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Hi. I was wondering how you deal with your family if they aren't raw. I still cook for my hubby but want to improve his diet. So far, I green juice for him every day. But he loves meat, rice, potatoes, ect.

My experience with raw is short but amazing. 6weeks! My experience is on my blog



  • I've been on a raw food journey since last June so I'm still very new at this but I'm the only one in my famiily who eats this way. There's more info about my story on my blog and I'll post the link at the bottom for you. After I started this and my husband saw the improvment in my weight, attitude, and health, he started joining me for a while. Eventually he slipped back to his old eating habits. I want to point out that at no time have I ever preached to him or attempted to get him to eat better or anything like that. I've just quietly gone about my dietary changes and let him do what he wants. In the past month, he has begun again to start eating more of "my food" rather than the SAD diet. I've started seeing a change in him and it's good. I'm excited about it but I'm still careful not to push or judge or say anything because this is an individual jouney for each of us.

    I've been eating this way long enough now that my perspective has truly changed. I no longer see my diet as the strange one. From my perspective, everyone else is eating the weird food and I'm eating the real stuff. I still cook for my family but my pantry looks completely different. We actually bought a second fridge so I could have space for all of the fresh produce I purchase and we have reached a point that the fridge my family uses has less and less in it because I simply forget to buy all the junk we used to call food. My best advice it to keep doing what your doing and DO NOT PUSH, PULL, OR PREACH. No one ever appreciates that. You may be married and care greatly about his health but you are his wife and not his mommy. This is a very personal decision for each of us and as you move toward better health he may decide to join you on his own. At the very least, he will love and respect who you are becoming. Just don't try to change him or he will feel threatened and this 'diet' will become a wall between you.

    Best wishes,

    Michelle (The Bajan)


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    Thanks for the input. I have always found cooking difficult because most yummy SAD food that hubby is willing to eat is so bad for you. Now that I know even more, cooking horrible things makes me feel guilty. Did you change your recipes to make them more healthy?

  • It's an evolving process. I continue to change recipes of old favorites but then there are some that you just can't make healthy. Also, as I continue, I find myself more satisfied just keeping things simple. By that I mean that while it's fun to make exotic recipes from time to time, I'm just as happy with a great tossed salad or a piece of fruit. I understand the whole 'guilty' feeling of cooking something you know isn't healthy but remember that he is a grown man and you can not decide for him what he should be eating. That's not your job. Just keep walking along this journey and let him walk on his. It's not fair for you to ask or expect him to change simply because you have 'seen the light' about healthy food. Be patient and he will eventually come around.



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