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Negative side effects of cacao



  • BirdseedBirdseed Raw Newbie

    I have no experience eating cacao. I gave up eating chocolate as a teenager, that was over thirty years ago, so the raw versus of chocolate didn’t appeal to me. However, I have been looking at a lot of raw websites and notice a push for the exotic foods including cacao. I agree with RawJim that you don’t need exotic foods to live the raw lifestyle. In fact it is best to eat the foods “under your own fig tree”; the ones in your neighborhood as much as possible. That’s why I frequent the local farmer’s market and eat with the seasons. I read all the links that you all mentioned especially the one mamastinky suggested from paul nison and jeremy safron had to say about the short and long term side effects of raw and roasted cacao. In short, consume it none or very little as a entertainment food and not as a health food. Thanks for all views. It helped me make a decision about cacao. Thanks again.

  • Someone on RawFoodTalk warned people who have battled with drug addictions about raw cacao. Said he gave them a try and it gave him the same feeling from when he did whatever drug he did and that was years back.

    He also said he had to be careful with coffee.

    The thread was deleted for some reason, but I suppose some people can handle it while others don’t? I can’t handle it too well myself.

  • suvinesuvine Raw Newbie

    I was on cacao and I talked to a poster once, the ralph lauren ad for black cologne. HAHAHA I did.

    another time I felt like I was in an Edward Gorey drawing, and another I flew through space on my couch

    I had a lot.

    I went to Paris on a cacao fast, I must have visited 12 museums in awe of everything and did not talk to a single person. I had cacao beans wrapped in dates, this is serious guys

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    HAha suvine! are you serious? how many did you have?

    i dont think i’ll be taking cacao too regularly anymore. the longer i’ve been raw the more sensitive i’ve gotten and can more clearly see the effects certain foods have on me. i’ve noticed cacao gives me energy, but its like a nervous caffeine energy, followed by a crash. It can feel really good but I don’t feel good afterward and get anxiety and trouble sleeping, similar to other toxic things/drugs.

    on the other hand, suvine’s experiences sound cool lol

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