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Raw in England?



  • hi girlfridae detoxyourworld.com is great for superfoods

    olddognewtrix- do you mean fife, scotland…as in across the water from me?

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    www.funkyraw.com somehow manages to have certain items ALOT cheaper than www.detoxyourworld.com, and www.totalrawfood.com, and www.rawliving.com His cacao nibs are way less than everyone else’s. You can get raw cakes from www.rawliving.com, I have had one it was amazing.

    I used to get everything online, (now the 8th day in Manchester has a big and growing raw food section) and I have never had a bad experience with any of those companies I listed above, they’re all terrific to deal with.

    Couldn’t you get a ferry to Newhaven? It is close to Brighton, then you could go to Infinity Foods where they have EVERYTHING! And I think there’s a raw cafe there now maybe…they’ve got some really good juice bars and it is a great place to just hang out. It is full of raw foodists.

  • Girlfridae1Girlfridae1 Raw Newbie

    Thanks alisonwonderful and zoe for the help! I will be checking out these sites today. I’ll also look to see if it’s possible to catch a ferry to Newhaven—we go over to the UK from France so I’ll have to see where it’s possible to go. I so hope we can make it to Brighton for some stocking up! We were in Germany a few days ago, and I went nuts buying things like oat milk, sea vegetables, amaranth and stuff (YAY!!!!!!!).

    Take Care:)

  • Hey, alisonwonderful! I am indeed in the Kingdom of Fife, though not “just” across the silvery Tay…. I’m in Glenrothes, which is raw food Hell. But my brother-in-law is in Invergowrie, and my son used to skate with the Dundee Tigers, so I’ve been to Dundee a few times :-) Being a vegetarian was challenging enough over here, but since I’ve made the switch to raw (well mostly) my social life has died, lol.

  • haha..it’s true, brighton is full of crazy raw bright right on people.. but i am originally from milton keynes (heh heh)

    quite a contrast i love both but i am contantly full of gratitude to live amongst yummy cake makers and kombucha brewers and sauerkraut dealers and chocolate wizards and the list goes on… when i first went into infinity foods on a visit to brighton last year i stopped a member of staff and said “excuse me, but this is the most amazing shop i have ever been in”! hahaha now i look back and giggle

    i had been wanting to track down a reasonably priced source of elusive chia seeds online and today stumbled across some on a market stall! ahhh only in brighton!

    anyhow waves i am another brit who has found myself fully immersed in the raw magic shall we say. currently working helping to make lots and lots of cacao bars but also doing many other bits and bobs and healing and getting to know myself.

    am working on perfecting marzipan and the perfect halvah. but am also completely obsessed with juice and am enjoying eating more simply.. yeay greens!

    getting a juicer (or in my case, my lovely housemate getting one) is one of the best things everrr, for want of a better phrase.

    back in milton keynes, a place where even vegetarians are deemed weird, i used to enjoy sourcing things as much as i could..especially little shops and market stalls selling things from far away lands (most towns are gonna have at least one foreign supermarket, surely) like great spices and fresh dates.. but the internet is a vast superfood filled place. also i would sniff things out on my travels to other cities and before i knew it i had all sorts of things to help make raw even more yummy

    also in places where healthy living is not so big, i find you get amazing deals on organic veg in big supermarkets if you visit at the right time of day because no one seems to buy it! whenever i go back to mk there is a whole load of 10p organic things waiting in sainsburys. keep your eyes and non organic produce peeled..hehe

    i am soo very lucky to say that there are regular pot lucks around me, but i know the feeling of not having that…why not host a similar event for any remotely like minded friends, make a load of stuff, ask them to bring fresh fruit or crudites..serve some infusions/tea/juice..could be fun!

    ohh once i start typing i can’t stop…oh well, am enjoying posting after a year of lurking.


  • micaela- yes! let’s, but no restaurants here yet!! i couldnt even get a decent salad the last time i ate in a restaurant…but we could have a picnic…go on the swings yo!!!!

    excellent olddognewtrix you’re not so far ;) mwahahaha. you should come on our picnic…there, instant social life and rrraw

  • Picnic! What a fabulous idea ;)

  • I’m in London! Any Londoners who want to get together in the kitchen let me know. There is one place to get some raw goodies and that’s Vitaorganic in soho. Its a vegan restaurant.

  • LisaNewF I am not far from London – maybe we should get a few people together and go out for a meal :D

  • My husband is English so I spend alot of time over there. They have great health food stores in the Richmond area. I always find eating RAW in England quite easy despite the bad wrap they get for their food. I love it there but it is very expensive for Americans with our weak dollar…

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I keep hearing that Chad Sarno is involved with opening a new raw restarant in London. Anyone know anything about that? If it is true I will be there for the opening night! Chad Sarno’s my absolute fave raw chef.

    The people on the Raw Food UK yahoo forum meet up in London regulariy, thought I’d mention it…http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/rawfooduk/

  • Hi Zoe. Maybe you know already but the Saf restaurand opened today. Well, as far as I know. I wanted to be there so badly but didn’t make it today. No one to go with me but I had fairly busy day today anyway so it was perhaps better that I didn’t go. Will definitely pay a visit some day very soon.

    PS: I’m in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire :)

  • I went to VitaORganic for the first time last month and thought it was great! I met a friend from another vegan forum.

    Janka, I’m in Stevenage.

  • Just joined, been reading your posts, i,m in bolton, north west england, never met another raw foodist personaly, been raw since 2002, its lonely being raw dont you think, we are so different to mainstream people, what have i in common, i dont smoke, drink, or eat like them, vegetarians give me strange looks, they ask me to write articles to explain raw to them, i could point them to a thousand websites, it would be easier for me, but i try putting it into words, a big mistake, they dont see the big picture, one thing about writing, it helps me to see it.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi bad news, Here’s some Good news for you!

    You can meet around 30 friendly and fun loving raw foodists every month at our potluck in Newton Le Willows, about half an hour away from you! Why not come and join the party? People from age 5 to age 70 come along. All the Details are on our website here: www.purelyraw.com give us a call or send us an email if you like ;) Hope I get to meet you in person, Love Zoe.

    P.s. I’m in Bolton every week or so buying fresh dates, mangos and young coconuts. Raw food shopping is brilliant where you are!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    i Want “Bad News” to see this good news I have for him, so bumping this up ;)

  • Hi Zoe, Thanks for taking an interest, took a peek at your website, interesting. Know that market well, use local asian shops nowadays, far cheaper, got connections, my son-in-law is asian. Congratulations upon your recent appointment. Hope to get to know your group sometime in the future, my diet is rudimentary, knife and chopping board, cider vinegar and olive oil, got a vitamix juicer i dont use much and a Samson ultra-sonic washer, right now i,m using a kenwood smoothie pro, thats as exciting as it gets, i love it. Got three cats of my own too, love them. cherio for now.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    What market? I haven’t been to any markets in Bolton.

    I go to the Asian shop that is opposite the huge golden coloured domed mosque. I don’t know the name of the road but it is a main “A” road into Bolton. I love going there because they have things that no one else does. Like fresh almonds last year, they were lovely. And they always have jelly nuts from costa rica, they are gorgeous although I haven’t had them for ages now. I just normally buy a crate of dates and pakistani mangoes if they have them. Oh those mangoes are heaven ;)

    I go to the curry mile in Manchester sometimes too, there are similar deals to be had there. I used to avoid it because the smell of the curry would give me cooked food cravings but nowadays it doesn’t seem to have the same effect.

    What’s a samson ultra sonic washer? Never heard of one of those.

    So if your tastes are quite basic, a trip over to our free potluck would be an eye opener for you, there are so many different flavours. My favourite last time was a mushroom pate and mushroom flax crackers someone brought along. It is so nice to eat raw food other people have made!

  • I also went to Wilslow Road, the curry mile, last saturday, with my family. I think you shopped at Cannon Street, off Derby Street, are’nt we lucky, we have these stores everywere, Mangoes from india are in the shops now, alphonsoes. What’s a Samson washer, it cleans all the chemicals and dirt off my fruit and veg, turbo charged ultrasonic vibrations do the trick, they can be used to clean spark plugs on diesel engines, so i’ve heard. You’l have to let me know when a potluck next takes place, only heaven knows what i can bring, i’ve heard about these dehydraters but never touched one, nor has anyone else i know, looking forward to that, perhaps i can bring my washer along, i have a cd for it, but it is’nt compatible with my Mac so i havent seen it yet. cherio for now.

  • Hi, Anyone out there from Suffolk? Ipswich area in particular??

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    that sonic washer sounds like a terrific gadget. Our next Potluck is on 17th May. You could bring a couple of mangoes! When people don’t know what to bring they just bring some fruit or vegetables as they are. The kids always love the fruit and there are always people who bring dips, so we can always do with a few sticks of celery or a cucumber. We also always need bottled water, we always run out! It is also absolutely fine not to bring anything at all. Just bringing yourself is enough really ;) You can look at our dehydrators when you come over. We got a proper Excalibur 9 Tray, and a huge one Chris made from bit and bobs from B&Q. See you soon!

  • Just posted a recipe, a sweet coriander smoothie, can’t believe it happened, it came in a flash, i was hungry and chucked this fantastic drink together, i live on them right now, my dental work needs attention. Never thought to jot down things that work, i did this cacoa\coffee\agave\banana\barleygrass\cayenne thing yesterday, and it was delicious, but there’s something i left out, spinach? no, it’s gone. Maybe tomatoes? Do your cats stand on the bin and scratch on the window to attract your attention? mine do. Oh, meant to mention things stay fresh longer after cleaning with the samson. cherio for now.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    i love coriander, thanks for the smoothie recipe badnews! spinach might be good in the smoothie.

  • Hi Winona, what do you think? How does it grab you, yeh, exchange spinach for lettuce, could work, i’ll check it out. cheerio for now

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