meet your meat

meet your meat


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    How much of your hair did you lose? Do you feel strongly that it was the result of not enough protein? Minerals can play a part, too. Dark leafy greens are essential, imo. If you feel it’s the protein, hemp seeds are a great source.

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    In addition to all this, the US FDA is recommending approval of cloned animal milk and meat for human consumption, without labeling to the public.

    Here is some info:…

    I am so outraged that Americans aren’t screaming about what is going on with their food supply. I used to be a lobbyist for a non-profit group. If enough people raised hell about issues our elected officials would actually pay attention. Elected officials, seeking to further their best interest, bow to the corporate interest and we (the people) actually have the ability to stop this kind of thing if we would just stand up for ourselves. Unfortunately, it is going to take the realization of a significant percentage of our population for there to be an impact. I realize a big part of the problem is the propoganda the American government disseminates to its people but we can still find out the truth in this country. It is very frustrating and depressing. This is a perfect example of the pitfalls of a strict capitalist mentality.

    RawJim – I either smile or laugh every single time I see your icon.

  • i’ve been vegan for 4 years now and i have never heard of it causing hair loss! hmm. I agree with raw voice, I wouldnt jump to conclusions about protein. We, as americans, actualy get WAY too much protein. As long as you have a balanced diet of beans, fruits and veggies, you would get enough protein.

    be careful of where you get your free range/organic eggs from, one cant always assume that the animals are treated well. The only way to know if they are being treated well is if you raised them yourself or go to the actual farm. free range/organic still chop off beaks and wings, still in cramped conditions, they just get to have sunlight and arent fed gross chemicals. Some caring farmers do treat their birds well. But you have to scout them out!

    theres a good vegan board like this one at if youre interested in veganism!

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    Try watching the film Earthlings. Now if anything is going to turn someone vegan it is that film, my Goodness it is hard hitting, but the it is truth…

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