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Miso and or Tamari RAW??

RawGreensForMeRawGreensForMe Raw Newbie

I wanted to attempt to make a recipe that involved adding in a certain amount of miso along with other ingredients to make a soup. I was curious tho about miso being raw, sold raw, or if it is only available in its raw form. Any replies with helpful advice would be great and appreciated. The recipe also called for marinating the vegetables (imitating noodles) in apple cider vinegar and Tamari. Are those ingredients raw also. I would like to know how to properly analyze a food or sauce to determine if it is raw or not raw.


  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    The soybeans (or other beans) and grains are cooked before miso or tamari are made. However, the beans are then cultured with a bacterium. When you buy unpasteurized miso or tamari, you are buying a "live" product in that the bacterium is still alive (and may help to digest other foods you eat), even though it's not entirely raw. Many of us who eat a raw foods diet still find miso to be a healthful addition to the diet, without the drawbacks of other cooked foods.

    Unpasteurized tamari is harder to find than unpasteurized miso. Miso Master does sell an unpasteurized miso tamari (tamari being the liquid that forms while the miso is fermenting). You'll find lots of people recommending nama shoyu, which is basically another unpasteurized soy sauce. You may find that using pasteurized tamari does not adversely affect your health; it's really up to how you feel.

    But in short, though they're not raw, if you can find an unpasteurized miso or tamari you can consider it a "live" food.

  • CeidrenCeidren Raw Superstar

    Yeah, you can get a unpasteurized chickpea miso that some people recommend, but the chickpeas are cooked before fermentation.

  • RawGreensForMeRawGreensForMe Raw Newbie

    O ok. Thank you very much for the reply it definitely helped clarify my confusion. The miso being a live food most likely wouldn't be terrible to keep in my diet once in a while, here and there. I am going to try and introduce it in a meal as little as possible though because it (as well as tamari) have a little more sodium then I would want to add to a meal that I eat regularly. Once again thank you a lot for the help it means a lot!

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    They're not raw. Most "raw" recipes contain unraw ingredients.

  • RawGreensForMeRawGreensForMe Raw Newbie

    Yea I have noticed which , for me at least, defeats the purpose. I have stuck to mostly whole fruits and veggies. Along with sprouted beans, nuts and seeds. That works great for me and I am very happy with the way I feel by eating this way. Once in a while I will eat something that has miso in it tho, considering the "lively" properties of it as mentioned above.

  • Fermented foods are not raw they're rotten....

  • RawGreensForMeRawGreensForMe Raw Newbie

    haha they are rawtten lol

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    They might not be raw but it doesnt mean there rotten there well fermented. Fermented foods have been used for thousands of years for there health benefits. The main one being that they are a great source of good bacteria, and everyone knows the good flora in the intestine is 80% of our immune system.


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