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Newborn baby formula?

What a WONDERFUL site…just found it today!!!

We are expecting our 1st. grandchild in a few days. Our daughter wants to nurse the baby(thank God!) but would like to accasionally supplement (for dad). Of course, we DON’T want her to use COMMERCIAL FORMULA but don’t know what to recommend either. Do any of you have experience you can share? I’ve have heard that YOUNG COCONUT MILK is a possibility. Is it mixed and/or diluted with anything? Are there other options?


  • Hi, well obviously breast is best and pumping breastmilk so others can feed the baby is always an option. Otherwise carrot juice is almost identical to breastmilk in the nutrients/protein etc. that it has. Mothers in Africa give their babies hemp milk. My sister and I have both fed our babies a milk made of the juice of a young coconut blended with a few tablespoons of hempnuts, then strained so it will work in a bottle. Our babies love it although they were a few months old before we gave them anything but the breast.

  • I have three children and she really needs to wait five to six months. Before this time exclusive breast milk is essential. After that there are several options. While my youngest is still mainly breast, I also give him almond milk which this site has a recipe for. As a sweetener I recommend soaked dates or maple syrup. You can also use the liquid from soaked figs with a little sweetener. Or, sesame seed milk (made the same way almond milk is made). Sesame seeds are really high in calcium. Or, a teaspoon of molasses in a 4 ounce bottle of water. My son really loves that. There are so many healthy options. I would just really wait until five or six months before introducing something new into your grandchild’s diet.

  • Hi, I stumbled on the raw thing by ending up at the Funky Raw festival last year as a performer. My partner & I have two children. The youngest is 3.5 months and is on about 25% breast milk (which is all he can get) and the rest this yukky reduced lactose cow formula. The goat stuff & normal cow stuff has given him terrible colic and we have searched for alternatives but are still scratching our heads. Then I considered what the raw folk would do. So I found this post by rawmumma. I have heard of infants dying when given incorrect food (soya etc) and would like to have a plan to sort our boy out but I would need to be sure that the knowledge was sound. Can anyone explain more to me…? Thankyou

  • Mom can express her milk for the occasional bottle…just takes a little advance preparation! They can also use well-strained, diluted carrot juice (1 part carrot juice to 3 parts distilled water). If the baby develops loose stools the juice might be too strong and should be diluted with more water. Well-strained, diluted raw almond milk (not commercial) may also be used. I make my almond milk by soaking 1 cup of almonds overnight. Pour off soaking water and place almonds in blender. Add 6 cups distilled water, 6 soaked dated and blend until smooth. Can do in 2 batches if blender is not large enough. Strain through fine strainer. Keeps for about 3-4 days in refrigerator. Dilute 50-50 for infants. Hope this helps!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Have a look through Shazzie’s journals on www.shazzie.com you’ll find them under the living raw tab. She is a raw fooder who is raising a raw baby. She talks a lot about what she feeds daughter on there.She is bringing out a book all about how to be pregnant, have baby and raise child all raw, should be good, her other books are good.

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Read up on Jinjee’s methods in her journal at http://www.thegardendiet.com She has got to be the world authority on Raw pregnancy and infantcy. She is in the begining of her 5th Raw pregnancy now. Her 4 children are amazing and they are 100% with no supplimentation. They also all have regular check ups and are never ill. You can see for them yourself in their documentary film Breakthrough which you can buy on DVD or download and watch on you PC.

  • have a look on http://www.prams.net/, they've got some tips

  • Hello everyone,

    thank you for the great website hints.

    To me it was also very important to only breast feed our baby for the first 6 months. Right now I'm feeding my baby with a combination of breast feeding and formula. It took me some time to decide to try Holle organic formula. You can find more information on myorganicformula.com/collections/holle-organic-formula. It is not that easy though. I also tried young coconut milk because I really liked to idea, unfortunately my baby did not :D
    I'm going to look through the links mentioned above now maybe I'll find also some other options.

    Thank you and talk soon

  • alexpowellalexpowell Raw Newbie
    edited July 2022

    I breast feed my first born until 9 months since I have an abundant milk supply thank God for that. Now in my second baby I'm still planning to do it until how many months he wants. Though he's still not eating solids yet, I'm still breast pumping for stash.

  • jamesb2648jamesb2648 Raw Newbie

    I know what you mean.

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