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Where did my sex drive go!?? (men please reply)



  • you can do this quiet easy with no meat actually. the big thing you need in your diet is raw almonds. its as simple as that im 20 i noticed i was getting sluggish in this area as well a friend of mine suggested almonds and it works quite well. so hang in there a big thing with this is often your body freaks out to a change in diet your mainly detoxing here for what ever reason this is the first area effected my detox but almonds work very well

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    I also recommend maca. I have to watch how much i take b/c while i feel great taking it, i will want to make friends with the doorknob.

    Also try adding in green juices (green fruit or green veggie juices). You may even want to do a full or short term juice feast. I did the full 92 day one and my sex drive was out of control. I started dating two guys at once (no, they didn't know about each other) simply b/c having just one guy couldn't keep up with me. good times!! But even short term juicing will boost my sex drive. Your can smell more, taste better and are more perceptive to touch. Give it a go!

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Oh, dude, if you're gonna eat raw meat at least cut it all thin like carpaccio and soak it in lemon juice all night. That seems more civilized.

  • Buy a big, grass-fed, free-range, organic slab of meat from your local food co-op, put about a tablespoon of coconut oil in a pan on medium-high heat, and sear the meat on all sides for under a minute, just to kill the surface bugs, then chow down. You can wash it down with some unpasteurized milk. Call me in the morning.

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    thanks to pixx.

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    pixx quietly nods in the direction of those who offered appreciation. Sorry if it seemed I had ignored the earlier one.

  • If you eat lots of avocados and oranges together, they're an aphrodisiac. They have a cumulative effect so its best to eat lots every day for several days. A man tested this when he was working in the kitchen of a Bhuddist monastary. The monks had all taken vows of celibacy. His experiment caused them to become very touchy feely and flirty with the female guests, then they started talking dirty, then finally one of them broke his vow by spending the night with one of the women.

  • I would also recommend drinking more, as fluid will improve blood flow.

  • After I broke up with my last boyfriend, my libido fled. I've got a new boyfriend that makes me horny as hell.

    I would reccomend two things:

    1.Although you may not find as many women attractive or appealing at this point, if you find someone

    that turns your crank, go after her and who knows she might be the next girl turning you on.

    2. Go for a lifestyle change ( masturbate more, eat maca, nuts and seeds, or rev yourself up with exercise)

    If all else fails what you have is a mental block (cock block XD ). Perhaps you need to write down whats

    really bothering you right now , so you can move on and get back to making with the luvin.

  • Oh and one more thing. May i suggest picking up RAWVOLUTION by Matt Amsden at your local library and making the "Shake Your Money Maker" smoothie. You may become too horny.

    He should have labeled it the "This Will Make You a Caged Animal in Heat Shake"

    Good Luck : D

  • I recently heard that watermelon is considered a natural viagra for men. The watermelon gazbacho recipe from Raw Food Real World is excellent. Good Luck!

  • Well I am just super stoked to hear that MACA may be my answer!!!

    I battle with a low sex drive, thankfully my boyfriend and I have been together a while now and he loves me enough to deal with it...it's terrible though because I really do feel like a bad girlfriend for not wanting anything sexual at all.....ugggh. I have some MACA in my fridge, I am hoping it has not yet reached it's best before date as it is rather expensive and I try to keep raw as simple as possible to avoid a pricy grocery bill... Also, I am not a huge fan of the taste of MACA...Even the smallest amount and I know it's in there, kind of like cumin or cilantro, it is such a strong flavor... Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

    **does anyone know of some good smoothie combos that will mask the taste of MACA??**

    On a side note...It is GOOD TO BE BACK HERE!!!! I kind of abandoned raw for a while but I think it's what I need right now...but this time I am going to do it right, go slow and not punish myself if I am not 100% because ultimately that is not my goal...

  • norasnoras Raw Newbie

    I would also suggest Maca. It worked well for me. I've been doing a lot of research and most sources say it is best to take a break from taking it. I am now on a 5 to 7 day break. I may take shorter or longer breaks depending on how my body responds. I don't want my tolerance to get too high. It started working for me pretty fast. After like 2 weeks. I was VERY pleased. laughing It seriously worked well and I hope it continues to work. I felt the effects constantly!


  • gerrysgerrys Raw Newbie
    I'm online checking the link of apple cider vinegar/coconut vinegar effect to blood pressure with for the male libido on end up reading this article. You guy are super funny . Maybe this will help , I'm 30 new and Diet and exercise since I was 13 went through maybe 10 types of Diet plans. Through years of trial and error and lucky research I've learn it all depends where you start from. Meaning of you were fat transforming to slim, mid weight, bulky,etc. If you came from a great omnivore diet to a great Vegetarian diet, or vegan diet. My friend Once gave me half of a blue pill. Which I tried and did nothing for sex drive. And I learn which make sound weird eating the right food at the wrong time has a negative effect. Yesterday I ate egg whites with mortar & pestle garlic and green onions omelette, on rye bread, grill turkey, 3 cup water with half of key lime juice. For lunch black rice cooked in coconut water w/stemed jack mackerel and avocado, for dinner thai basil rice with baked chicken. Fourth meal albacore tuna wrap with sauteed bell peppers, onions, and key lime spritz . I had a crazy rock hard erection, I thought it was going to pop. And my diet is usually good but the last three weeks my libido has been off. What your going through is the same shit over here, and your history of working out eating like a muscle magazine body builder, erection all day/week/year , then switching your diet, to another great diet. Seeing "your type" fantasy women and not getting a pulse, is my same story. It's something your eating or not consuming that is causing that. Here is something to think of, your eyes, skin, bones, & kidney need 2.8 mg B12 per day. If it doesn't get it your body substitute it from some where else. Or the skin gets the left out, causing dry skin. Your heart,muscle,Organs,brain & male muscle needs herbs,potassium ,vitamin B complex & Omega-3 & 6 .I'm not sure of the recommended daily dose, but not meeting the minimum leaves the "male muscle/libido" last in line which translations low testosterone/libido. Also research before putting any thing in your body, but my secret weapon is "shark extract" libido pills. I haven't used it in months cause my male muscle is great but if I need to show off in time of need, I pop one.
  • gerrysgerrys Raw Newbie

    Me again had to way in on some of the women point of view on the "Piece of Flesh" & humping everything. Not to sound deep or any thing but the "Piece of Flesh or piece of meat" comes from Adam and Eve. When women was made from a peace of meat from Adam ribs ,when he seen her he was amazed and said wow. Moving on some of you might say no to what I'm about to say, here you have it... When Something isn't appealing to the eyes Chances are you won't eat it. No matter how nutritional it is you won't eat it, say snails or crickets,Scorpions. Two people can start talking on the phone for months before ever meeting each other, once you meet face to face it's a different story. Attraction starts with the eyes, Mental stimulation starts with conversation, which can lead to relationships. There are three type of coitus attractions physical,mental, & materialistic. Some women love powerful man,romantic man, married man, tall man,hairy man, ugly man,etc. Some man love women with accents,red hair,small feet,funny smell ing, thick calves, wide hips,motherly,articulate,complexion,etc.I once asked a prostitute how could she bed random men or women she said she is metal not physical. Most men can't have a one night stand or be Intimate with there type until they get to know there partner. And cause a person wants to hump every thing doesn't mean they act on it. Two married couples could of wed for different reasons. One married cause they gained a chef, lead singer,poet writer,and s&m lover, the other married cause they gained a chiropractor,personal stylist,extra bank account,goofy friend, consultant.

  • judymjudym Raw Newbie

    Low B12, if you don't eat meat/fish/dairy you will develop low B12 levels.  Get a blood test to find out.  Low B12 levels can be dangerous.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I had a low libido as well.  I noticed that when I incorporate more kelp, or seaweed in general that my libido rises.  Maybe it is low iodine.  Experiment and see what helps.

  • bryansbryans Raw Newbie
    I don't know if you solved the problem or not which I am guessing you did but if anyone is having the same problem I would suggest seeing a doctor and getting some blood work to see what's missing from your diet. Once you know then you can plan from there.
  • alejandrocalejandroc Raw Newbie

    I am experiencing the same loss of sex drive myself after only one week of going raw. Still getting used to it. One thing less to worry about?

    So many spiritual aspirants and monks from different traditions have tremendous trouble overcoming sex drive. For them it would seem like we found the holy grail.

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