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CASHEW!... Gesundheit!

I see quite a few recipes here that call for cashews. It is my understanding that the only source of Raw Cashews is from David Wolfe’s company. (The website had a picture of a small cashew tree, just coming out of the ground that he grew from his cashews. So I believe them.)

I wanted to get an idea of how many of us here on Gone Raw were ordering these truly raw cashews from his company. If it is anywhere near the amount of cashews I see in recipes here then he is selling a shipload!

If you post a recipe here that uses any items that are not commonly found raw. It may be a good idea to mention so, and list your truly raw source. This way the new folks will understand that they can’t just use some cashews from the health food store that are labeled RAW.

I’m picking on cashews because they seem to be one of the most common items that are labled RAW when they are not.

What do you think?


  • Maybe I like my rock I’m living under, but when I’m buying raw nuts from Whole Foods in the bulk bin, I trust they are raw. I can taste a significant difference between the roasted versions and the raw. What led you to believe that David Wolfe’s company is the only place to get raw nuts? Have you had a bad experience? Not trying to pry, just curious…

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi Om, A lot of nuts that are labelled raw are not because they have been boiled or steamed during their processing:drying and shelling. Cashews are one of them. It can be upsetting to hear this I know, but I use pine nuts and haven’t even thought about wanting them since I stopped eating them. I prefer to eat everything raw because I feel so good the more raw I have become.

    There’s quite a few posts on this forum about which nuts are raw and which are not. And also on the Dead food list on http://www.purelyraw.com/deadfoodlist.htm

    I copied the info below from www.rawfood.com for you about cashews:

    Cashews in stores that are labelled as being “raw” are simply “not roasted.” They are not truly raw as they have been steamed out of their shells. There is a toxic resin inside the shell layer. If the shell is not opened properly, the resin will get on the cashew nut, making it inedible. Most companies steam the shell open at a high temperature, thus cooking the cashew nut inside. Sunfood Nutrition associates in Indonesia use a special technique with specially-designed tools (without using any heat at all) to open the shell cleanly every time without ever exposing the cashew nut to the resin.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    while we are on this subject, due to a salmonella incident all almonds will be pasteurized. Yes even the organic and the ones that say raw on them… bummer :(

  • It is such a pain about nuts and their labeling. I have given up on alot of them. Pinenuts and macadamia nuts are expensive and so i usually stick to walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumkin seeds if any. Even now, alomds are such an issue. sniffle sniffle i used to LOVE cashews and almonds….oh well, guess i will just eat more fruit

  • I’ve put in an email to Whole Foods about their raw nuts. I’ll let you all know what I found out. This is rediculous, if you say “raw” you should mean raw. As a vegan if someone said, “that cookie is vegan” you would expect that dairy, eggs, honey wouldn’t be in it. Maybe people who are interested in raw foods should begin more letter writing campaigns to ensure honesty/accuracy in labeling.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    So, what can we use as a substitute for almonds?

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    well I believe that every nut has something valuable to offer, so answer to your question would be that nothing can truly substitute almonds. I would say peanuts but I started to feel sick after eating them for a week or so. This is just a bunch of crap :(

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Chriscarlton I am going to eliminate cashews and other nuts out my diets once I finish the ones I have. I haven’t been ordering the raw nuts from anywhere.

    Om.. whole foods have many things labeled raw that are not and it isn’t always their fault they buy the product and sell it to us. Also they are not knowledgable about raw products.

    For example when I went to whole foods the other days I saw they had raw honey in a machine that is heated. The honey isn’t raw anymore once it’s put in that machine. It is cheaper because it isn’t packaged same as the nut butter and maple syrup right next to it.

    I have mentioned the nut information on another forums. Here is a website you can review on raw nuts. This article is good also Issue 7. I found the information aboutAlmond being Pasterized.

    Some cashew information. Cashews are they raw article is a good article too. The detailed cashew article. The is theWikipedia Definition of Nuts.

    Don’t mind me if I overwhelm you with information. I tend to forget most people don’t spend half the time I do, reading. Print some of the info and take time reading it. It is a lot of information but it helps. Also many beginners raw recipe books has good information. This is a good site for raw nut butter.

    I would also like to mention that the difference between sesame paste and tahini is tahini is hulled sesame seeds and sesame paste is unhulled sesame. Tahini is also heated because it becomes rancid quickly but you should be able to get tahini at the above sites. I had to have the explanation because some companies will sell sesame paste as tahini and even though sesame paste is nutrionally better it is still deceiving. It makes me wonder what else they are lying about. If you get raw tahini in the store then chances are it isn’t raw because tahini has a short shelf life of about 3 months unrefrigerated. Sesame seed article

  • Thanks Joesc for the information! Not overwhelmed at all…I too read voraciously about this stuff….some may say obsessively so:) I read your other post about eating raw nuts that are labeled raw even though they really aren’t. I appreciated your honesty about that. I think we all do what we can and my place on this planet is not to judge, but to celebrate the fact that humans are so diverse!

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Your welcome! I try to update everyone when I get some good information and hope to remember where I found the article. I am glad you appreciate my honesty, thanks.

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Hi Joesc,thanks a lot about the www.rejuvenative.com, nut butter site.Great ! and also it’s always good to know the truth. Like Om said,it’s not overwhelmed at all. I appreciate that.

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