I went 100 percent raw about month and I am having trouble controlling food cravings. I have no trouble staying away from nasty cooked foods but sometimes I just pig out on raw foods until I feel bloated. More often that not it’s with nuts and dired fruit.

Could this because these foods are close to cooked? I know nuts and dried fruit take longer to pass thorugh than other foods. I can’t see whats wrong because I eat massive quantities of raw fruit and greens yet I still get cravings.

Has anybody had similar expiriences when they went 100 percent raw?



  • HI Nagev! I’m new here and only starting on my RAW path but I can empathize with your nut/fruit cravings. Don’t get me started on my walnut binges! I feel so gross the next day, all bloated and ugh and swear I will never do it again, and then poof, I do it again. I’ve wondered if its a nutrient that I’m lacking (protein maybe)? I’d be very curious what the others think.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    nuts make me bloated as hell. Now dried fruits like dates, dont really make me feel bloated and they digest very quickly. But I do love my fresh fruit and I really dont eat too many greens at all. May celery, kale, lettuce, and spinach, everyonce and a while. I like banana and celery, its the best! Dont worry man, I use to have a problem with nuts big time, the cravings will go away soon. Stay strong! :)

  • Thanks for the support. I did some research and I found that some dried fruit I have been eating has been subjected to higher temperatures. That is probably what does it. Same with cashews. That’s good news though; my body is getting tuned into what it wants.

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