Freezing greens?

I recently bought a HUGE bag of spinach to use in green smoothies. Unfortunatley my plans have changed and I will be away from home for up to a week. Do you think it would be ok to throw the bag of spinach in the freezer and then just use it frozen in my smoothies? I know it won’t be as good as fresh but I would hate to waste all that food. Anyone tried this before?


  • I’ve done it with kale. Kale is less bitter when it experiences a freeze before harvesting. Since I live in Texas, I simulate this by tossing the kale in the freezer after I pick it from the garden to use the next day. I get stuck in my little routines easily so I kept doing this after going raw. The frozen kale is is kinda gross in a raw salad since it’s so limp, but I can’t tell a difference at all in the smoothies. MUCH better then letting it all go to waste!

  • RawJim – “interesting” meaning… that you don’t personally agree with it’s acceptableness? :) I’m a newbie, but I can see your point if you believe that freezing might affect things, on the opposite end of the spectrum as cooking.

  • shortnotgoldshortnotgold Raw Newbie

    It’s interesting but I’d rather freeze it than boil it or throw it away in the trash. I’m not sure how enzymes are affected by cold temperatures.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    dehydrate them?

    you can make your own green powder. better than freezing i’d assume.

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