Going Back To Raw

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This is something I have been contemplating for a while. Cooked food has been making me more and more ill. At least 1-2 times per week I get nauseous, diarrhea, or my body swells. The nausea lasts for hours, the diarrhea is painful and stops me from doing what I love. Also, if I am not eating organic, my muscle spasms increase. For the last several months, my relationship with food has not been good. I am a Type 2 Diabetic (hereditary, I was warned when I 23 and weighed 132 lbs). I have a tumor in my adrenal gland(possibly explains my weight gain). And I was given a preliminary diagnosis of MS(explains the muscle spasms and tight muscles and migraines). So, when I plan a meal, in my head I am wondering...am I going to have an allergic reaction, high blood sugar, muscle spasms, migraine or swelling, or gain weight? I usually walk away, just plan the darn meal and eat it. Pay for it down the road in way or another. But when I eat raw, these happen very rarely, and I lose 10 lbs in the first 3 days.  

So, once again this evening,  I ate turkey sausage, potato salad and green beans. I got so so so so nauseous! Again. From cooked food. My husband looks at me and said "youre really having trouble with food! You should just stick to veggies." I think he needed to see it. Its been really bad the last 2 weeks. Really bad. 

The ONE problem I am having is making sure everyone is fed WITHOUT making 2 meals for breakfast lunch and dinner. I am mainly worried about dinner. We tend to scrounge for breakfast and lunch. I work. My husband and I are both self employed, so we dont have a ton of money to throw at a raw diet. And making 2 dishes per meal is a lot of work and time. But I have to do this. All the symptoms I have, nearly go away when I eat raw. Not completely away. Id say somewhere around 80% gone. Right now, I am having muscle spasms and tightness that have led to a difficult time walking. I really need to find an efficient way to feed us all. 

My weakness, that always brings me back to cooked are potato and egg tacos. Always. Another, corn chips. I dont really like potato chips. I get nauseous. Those are my two weeknesses. I dpnt know how to substitute those. I can make raw pbj sandwhiches, rawcos, I can dehydrate. I can spiralize.I can make my own raw almond milk. But making sure everyone is fed efficiently and those darn potato egg tacos and tortilla chips. Gah! They get me!

If anyone has any suggestions, please, throw me some ideas. 

My plan is to start Thursday. I need to make a menu and take stock of my raw pantry. I have plenty of raw food. 


  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

     Congrats on the start of a journey worth diving back into!

    Have you tried this recipe? It's one I swear by. Maybe you can incorporate it into something to replace those tacos. 


  • Angie2Angie2 Raw Jr. Leader

    I make food for someone else, too. Unfortunately, I often eat that just because it's easier than making two different things each time. I have made it work in the past, and I'm working on getting back to that.  II think I will start making things in bigger batches (for both of us) and having leftovers for a couple of days, and/or freezing leftovers for another time, so that I don't have to make two separate things at every meal. 

  • Energy HealerEnergy Healer Raw Jr. Leader

    Have you tried not eating carbs? (Potatoes... etc..) When I eat carbs and starchies I get the worse acid reflux.... So either proper food combining or not eating carbs for me. When I am raw I don't have these problems either.

    When was the last time you did a parasite cleanse? Some of the symptoms you describe may be related to parasites or candida.

    Any cravings for sugars, yeasty breads, alcohol, fried foods? Bloating, diarrhea are symptoms ... 

    I am trying to learn inexpensive ways to do raw foods. I think somebody wrote a book on raw for folks on SNAP...


    I like the recipe for Coconut Mylk ... that is fairly inexpensive. Also the Breakfast bowl with the shredded apple topped with any fruits... is fairly filling ... and could work for everyone. The shredded apple with Chia and cinnamon could be made in bulk .... then top with coconut mylk and toppings... 

    Salads in a jar with that raw falafel ... seems pretty inexpensive...psyllium, flax, cucumber, sunflower seed .. 

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