801010 plunge

ok, so i am also ready to take the plunge on 801010. so when you say you have a handful of nuts, do you ever make mini nut milks? i really like hemp milk. i am also having a hard time finding nutrional information on hemp milk that is not homemade. so i'm going obviously just by the seeds nutrional data. there does seem to be a lot of fat in them. i do really enjoy them and when i try to add it to nutidairy, it's not existant. i guess my question is do any of you drink hemp or nut milk when you are practicing 801010?

i am noticing my body's disslike for to much nuts. and combining certain meals also makes me feel kinda icky. exception being a hemp milk smoothie.

currently i', 5'2 and weigh 105, and i eat over 2500 calories a day. (the big hike is the nuts and avocado)

i also do wish to maintain my figure. so should i go a little heavy on the banana's? or are there any other suggestions?

so far what i have read, and i almost hijacked jakkrabiits forum, is just eat fruit and veggies and a a handfull of nuts or half an avocado and it should all work out. is it really that easy? i feel like it's definatley doable. i'm practically there if not for my hemp milk. and the nut sauces that are tastey but also make me feel a little ill. so, what about buckwheat? i'm curious on that one. and sweetners too, do they fit in?

thanks guys cheers!


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    it's usually no buckwheat and your sweeteners should be dates. you can still do nut/seed mylks as long as they fit into your ratio.

    80/10/10 is difficult for me because fruit is just so expensive and i can't afford to buy and eat so much. it's easy for me to just get a package of nuts and have some if they are lying around because they last a while. i think it would help me if i tried banana island because i'm sure it wouldn't be too expensive.

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm banana island :) i would love that!! with watermelons too!

    i'm having a hard time figuring out hemp seed milk in my ratio. any suggestions? ps i'm still loving that smoothie recipe :D

    ohh i could definatley handle dates. raisens too?

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    80/10/10 is a concept which applies to any type of diet, not just raw vegan. Therefore, you can include any foods you want, so long as you eat them in those ratios. If you are looking for what is "optimal" to include/exclude in an 811 diet, then just do a lot of reading and also you will learn by trial and error.

  • thanks eecho. are there any sites that you can recomend? i have been reading a lot posts on here but i'm still not 100 percent confident in my knowledge. how could i add hemp milk, do i just figure out the percentage of the quantity in comparison to the rest of my daily diet?

    also, so there is no confusion i want to keep my womanly bumps wich is the figure i want to maintain. so that is why i was concerened about keeping my calorie in take high..but perhaps that won't matter, is it actually the fat that mainains this? i'm just curious. i don't want to rule out the idea of 801010.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Do 1 oz. of hempseeds. Do you have a scale or way to get 1 oz?

  • www.30bananasaday.com

    I am doing 80/10/10 ... sometimes on special occasions I will have more than 10% fat/protein depending on what I eat.

    Heres my blog


  • awesome!!!!!!!! thank you sooo much superfood2 :). yes i do have a scale.

    thank you soooo much too brunetteKet!! i'll definatley check those blogs out!!

    cheers all!!

  • 30ban a day isn't a blog it is a site like this one.. but based on 80/10/10 not just raw veganism. I hope it helps!! It has sure helped me a TON!

  • If you search around, get to know people, buy the ripe fruit that supermarkets throw away because it doesn't "look" pretty anymore and grow your own things like tomatoes and cucumbers (easily grow them around the house); then you can do 801010 for very cheap. You gotta be creative and think outside the box and don't accept the prices that they want to sell you things at because in a week when it doesn't sell they throw it away or you can offer to buy it for about 90% of what they are asking.

    You only have to ask and you'll be amazed at what you can get things for.

  • thanks for the tip. 90% off, that's amazing!!

    thankfully i can grow cucumbers and tomatoes and sweet peas. those i can get an ambundant of. also, luckily, i have wild blueberries rasberries and strawberries around my home and camp. ....but i clear the bushes pretty quickly lol.

  • jakkrabbitjakkrabbit Raw Newbie

    Hey, what's a banana island and how do i make it?

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    jakkrabbit, it just means you eat bananas all week... or as long as you need to.

  • totally pigged out with pistachios last night, and they were't even raw, and i feel soooooo gross today :( ...i think i'll juice fast for most of the day....? i don't like this heavy feeling.

  • jakkrabbitjakkrabbit Raw Newbie

    Overt fats give me the same feeling as well. My body personally runs best on fruit sugars. I feel clean, light, fresh, and energetic. Even coconut cream makes my stomach feel thick and heavy. You really don't need more than a handful of nuts once a day or a few times per week.

    Today for example, since we're in the middle of moving and there's barely any groceries left in our current place, I've been running really low on food, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to stick a big dollop of peanut butter in my fruit shake just for some added calories. It's nasty peanut butter from Kraft, full of sugars and whatnot and it's not raw or organic but I thought I could make a concession due to the circumstances. Hah. I feel heavy, sluggish, tired, and just yuck.

    Some people seem to run fine on lots of fat. I don't. Sounds like you don't either. Fats sit in the stomach for much longer and take a long time to digest. So keep the nuts for the cherry on top, and pig out on fruit, veggies, and sprouts!

  • haha, i like that "keep nuts for the cherry on top" . it's amazing how the feeling can carry over to the next day.

    juicing all day has perked me up a bit. i definatley made a better choice there.

    ps. jakkrabbit, i think you are inspiring and absolutley beautiful!!

  • hey jackrabbit!! i just watched your youtube videos! WOW!!! thats all I have to say.. You are so amazing! Do you have a blog that I could follow or anything else? You are very inspiring. Also are you a member of 30bananasaday? You should join that site too!! Have a great day!


  • jakkrabbitjakkrabbit Raw Newbie

    I don't have a blog yet but maybe I should start one... I hope to continue vlogging at least. Although I'm in the middle of a move so it may be a few weeks till my next vid. I just found out about 30bananasaday from durianrider and plan to join as soon as possible! Hope you have a fantastic day as well, and I'll be sure to check out your blog. :)

  • Let us all know when you have another video up!! :) I know I will be waiting!!

  • oh and on 30 ban a day my name is Ketrin on there so add me!! in my profile pic on it I am wearing the same shirt as this one^ but it's a diff pic!

  • LuaLua

    on 801010 you cant have any overt fats - it throws your ratios out of balance.

    If you download cron-o-meter and log in your daily consumption you'll see that all you need is a lot of fruit and a lot of veggies.


    the exact balance is not easy to hit, but if you want to keep it simple for a few weeks while you get used to it, do mono meals (one type of fruit per meal - tropical fruit is popular) throughout the day and a few salads chock-full of different veggies in the evening, without any dressings or condiments

  • In the book 80/10/10 by dr. douglas graham it is said you can eat overt fats. For example, on his menu plans he suggest using tahini dressing on some salads and that you can eat avocados if you are working out super hard or are more athletic. Where did you hear that you can't have any overt fats Lua? I'm just curious.

  • LuaLua

    I dont have that book, so I don't know about his view

    but as I am logging in my meals I see that all the necessary fats and protein come from veg & fruit, it's a perfect equation in the end

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Yes, you can have overts on 801010.

  • yeah superfood2 I thought so... tons of people do at 30bananasaday.com :) just checking bc I've read his book about 14 times in the past week it seems like haha. have a great day!! :D

  • threnodythrenody Raw Newbie

    You can just have your normal hemp milk twice a week, and the rest of the days eat no overt fats and you'll have the right percentages.

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