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Dehydrator recommendations

Hello all! After borrowing Juliano's Raw: The UNcook Book, I am so enticed by the recipes, but some of the best ones need to be dehydrated. Now that I have a job (health food store :D) I am looking to use some of my paycheck to invest in a dehydrator, not a super fancy one, but not the cheapest one I can find either if it's not efficient. I'm thinking around $100, but i'll spend more if necessary. I was checking out some of the excalibur ones online, but I'm not sure how great they are or if they're overpriced. I don't want any restrictions on what I can dehydrate either. I want to be able to make loafs of bread, falafel, cookies, dried fruit, everything. What dehydrators do you guys use and what are the pros/cons and prices?


  • FeeFee Raw Master

    I feel that the excalibur is well worth the money. I originally had a smaller stockli dehydrator and I never go on as well with it as I do with my excalibur (Edwin). In the excalibur you can take out shelves and put in much larger dishes or larger items without them being squashed by the tray above. I would recommend saving until you can buy a 9 try rather than going for a 4/5 tray one. What holds more holds less - and even if you think you won't use all the shelves with just yourself it is better to have the option.

  • thank you very much!

  • I bought a cheap dehydrator many years ago, before going raw. I tried to make banana chips and they didn't turn out. I got very little use out of it. I gave it away. Last year I bought an Excaliber and LOVE it! I have made zucchini wraps for veggie wraps and I would not have been able to do that with the other machine. I use my dehydrator often and I am still new to raw.

  • nsns

    I have a 9 tray Excalibur. It works well, though I don't use it much. Somewhere I read somebody was looking for a dehydrator with steel trays because of plastic and bpa related stuff. I am mentioning it because you are looking for a new one and if you also think on the same lines you might like to do some more searching on the internet.

  • Excalibur. So worth it! You'll thank yourself later for buying one :-)

  • ktkt Raw Newbie

    the excaliabur is great, but out of all my raw food gadgets (blender, juicer) i use this the least, only once/week to make bread and sundried tomatoes. i got the 9 trays but have never used more than 4 at a time. if, like me, you are the only person in your household who is raw, i think you only need the 5 tray. good luck

  • grapefruit.fanaticgrapefruit.fanatic Raw Newbie

    I have the Nesco 700 watt one with 5 trays and it's $75.00 at Target.

    It fits my needs (banana and apple chips, dried tomatoes, etc) and I'm happy with it, so I wouldn't pay more.

    It's expandable, so if you find out you need more trays, you can buy them.

    I'm guessing the smaller ones help dehydrate things more quickly, also.

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    I got a cheap second hand excaliabur from ebay. It's only a baby 4 tray but suits me perfectly as I'm only making stuff for me. I'm pleased I've got it but don't tend to use it more than about once every week or so.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i have an excaliber and it's the only one i use. i wouldn't bother with a round one because i usually use my dehydrator for making breads or warming up raw marinades in a dish. wouldn't do too well in a round one.

    only think that deterred me from a second-hand one is that some people use it for meat. ick!

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