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I have seen a few recipes. I would like to make such treats that can be frozen so that I can get them out later as a treat. Also, my grandma (not raw or vegan) is like 84 years old, on all kinds of drugs, heart, bladder, kidneys are all going out. She is getting weak and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it EXCEPT replace some of the junk food that he has an uses. Basically, her breakfast is usually chicken soup, lunch is a baked potato or something like that and MAYBE every now and then as a snack, an apple or something. Then she has her biscuits and for supper, Rice Crispies and or rice caked with almond butter. She eats according to what agrees with her stomach as she says. It is sad how so many people eat according to what agrees with their mouth and their stomach but NOT their body. So, grandma has ice cream every now and then.

I need an ice cream recipe, preferably french vanilla tasting, that is raw and can be put in the freezer and stored in there so that when she wants a treat, she has one. I would also like to do this for her pumpkin pies as most raw pumpkin and sweet potato pies freeze well. I made ice cream with the juicer and EVERYBODY LOVES that. Just frozen bananas, apples, pears and blueberries. Grandma loved that. But that does not freeze well. it turns into a block of ice rather than soft ice cream. Can I make ice cream that stores soft in the freezer?

Also, try the fruit ice cream with a little bit of wild grape juice added to it. Wild grapes are a little more sour than regular grapes but very nutritious and it tastes great and adds great flavor to the ice cream. It blends in with the sweet flavors and makes the ice cream dark purple blueish and just great tasting. If you do not have any (as most do not…you need to go out and pick it and juice it and then freeze it), I think it tastes just as good with just a little but of rhubarb and a good amount of blueberries. Or, a lot of pineapple and a good amount of blue berries.


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    Can I make ice cream that stores soft in the freezer?

    That’s a great question! I really want to make ice cream, but feel I need an ice cream maker. And, I just don’t want to buy another appliance. :o) So, I’m interested in the replies to this post.

    I did, however make Cheflandria’s a mango cheesecake… and I guess I didn’t blend it enough to make it solid enough for cutting and serving… so, I put it in the freezer instead. I also wanted to preserve it because we can’t eat a whole pie in 4 days. Well, the next day, it turned out that the cheesecake was easy to cut. So, I cut several pieces and put it back in the freezer. It freezes well! It’s not a block of ice.

    Fruit, I would imagine would freeze like a block of ice.

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    I don’t have an ice cream maker, but I have made several “ice creams” that freeze and still stay creamy. I just posted my chocolate ice cream/pie filling recipe, as well as my pie crust recipe, which makes a great creamy chocolate pie. I have other flavors I will post later, but no vanilla – it just tasted like cashews. These pies/ice creams got me through a really insane semester at school; I made pies on the weekends, and then I always had something to snack on when I was starving after school. I even ate pie for breakfast more than once when I was in a hurry! It kept me from just buying whatever was available at the school cafeteria. My mom, who does not eat raw, asks me to make these for her, too.

  • Maybe this will help:

    I think to make really smooth ice cream you either need to run it through the blank plate of a Greenstar, or use an ice cream maker. If you just freeze it the ice crystals won’t be broken up. That’s why mixing constantly as it’s freezing gives ice cream its nice texture. Maybe you could try making the ice cream with coconut or cashews. I’ve heard that those stay soft, but can’t say from personal experience.

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    i have no idea about french vanilla, and i have an ice cream maker, but i have made ‘mint’ ice cream before. i just blent up nut milk(made a very thick one! more like nut cream), coconut flesh, fresh mint, and agave and mixed it in my ice cream maker. it was tasty!

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    hannahmarie that mint ice cream sounds to die for!

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    I simply blend my ice cream mixture using a blender and then I pour it into a shallow glass baking dish (I use an 8X8 or 9X13). Cover it with saran wrap and freeze (or you can freeze it in a shallow tupper ware type container that has an air tight lid, if you don’t mind the ice cream being stored in plastic).

    That’s it! Overnight it freezes and you can scoop it out with an ice-cream scooper the next day. Yum!

    Kristen Suzanne

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