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Newbie needs tips

Hi…I am trying to go 80% raw (roughly) and I was wondering what are some key ingredients that you would suggest I have on hand at all times?? Right now all I am able to do is fruits and smoothies as all I have for equipment is a good blender…not sure if that makes a difference…...any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!


  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    hi ,

    my staples :

    walnut (coarse ground on salads makes filling)
    flax , sesame seeds . grind up for salads or smoothies
    salad vegis
    olive oil and apple cider vinegar
    almonds (great for almond milk , ecspecially when start adding like carob powder etc)
    dry dates and figs
    though not raw green tea to fend off cooked food cravings
    limes and lemons

    cheers :)

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    ps – i dont know how / why those lines appeared through my above posts words , i didnt put them there .

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    I think raw sunflower seeds are essential for salads, soak first-cover with plenty of water and let sit overnight-then drain-will keep in fridge for a few days, keep rinsing them tho.

    almomd milk-soak those suckers drain add water 1/3rd of blender fill with water.
    I like raw agave. It sure is sweet tho. parfaits with cashews coconut and fruits.
    braggs amino acids, not sure if it’s raw.
    or sea salt.
    pink grapefruits are very grounding for me.
    get a dehydrator and a food processor, like cuisinart.
    red bell peppers
    maybe some sprouted wild rice for salads would be good-soak overnight and keep rinsing throughout day or day or two
    like the man said-AVOCADOS AND OLIVES-REAL OLIVES great with oranges-ohyeah
    cucumber I find sweet vidalia onions in my salad greatly grounding when soaked in some app cid vinegr and oliveoil.
    apples the simple apple
    goji berries
    air and a water purifier

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    greens-yeah got bto have the greens
    parsley is nice
    mixed wild lettuce
    mustard and kale and collards

  • ive never thought of soaking onions in apple cider vinegar modhina that sounds so good!! Thanks so much for this idea!

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    Thanks, yeah the vidalias are the best. Not so onion-sulphury.

  • Thanks for the tips so far!!! I appreciate it…I am going out on the “hunt” today for some of the suggested items..:)

  • What’s up CONVERT?? Kisses:)

  • Haha…Hey Ang, my rawfood mentor!!

  • i’d die without avocados and raw agave =)

  • Where is the best place to get the real olives and what kind?

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