don’t know which s the best one to do. I know about the papaya seeds, but I don’t really like papayas so it would be a waste to buy them as neither Chris or I would eat them. Seems to be lots which are whole kits with lots of different pills and tinctures and they’re really expensive, it that all necessary? Because there are ones with just a single tincture or capsule, would they do just as well? If anyone has done a successful cleanse, I’d love to know what you did. Thanks



  • Hi Zoe. Try emailing Angela Stokes or tjeck the rawreform site. As far as I remember she wrote about a parasite cleanse while juicefeasting. It should be inexpensive and easy to do. I know Gillian Mckeith mentions something about in her book, but not quite sure what she recommends.

  • Just forgot. I have done the blessed herbs colon cleanse a couple of times and for me it worked like a charm. I know they do parasite cleanses too. Havent tried it but maybe it was worth a try? hope you figure something out.

  • Hey ZOE! I am doing a eat a handful of raw pumpkin seeds every day for 14 days parasite cleasne. I swear after the thrid day there were all kindsa nasties coming out. I agree its important to do a cleanse but felt pretty put off by the cost and amazing array of crap you gotta take to get rid of parastite, then I read about this method in a detox book I have (non raw) and It seems to be working and its cheap!

    Good Luck!

    Love and Light

  • So you just eat the seeds and thats it? wow gotta try it. I know it may be a grosse question but can you actually see the worms coming out?

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Thanks I’ll look an angela’s site.. Also I want to know more about the pumpkin one you’re doing Ambikalee, so do you fast or anything, is it just raw pumpkin seeds? That sounds terrific if that is all I need to do! I heard cayenne pepper was good for parasite cleansing I eat about 1 teasp a day in my normal food anyway coz I like spiciness, but I don’t check my poo for worms, I guess I should…

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    A few people on rawfoodtalk.com have done some parasite only cleanses – I think one was called Paragone.

    Here is the link to the disucssion: http://www.rawfoodtalk.com/showthread.php?t=28700

    (fyi there are some pretty gross pictures of poopies and things in the thread so be warned before you look through it!)

    I am soon going to be starting on a 3 month Colonix program with probiotics. It is a total colon cleanse with parasite cleanse that you do at home. Colonix is one of the top ten colon cleanses. I think you can order the items separately if you want – so you could just get hte Parsite part of it but I think you might need the fiber to push everything out of your system.


  • QueenFluff – I have been reading about colonix and am very intrigued. The price is a bit daunting though. You are the first person I have ever heard (aside from their website) talk about it. Have you ever known anyone who did it? Why did you decide to do it?

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Hi juleskess

    Actually I believe that Magdi (on this site) doing it right now – I am not sure if she is doing the whole kit or not.

    There are several people on the rawfoodtalk.com site that are starting it or will be starting it soon. I don’t know anyone who has actually completed it yet though.

    I haven’t started mine yet but I have all the supplies. I will probably start beginning of August. I am going camping next week so not really convenient right now.

    It was a bit pricey but I liked the fact that it said you can just be on a “normal” diet while you do it – no fasting or anything. I picked it because on the rawfoodtalk.com site one of the members posted a review of colon cleansing programs and this was the top rated.

    The reason I am doing it is because I have never cleaned out my colon thouroughly and I have some level of candida. I also have a history of colonoscopies (with pre-cancerous polyps that were cut off) and I just learned recently at a Brenda Cobb lecture that colonoscopies do not actually examine the entire colon! I never knew that before. So, I started wondering what might be in the areas that were not examined – plus I used Fleet kits and enemas to clean our my colon before the procedure and I asked Brenda Cobb about that and she said those don’t really clean out your whole colon. I was thinking that my colon had been cleaned out by those – wrong!

    She recommends that everyone who goes raw to clean out their colon with a cleanse. Even if you have been eating “healthy” for most of your life you still have stuff sitting in your colon – rotting away. I have been on and off raw for 2 years and I have never really felt great – she said that often the unclean colon can be partially responsible for that.

    Anyhow,after looking at the Colonix site, I liked the ingredients in the Parasite part of the program (many similar ingredients to what I was taking for candida – Pau D’ Arco etc) and I wonder what sort of wormies and such might be hiding out in my colon. I figured that since I have a history of colon problems and now the candida – I better get this thing cleaned out!

    I excited to start it but also a bit nervous about any yeast die-off (detox from killing off the candida) symptoms I will get. I went through a bad yeast die off detox a few weeks ago and could hardly do anything. I want to kill the off the rest of the candida but I still need to function so I am hoping that doesn’t happen again!

    But anyhow, that is my story of why I am doing this. :) When I start I will posting my experince on the rawfoodtalk.com and be taking pictures of my “grossies” that come out. :)

  • Thanks QueenFluff – I’m going to try to put a little something aside to try it. Good Luck! And keep us posted on how it goes.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    queen fluff, thanks for the warning I just had to go and look -those photos on rawoodtalk are so, so gross!

  • Holy MOly! That was totaly disgusting I havent seen anything like that outta my poo yet,,(I hope I never do!..unless they are in there and then I want them out). I have been trying to find the info from this book I was reading but it was just a little blurb with a link and now I cant find it! I did find this link though: http://www.homemadebodycleanse.com/parasite-cle…

    Anyway I had been doing a vegan cooked diet (under the supervision of a natrupath) that is designed to detox the liver and kidneys ( I have (positive manifesting HAD!!!) a skin fungus, a weight problem and ibs) I had a colonic and then I started on the pumpkin seeds. after three days of eating the pumkin seeds I saw what looked to me like a lot of small flat whitish worms ( I tried to think of what else it could be but the only thing I usually see in my poo is corn backed rattlers Haha cant resist a poo joke)...ANyway I havent seen anything since. I still have 2 more days left. I definatly didnt see any gigantic nasties like that..I dont know if thats because I didnt have any or because the pumpkin seeds werent strong enough (plus do you have to kinda sift through your pooh to find them…not gonna happen on my end…eewwgh). ANyway good luck

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Yep there pretty gross. Realize though that lots of those poo picture are from people who are on SAD diets. (though are not pictures from rawfoodtalk.com people – no one has gotten to that stage yet!).

    There was a testimony on the drnatura.com site from a women who did this on the raw foods diet – she did have wormies come out – I think she had visited a country where she think she got worms from the food though.

    For me, if any of that old stuff is in me, I want it out. Because I have the history of colon problems I probably need to have a clean colon more than most.

    I actually am always checkin out my poos in the toilet – I think it is more habit from when I blood from the polyps – I always check to be sure.

    Ambikalee – what was the “skin fungus” you had? I have a skin fungus right now called tinea veriscolor. I had dark spots which I got rid off but now that I am tan I have white ones which are proving harder to get rid of. I am using a natural sulfur clay called Sapronex.

  • It sounds like the same thing..I cant remeber the name..It starts as red spots and then when they die they turn white as my skin falls of from where the fungus was..its kinda itchy..my mom and my brother had them, but I never did untill I had kids and I cant seem to get rid of it (positive manifesting…My body is healed, my skin is beautiful) Regular docs just gave me a pill and it went away but then it came right back..So I went to the Naturpath and followed his instructions of supplements and cooked vegan (Ill do anything to get rid of this..its a real self estemm killer…I feel like a 3 toed sloth all covered in fungus…eww). As far as I know about the white spots (if we do have the same thing..) they will go away when all of your old skin has been sloughed of and you have a new layer of skin. Let me know more about your fungus, and Ill check it out online!

  • Yep thats what I got alright…Well I gues we are leopard sisters!..I looked for home treatment online and all I could find was Tea Tree oil and wash clothes in hot water or Dry clean…That might be my problem ..I always use cold water and I wear my bras over and over again before washing them (I have gigantic breasts and good bras are hard to find and expensive). If any one has any more tips let me know! Thanks

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Ambikalee -

    My spots don’t itch – they are just ugly! I had darker ones and I got rid of those with the tea tree oil.

    I am using the Saprox (sorry I spelled it wrong before) for the white spots.


    I haven’t been “sloughing” my skin. I should probably start dry brushing. I don’t use soap.

    RawVee gave me excellent advice on this thread below if you are interested. Yes, one of things was to not wear the same thing twice. I wash my stuff in warm – I don’t normally wear the same thing over and over (I avoid bras if I can) except my jeans.


    One thing was to be 100% raw which I successfully did for a while and than had some bad detox and fell off it. I was also taking antifungals which I need to start doing again.

    I think I am going to try (in addition to what I am already doing) is to do some skin exfoliating. I haven’t been tanning much lately so I think my tan is beginning to fade. My bf thinks the spots are going away but I think they look worse and my tan is just fading and they are starting to blend in with my normal skin color again which is very white,

    Oh, another thing is that – sun is supposed to really good for this condition which was why I was tanning so much before but than that made the white spots more noticeable.

    Off I go to do another “clay treatment” :)

  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    I was really grossed out by the parasite talk, so I ordered a cleanse and recieved it today from HUMAWORM. I plan to begin taking the regiment this evening (2 capsules every 12 hours, at least 1/2 hr. before meals). I’ll post any happenings here for anyone who is interested.

  • ambikalee, do you soak your pumpkin seeds first? If so, how long would I need to soak them for?

    Zoe, did you try the pumpkin seeds? I’m very interested in doing some sort of parasite cleansing but I don’t want to buy some “fancy” and expensive product.

  • I did soak my seeds sometimes and sometimes I didnt. I did NOT like the freshly soaked seeds they were really gross. I kinda felt like I shouldnt soak them (just intuitively I felt that the enxyme inhibiters were probably part of what the parasites didnt like. If you do soak them do a huge patch and then dehydrate them…cause slimmy grossness. Good Luck

  • Thanks! I think I’ll pick up some raw pumpkin seeds tomorrow.

  • Okay I had a drs appt and I do have Tinea Verssicolor. The dr gave me some pills take 2 times 7 days apart and sweat! As well as some selenium lotion to put on and leave on for 10-15 mins ( I had an itnuitive self reading class where I “knew that I needed selenium” that was 6 years ago …I wish I would have listened to myself then!. I am also on day 2 of Colonix from Dr Natura! ANd I have to say I am already seeing more worms coming out and feeling like I am getting a good cleaning! So I guess the pumpkin seeds didnt handle everything after all.

    Queenfluff Whats up did you ever start? If not come on what are you waitng for! its great…no emergency explosions or checks stay together waddles to the bathroom. Its totally do able! All right so since I am queen of TMI I’ll keep you all posted!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Hi Ambikalee!

    Actually, I never started it – in fact, I sent it back but only because it was so expensive (I got the 3 month supply plus probiotics) and I can’t really afford it right now so I opted to return it since right now isn’t a good time for me to start it and I don’t know when will be and right now having my credit card bill lowered is more helpful for me (its a long story). But I still do want to do it some day so I plan on repurchasing it one day when I can more comfortably afford it and I have a more reguar schedule.

    What are the pills the doctor gave you? Are they for candida? Is the selenium lotion like Selsun Blue? Right now, since summer is over, I am just avoiding tanning so my skin can return to its normal color and the spots blend in with my skin. Yeah, I heard that you need to sweat – something I am not doing. I guess I gave up on trying to rid of it for now. I tried so many things so I got sick of trying to fix it. I tried an OTC lotion and it didn’t do anything but I have such large area of my skin that have the spots I was buying a big 8$ tube twice a week – it wasn’t worth it.

    I might try the Selsun Blue but I don’t think I will be able to tell if I got rid of it until I tan again maybe next year.

    I am glad the Dr. Natura is working for you. BTW, I read that the first week is relatively quiet in the way of lots of bathroom trips – but the second week..watch out! :)

  • Hey,

    I have done the 3 month Colonix program from Dr. Natura. It was over a year ago that I did it and at the time was eating SAD. I had labeled myself with IBS and had chronic leg pain. I have had the chronic leg pain since I gave birth to my daughter in 1998. I found the Dr. Natura site web searching one day. Researched it for a couple of months, then I saw someone else who had leg pain who did it and said it eliminated her pain. So, tired of the leg pain and tired of not knowing if my stomach was going to get upset everytime I was in public— I was ready to try it. The first two weeks were the worse. The pain in my legs was unbearable. The pain in my legs made it difficult to get any sleep at night. But I had talk to someone at Dr. Natura and they said this was normal for most people. The first two weeks the program is supposably pulling major things out of your body. During the 3 months though you did not need to run to the restroom all day long. During my experience on it…it was clock work. First thing in the morning I had a bowel movement. I did not see parasites, but I thought I did at first. But I soon realized it the was mucus we have build up in our bodies. I really enjoyed the tea you drink at night. After the program I felt cleaner on the inside and lighter, but it was probably a month later I was back to dealing with my so called IBS. I now know it was the SAD diet. It did eliminate my leg pain. Many months after the program I only had the leg pain once. When I started drinking green smoothies and switched to eating RAW in April 2007, I stopped having my IBS problems. I have not tried it since I have been RAW, but reading this forum is inspiring me to do it again. It really was a simple program. And I did see major results. The bowel movements alone were major results. You defiantly feel like you have been vacuumed out.

    Just know it is very important to drink lots of water while doing the Colonix program. You need to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day. If you do not the fiber in the kit (just like phylum husk/psylluim husk), will expand in your stomach and make your stomach very sore. So, make sure you drink your 8 to 12 glasses of water during the cleanse.

  • Ok, its me again. Queenfluff, yes its a selsun blue type lotion, the pills are ketoconazole.

    Update on the colonix program:

    Today is day 4 and I am already seeing crazy stuff like in the testimonials on the site. Tonight they were black…EWWW! I agree with simply raw it feels like my insides are being vacummed out! I had a high colonic and it was nothing compared to this. I really am feeling cleaner, and lighter and my tummy is flatter….WHOO HOO!

    Stay tuned!

  • Hi Ambikalee! That is so nice you put yourself out there to talk about this stuff. Are you sure they’re not putting something in there that makes you think it’s coming from you when there is something in their formula? I just have to ask because you seem to be analyzing things quite a bit.

  • I actually put off doing one of these cleanse for a long time cause I thought that that might be a possibility. I really dont think so, all the ingredients are great and its not like I have the exact same thing as on the website..(you really should check out the site for yourself…drnatura.com) Anyway i have always been a little overly interested in my bm’s because of my ibs symptoms and I am am just weird that way.

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    I’m taking black walnut tincture and woodworm,10 drops a day. Could I put some drops of black walnut tincture on my enema water?

  • Hi Writeeternity…..

    Like Ambikalee, I really doubt they are putting something in the product.

    When I started the Colonix, my husband was asking the same questions. However, not to sound too graphic, but after you have been on the program for about 1 to 2 weeks you soon realize this is not the case. Myself having the IBS symtoms Ambikalee mentioned, you tend to look at your BM. And knowing what you are putting in your body you recognize some of the output. From those I know who have done the Colonix the experiences are all pretty much the same. There is no need to panic or be running to the restroom all day. The only exception is….Everyone sees different BM removed from their bodies. Whether that be parasites, stomach mucus, or etc.. But just after a week the feeling of your body being cleaned out is amazing! Even now since I am raw, I have not felt as clean on the inside as when I did the Colonix. I really cannot wait to do it again now that I am raw.

    Ambikalee…. I feel your excitement! Isn’t it Awesome to see that stuff leaving your body!!! But, at the same time you can’t believe it. You want to share and tell everyone they have got to do this. I tried to share with my husband and daughter. Notice the key word – tried. Enjoy the Journey!!!

  • About the fungus….I had it for a while back and then I got fed up and ptu a little bit of extra strength Tiger balm on it every night…It took a while (a couple weeks) I dont’ remember, but it went away and hasn’t come back in that spot…It occasionally comes back every once in a while when I’m really stressed…

  • Thanks Alexandra, great tip. The pills the doctor gave me have cleared it up, I still have the white spots it will take a while for my new skin to tan and blend with the other. I will definatly remeber tiger balm in the future, hopefully I never get it again!

    Colonix update: On day six I had to up my fiber to a full scoop and I am definatly NOT running to the bathroom! I have lost 5 pounds and I am starting my cycle so I am sure I lost more than that! I am a believer, I will be doing it once a year! Its definatly worth the money and easy to do!

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    Wow, this has been such a great thread. I love the “TMI”!!! :)))))

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