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Does anyone else experience this

I'm really struggling because I know my diet is very acidic so I want to have more greens and green juices, the problem is I find most leafy greens bitter but more importantly this:

All green juices seem to be based on cucumber and celery. Celery makes me sick, the smell is so repugnant and the taste is worse - I cant disguise it in drinks or food because the smell makes me very nausecous and the tastes makes me (in a way) throw it back up! Yet nearly all raw fooders tell you to have loads of it. I find this odd because even my junk food omnivore friends like Celery and I havent met anyone who doesnt. I've tried to have it loads of ways but I dont get why I feel like this, and Im a piggy person who eats nearly anything you throw at me! Anyone get liike this?

Cucumber I can not tolerate when eat not drunk otherwise I find that releases a bit of a smell and though when chewed I find it has a pugnant after taste, but I do like to eat it, so thats not too bad.

Though this second half is more food preparation, anyone know the best alternatives to Celery for alkanising but also for drink bases and if anyones ever heard of such strong reaction to celery before I'd love to know!



  • To add: I cant have celery cooked or raw, so cooking it - even blending it in hot soups doesnt stop the repulsion.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    How about green lettuces, my family hate celery with passion but they can munch threw romaine lettuce which is rich in many of the same nutrients.


  • CeidrenCeidren Raw Superstar

    I don't tend to do well with celery, either--it doesn't make me feel very good and it tends to trigger cravings in me. Another alkalizing juicing alternative to cucumber and celery would be watermelon (include the rind and seeds)--making this the base for some green juices would certainly take the edge off of strong greens a bit. Lettuces are good, of course.

  • hikurohikuro Raw Newbie

    I've tried spinach, pak choi, and lettuce, and much prefer lettuce over the other two; and the same goes for eating them on their own(which makes sense).

    I've never like cucumber, but haven't tried it in a green smoothie, might have to though and see how it goes. I can handle celery okay, but I'm not sure my blender would. Could try it though.

  • I found Romaine too watery but I would certainly eat it disguised - I'm such a kid.

    Watermelon sounds a fantastic idea, if it substituted for celery and as you said take the edge off other greens.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    carrots, tomatoes

  • I thought Tomatoes were a very acidic fruit.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Tomatoes are alkaline. http://www.energiseforlife.com/list_of_alkaline_foods.php

    There is much misinformation out there re: alkaline/acidic forming foods.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    I wouldnt worry about the whole acid/alkaline theory the body keeps a very narrow PH at the best of times or we'd know about it:).

    There so many of these alkalising water products which contain chemicals which purposely neutralize your intestines PH. Which isnt a good idea when the stomach needs to be acidic to digest plus keep candida from changing from its harmless yeast form to fungal overgrowth.


  • as far as alternative greens for juicing, I juice green cabbage, leaves from beets, and chards. Cabbage has a bit of a strong flavor when juiced, so I prefer to juice with oranges and carrots, apple and beet as well.

  • the only way i like celery is juiced with lots of green apples and a little lime juice

  • I hate celery ,its plain and boring LOL. I eat my cooked lentils and apples, carrots:0 im happy just eating those three things everyday. I feel so good;)

  • Hello Raw Passion,

    I usually add two apples with one bunch of celery when I juice.

    May be it will help you to drink celery juice.

    Celery is very good for you because it contains the high percentage of sodium.

    Also, raw celery juice contains more than four times as much vital organic sodium as it does calcium.

    Celery juice is very beneficial for those who have been eating processed sugars and starches.

    Sodium keeps fluid of the blood and lymph from being too thick.


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    "Just treat the cause and stop eating an acid forming diet. Get rid of the animal products for one. Load up on sweet fruits, water, sun, fun, exercise and sleep.

    Ive tested my PH and it is alkaline on an 811 lifestyle everytime."

    Well, I was addicted to cheese and loved yoghurts and margarine- never thought just a few months ago I would ever be able to give them up, never mind stop missing them- but I don't! I'll never touch them again.

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    Mm, I don't really like the taste of celery but find it's ok when juiced with other greens, apples or lemon. Love cucumbers though!

  • harpieharpie Raw Newbie

    kale is nice in a green smoothie , mixed with coconut juice, apple banana and avacado.

  • gesolgonheathergesolgonheather Raw Newbie

    I just juiced a beet, with 2stalks celery, 3 carrots, & 1 apple..& I could smell the celery right away & it did make me want to gag..it was literally like trying beer for the first time..even drinking it my stomach didn't like it very much

  • RawLiferRawLifer Raw Jr. Leader

    RawPassion...I can see how the strength in flavor and scent of celery can make you nauseous.....like onions are to me.  I can't stand those suckers! To each his own, I guess.  Cucumbers are so mild that they are easily disguised in other veggies or fruit in juice or a smoothie.  Adding lime really helps as well.  There are so many fruits and veggies out there with the same nutrients that can tickle your taste buds and other senses that I don't see a problem leaving those out that you hate.  


    If you really want to eat them anyway for nutritional purposes....just add tiny portions to your juice or smoothie.  At least you're getting something out of it. Right?


    Just a thought. cool

  • RawLiferRawLifer Raw Jr. Leader

    I also wanted to add (about my libido) is that whenever I'm eating mostly raw (90 to 100%) or have just detoxed/cleansed my libido is through the roof!  I feel tingly sensations throughtout my entire body from fingerstips to toes!!!  Just sayin'.  wink

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