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What State/Country are you in?



  • i'm currently in knoxville TN trying to make it out west to oregon

  • Raleigh, NC

  • San Diego Ca

  • Palm Desert, CA - USA

  • Baltimore Maryland

  • Lobo - I see you live in Raleigh, NC!

    I'm about to move to Carrboro, NC! I can't wait to ride my bike to the farmer's market...woo hoo! Anyone from the triangle area have anything to share about raw food community in the area?

  • Hi there

    I am in the UK, right down the South East coast in Hastings.

    Kazzie x x


  • Hi! Actually, by networking on Facebook, i was able to find someone who is forwarding me the information regarding a twice monthly meet up/potluck.

    I actually live in Clayton, which is 15 min from Raleigh, but noone ever knows where that is!! ( i work near the fresh market in Raleigh, and they have TONS of raw nuts, and organic fruits/veggies i can not normally find at the supermarket.) Plus, the Farmers Market during the week is drive thru and you can get some good deals.

    Def. Email me of here if you want to chat:- LMRubolino@yahoo.com


  • Northern California USA

    East Bay Area

  • London!

  • Ringebu, Norway.

    Originally from Hamburg, Germany.

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    Im here in Ohio :)

  • I am in sunny Utah. Is there anyone else from here?

  • I live in beautiful Los Angeles, CA : )

  • GlitterGirlGlitterGirl Raw Newbie

    Greater Orange County, California

  • Originally from Kirkland, WA near Seattle and now in Belleville, Ontario, Canada

  • well, originally I'm from Toronto, Canada, but I've been teaching ESL here in Seoul, South Korea for about a year and a bit now with my husband...raw is TOTALLY unheard of here....

  • Edinburgh, Scotland for now

  • okioki

    Berlin, Germany

  • Hello. I am from Buffalo, N.Y. Apparently I am the only individual in my city currently considering this lifestyle!! We have one restaurant that serves one raw meal. Other than salads of course!! I have been a vegan for 7 years and have just recently been looking into raw foods.

  • Cape Breton Island, NS, Canada! :)

  • I am in Charleston, SC. Is anyone else, because it is like trying to find needles in haystacks to find raw food experimenters here.

  • I'm originally from boston...lived in Miami, and San francisco... Now living in Austin and loving it!!!

  • LaEnsaladaLaEnsalada Raw Newbie

    Boston, Massachusetts

  • New Hampshire, USA.

  • Phoenix, Az

  • Oceangirl! I am in the same boat. We are moving to Oahu next year, just need the finanaces in order. Where abouts are you going to be?

  • I'm in Wasilla, Alaska USA, Born and raised and loving my transition into raw~ness, even when its chilly outside!!!!

  • Paris :)

    Am I the only French girl in here ? NO raw culture here as well, lonely !!

    love this website

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