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Would like some recommendations/suggestions/advice?

Hi everyone. I'm after some raw recipe help!

Here's my background......... In some ways I'm new to raw veganism, in some ways I'm not (I've been reading up on it on the net for a couple of years now and trying it out, but never seem to be able to stick with it long term due to busy lifestlye, lack of money and inconsistent motivation/will power) I am already a vegan, though not a very healthy one, something I would like to change. I was first drawn to raw veganism because I found that I had trouble digesting some foods like grains (even whole grains, and especially flours - even though I used the healthier gluten free flours and avoided all 'white' flours like white rice flour & all purpose GF flour) I also wanted to eliminate sugar from my diet, and all processed foods. I did not really have a a problem with cooked things, though I now believe foods closest to their natural state are healthier, I still don't really see cooked things as 'bad'. I've found that a lot of raw recipes are really high in fat, I know that a lot of raw fooders are not phased by this but I am. I view fat as more of a condiment. If I eat too much I don't feel well. I also felt that a lot of typical recipes had a lot of special ingredients/superfoods, which may be healthy but I don't believe they are worth the money and believe that people can be healthy with more local ingredients, no supplements necessary. I then discovered the low fat raw vegan/811 principles which I was excited about but I honestly feel it's a bit over restrictive (I like that its low fat but I don't think its necessary to go as far to eliminate spices, vinegar, etc.) I think it is overshooting my original goals.

So I'm looking for the middle ground I guess. I'm not even concerned about being 100% raw. I just want healthy, unprocessed, grain free, sugar free, mostly raw, low fat but not fat phobic, vegan food that is fast to make (ie low dehydrator usage, food prep mostly done on chopping board or in food processor), using ingredients available at my little local health foods store or green grocer (no buying off the internet). Is that too much to ask? lol.

To clarify how much fat is too much: Anything that uses nuts as a principle ingredient unless its recipe for dressing or a conidment, anything that uses more than 1/4 C nuts per serve. I need to use nuts sparingly because I can't afford to buy many so any traditional raw pie crusts, crackers, breads, etc are out.

I just feel like there is a gap in the raw foods movement - at the moment there seems to be 2 extremes but no middle ground for what I feel would be a more balanced, user friendly, approach to raw foods. (this is just my humble opinion!) Does anyone agree with me? Disagree?

So I'm wondering if there are any resources (websites, recipe books, blogs) that cater to this idea of middle ground. (maybe not specifically). Or any suggestions/help you guys can offer?


  • nicolettenicolette Raw Jr. Superstar

    Hi Maxie,

    Im in a similar position to you i think - except im not so concerned about nuts...though totally agree more than 1/4 cup of nuts would be prob too expensive and energy dense than id like....im more wary of too much avocado, oil and coconut products.

    Im on the search for a reliable , appetising recipe raw book which isnt based on the above products (avocado, oils, coconut). I want photographs - though as long as one book has photos, that'll do for inspiration...the remainder can be just recipe based.

    I also need advice on julienne slicers? And definately dehydrators.....i have a one bed flat and not much space but i dont use my conventional oven at all. I am aware an excalibur is the size of one big microwave oven and this seems HUGE - if i bought one, id use it little and often... WHat should i get - large or smaller - and which make? Stockli or excalibur?

    Sorry about all the questions....thanks for listening,

    x x x

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    You probably couldn't get away with eating gourmet raw for every meal likely because it is pretty high in fat.

    Check the fat RDA's for what is considered a recommended intake of fat. Im not a great believer in low fat myself i had periods where i did it long term and had various health problems as a result. So now i just consume a moderate fat intake.


  • CeidrenCeidren Raw Superstar

    I agree with you, Maxie. I became tired of all the fat, but was also turned off by 8/11 insisting you basically just eat fruit, with no spices, herbs, starchy vegetables, or wheatgrass juice etc. allowed. My happy medium was to start eating steamed vegetables and baked sweet potatoes for dinner, with raw fruit/greens for breakfast and lunch. Sometimes I make my own kim chee. I think this is very healthy, and I've experienced no ill effects compared to 100% raw.

  • Thanks for the replies

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way :)

    nicolette, I'd also like to avoid too much of avocado, oil and coconut products in addition to the nuts. Not completely restrict just have in moderation. I guess I'd like to get most far from nuts/avocado/coconut as I kind of see these as more natural sources than oil which is more processed, but I don't plan on completely cutting that out either. Sorry I can't answer your questions about the slicer/dehydrator, I just borrow my mums sunbeam dehydrator every now and then, but I'd like to get my own someday (a square one preferably)

    Powerlifter, I agree with consuming a moderate level of fat. It might be nice to have a bit more fat on special occaisions. But generally around the classic RDI for every day.

    Ceidren, Sounds like youve got a good balance. Its more important to be happy and healthy than stay true to a diet ideal. Sounds like you and powerlifter have acheived that without recipe books :) my hat goes off to you both.

    Guess me & nicollette will be on our own until a raw guru decides to jump into this niche and write a book for us to follow ;)

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    It is also very individual dependent, i know quite a few professional athletes who thrive on high fat diets. Although i would never recommend a high fat diet for the obvious reasons. But i don't really agree with low fat either long term which has also shown to have various problems as high fat does.

    I agree about getting your fat from nuts, seeds and avocado etc over oil which usually has no accompanying nutrients. Nothing wrong with abit of coconut oil etc on moderation though and i use vega EFA oil to make various raw salad dressings which is a blend of various oils that have many health benefits.


  • nicolettenicolette Raw Jr. Superstar

    Mmm....i know its about getting a balance....Maxie and i are perhaps more seeking a higher ratio of essential fat over saturated fat. And another thing....nuts and avocados etc are high in energy, so being less liberal with the amounts there is not necessarily a bad thing....means more of the other yummy raw food eh Maxie?!!!

    But no, completely agree with you....a no-fat or limited fat diet definately leads to nutrient deficiencies so i would not advocate that at all.

    Just a balance.....COMPASSION!

  • Hi Maxie,

    I'd also like to add to the great comments you've already received. I am not an advocate of high fat raw or 811. I am a firm believer, however, that everyONE has to find what works for them.

    I have created several raw food recipes that may be just what you're looking for. When you get a chance check out www.meamoeba.com where I recently posted 42 easy raw food recipes (with pics!) that can be made with minimal equipment: knife and Magic Bullet or blender. They will soon be available in e-book format for easier navigation. Some contain more fats than others but I am always conscious of "moderation."

    What an endless journey we have embarked upon! Hope this helps :)

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