This subject is probably talked about all over the forum, but I'm wondering if anyone knows about a supplement called MSM? Any other advice on this topic is appreciated too. Brand names, dosage ideas, all and any.


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    Sure, MSM is a pretty decent supplement with a variety of health benefits such as increasing energy, relieving joint pain aswell as being a component in cartilage, tendon and joint formation, promoting detoxification and much more.


  • cool! thank you. have you tried it? is it available in tablet/capsle form?

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    Ive tried it in the past:) and yeah its the best quality MSM supplement ive came across to date plus derived from plant sources so 100% vegan.


  • ok. thanks again! my job has funky hours at times, so if I don't reply right away or even for a few days, that's probably why... lol

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    Haha no problems:), as far as supplement goes we finally managed to get shilajit in which is a mineral adaptogen that contains 70+ minerals. Shilajit is known as "the destroyer of weakness". Im half way through the bottle and so far really enjoying it, im a big fan of adaptogenic supplements in general such as the adaptogen herbs.

    They are very good for people under chronic stress or suffering from adrenal fatigue. Adaptogens help normalize the body no matter what the problem.


  • ok. more info,please. right now, i eat 90 percent raw fruit and veggies, drink water or tea, spend at least 2 hours a day at the gym and my suppliments are a multi-vitamin and capsasin tablets 2x's a day. all of this is fairly new to me...... I'm not sure where to start with other suppliments or what I shoule belooking for.... help(?)

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    Really to be honest supplements are purely what the name suggests a supplement to an already good diet. It depends what your goals if your training extra protein is very helpful to weight training athletes etc.

    If its just to improve general health there are a number of great herbs, herbal teas, supplements such as shilajit, superfoods etc.

    Or if your having specific health problems then various supplements can be beneficial to helping treat or improve your condition.


  • at the moment, my first and foremost goal is to drop the extra weight I'm carrying. after that, maybe training for something else. I'm nearing 40, but bodybuilding has been an interest since high school

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    Weight lifting done properly can be a great tool for weight loss due to it stimulating resting metabolism. My favorite raw protein is by sunwarrior, its very smooth, digestible and has a great amino acid profile.


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