Cannot stop losing weight

I'm a 22 year old boy who has been mostly raw for about 4 years. I've always been thin but slowly I've been losing weight. About 10 pounds a year. I'm 5'8" and ~106lbs,


  • Pame'laVik'toriaPame'laVik'toria Raw Newbie


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Have you ever tracked how much calories you average daily?

    Eating full raw vegan is hard to get the required calories daily as it requires consuming such a large volume of food.


  • Pame'laVik'toriaPame'laVik'toria Raw Newbie

    here's a regular day

    15 servings of fruit (1500 calories)

    5 servings of veggies (300 maybe)

    nuts&seeds (300-400)

    green veggie juice- 10 servings at least- (300 maybe)

    and some dried fruit sometimes (even more) so total is over 2000!

    I am 5'8" 125lbs. Most women maintaining this weight starve themselves on 1500 calories.

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    Count how many calories you are consuming each day and how many you are burning as well, and make sure there isn't a deficit. The weight training may be consuming a huge amount of your energy/fat stores.

    Like Pame'laVik'toria, in my experience, eating vegetarian/vegan means you need to have a much larger difference between calories in versus calories out than a standard omnivore would.

    This is slightly off topic, but that ice cream sounds delicious.

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