new and confused and ....confused

Ok, I've got myself a blander and I have got the will to try

anyways, I am not very good at eating; especially in the warmer time of year so I am not so into food but I try

I did blend a lot of vegetables and had great fun but I don't think I did the right mix because it tasted ok but not really good. And when I look for reciepes I get so overwhelmed I don't know where to start so I just give up. Feeling a bit hopeless.

I have made myself pasta from squash and that was great.

But how much should I eat? I have no idea because I am not good at the eating and now I guess I will have to eat more. I think I'll make myself some potatoes and mix them with lots of salat, making myself a soft start. But how do I replace those things, like potato, that makes you feel full?

being hungry and not knowing where to start I am sure I ask a lot of silly questions, hope that's ok.


  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    Just go slow and eat what ever you want. Variety is the key and if you are hungry eat.

    Lots and lots of fruit.

    some of my favorite smoothies

    1banana, any a cup berries and a green (about a handful)

    just play around and see what you like together. the first year I had a cantaloupe frenzy and every smoothie had some this year it is bananas

    try not to be hard on yourself it is a learning experience.

    One problem I have is I get so bored of food and need to keep searching for something

    Wishing you the Best!!

  • I also get bored of foods.

    And I like greens better than fruit but I've heard that is ok so I stick to that:-D

    But I do have my morning smoothies now; I've got my blender and I'm so excited! First thing I did was putting all I could find into the blender and making myself some very vegetable non fruit smoothie; won't do that again LOL but I did eat it! No trowing away foods! The next thing I did was addinig broccoli to my fruit smoothie, that wasn't a big success either, I just can't help myself experimenting

    feeling much better now btw

    have made my own pesto today and ate it with lots of greens. Lovely:-D

    might have to eat a lot but I will do that after a while:-)

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    I have tried the broccoli also, oooo big no no uck.

    But yes just listen to your body. if you are really craving the vegies there must be a good reason for it.

    Glad you are feeling better.

  • thank you

    tried some rice today just to get rid of the one I have left but I couldn't eat it.

    I have discovered that squash goes fine with fruit in a smoothie. And avocado. I made myself avocado and sweet banana smoothie today with some lime in it and it wa sawsome. Avocado is just wonderful. Now I have eaten lots of macademia nuts and they are soooo good!

    I will give away my rice.

    It is organic whole grain so I'm not giving away something bad;-)

    I bought a lot of fruits and vegetables today and that was fun:-)

    I just go with putting together what I think will be nice just as I did when I ate cooked food. Patterns and receepes always makes me confused anyway. Me being a bit crazy but as long as it is happy crazy I'm ok with it LOL;-)

  • Although I don't personally like a lot of fat in my diet (makes me just..iiick), use soaked almonds to make 'cheese' to put on dehydrated crackers or something. Nuts, avocados, and oil-based dressings on stuff really make them heavier. For potatoes, I recommend subbing cauliflower!

    Really, after you get over about 30 days of raw-ness, you'll enjoy being lighter (rather than heavier) by eating delicious, nutrient dense food (without cooked stuff).

    I recommend making a meal plan in advance, for the week, so you know what to buy specifically for the recipes you want to make. Makes it less complicated to eat!

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