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Does anyone still drink coffee??

I very new to the raw lifestyle and I was wondering if drinking coffee is okay in the raw lifestyle? I love my cup of coffee so all comments would be greatly appreciated!



  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I would move away from coffee. Coffee beans are just roasted, toasted, demolished and really have no nutritional value. Tea on the other hand is not raw but it has truly beneficial effects on the body. If you need a pick me up go for a raw cacao smoothie with some maca. Another good replacement would be kola nut powder. check out this site for these products.


  • I still drink coffee. Like Juliano says, its not the coffee that is the issue as much as what you put in it. It’s the cow’s milk and refined sugars.

    I only drink Organic and I go black with a packet of stevia. Yum.

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    I introduced my coffee-drinking SAD eating friends to green smoothies and they told me they are so energized from the green smoothie they don’t want coffee.

    If you like coffee for the taste rather than the jolt, there are some better substitutes. If you like it with milk and sugar, a raw cacao smoothie will work. Just make it with warm water. If you want a hot drink, an ayurvedic herbal tea, Raja’s Cup is a good substitute. It’s loaded with anti-oxidants and is a good coffee replacement. You can find it here: http://mapi.com/en/1-800-255-8332/products/raja…

  • JKMN I used to have to have a couple cups of coffee to wake up, and I still enjoy it on occasion. But when I started to feel addicted, like I would have a headache if I didn’t have it, I decided I wanted to switch to tea. Since then, I don’t drink either in the morning on a regular basis, if I do I have tea. I havn’t had coffee in probably 4 months. I like it better this way. I look forward to my green smoothies now and the energy from them feels so much more natural- when I start out that way I just want to feel healthy all day and it deters me from other temptations that may arise. but that’s a mind thing i suppose… I like coffee better now when I can drink it as a treat on a cold day or something.

  • ok don’t know why my post got crossed out?
    huh, i just took out the dash- good to know

  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    Rawrach, that happens if you use dashes without spaces. If you edit the post and add spaces before and after the dashes, it will be fine!

  • smoothielovesmoothielove Raw Newbie

    I think a good sub for coffee is dandelion root tea. It has that nice roasted flavor and its good for your liver!

  • thank you guys all for the comments! i really love to start the day off with coffee. its just the smell that i love. i like mine black or maybe just a little bit of raw sugar or some soy milk but that all depends on how i wake up. i like tea but im not crazy about it. i have a bunch of diffrent tazo teas in packets that i’ve been meaning to try but just havent yet. also about the green smoothies, ive bought almost everthing i need to make one but im just scared to see exactly how it’ll taste. i dont know just the thought of sipping spinach and mint leaves is weird. can anyone tell me exactly how it tastes like?? sorry for all the questions!

  • smoothielovesmoothielove Raw Newbie

    I love green smoothies. Id say start with spinach its a light flavor, add a banana, and a sweet apple and maybe some raw agave/honey if you want it sweeter. But really I can’t taste the greens at all when I do that. Blueberries are a nice addition too. Now i dont mind the flavor of the greens too much and ive tried kale, red chard, collard greens. But def adding a sweet apple and ripe banana really helps!

  • I have always had just black coffee,I now enjoy it on occasion. I am more of a green tea drinker but will have coffee when I want to ,not much just a cup or two.I do feel better if its organic.

  • smoothielove another thing am i supposed to add ice to green smoothies? what about frozen fruits? btw i like your default pic.

  • smoothielovesmoothielove Raw Newbie

    Oh yeah you can use a frozen banana or frozen blueberries. Or any frozen fruit. Ive never added ice but my blender isnt the greatest. But yea i would recommend adding something frozen at first to make it cold. Now I dont mind drinking them warmer but I do think they taste better cold.
    And thanks! Its supposed to be animated but i guess it doenst work on here.

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    i some saturday nights have a couple cups of coffee , its my way of blowing off the pressure that kinda builds up trying to eat perfect .

  • steamboatkatiesteamboatkatie Raw Newbie

    have you tried cold pressed coffee. You can still have your coffee and eat it raw too! add Cold pressed coffee to coconut water, cacao, agave, yummy. it’s like a mocha!

  • RawKarateGirlRawKarateGirl Raw Newbie

    Where can you get it???

  • steamboatkatiesteamboatkatie Raw Newbie

    Well I work at a health food store that sells it. So maybe check one near you… start there and if not I’m sure you can find it online..

  • coldpress coffee sounds interesting…could you still drink this without adding anything? STEAMBOATKATIE,your mixture does sound really good though. I just have never liked sweet coffee.

    MIchiganroman,i THINK IF THATS THE WORST THING YOU ARE DOING,YOU ARE DOING FINE. AGAIN,i GAVE UP COFFEE,EVERY ONCE IN A HILE i HAVE IT BUT WHEN i DO,i JUST END UP WANTING A CUP OF GREEN TEA.Sorry caps locked again)I ove the green soothie love the green teas and yes do love a cup of black coffee every once in awhile.

  • I have a cold brew coffee maker and it is the only way to drink coffee. The coffee is brewed overnight with cold water to make a coffee concentrate that you use a small amount with hot water to make a cup of coffee. It does not have the acid and oils in it that makes coffee so acidic…much smoother.

    Go to www.toddycoffee.com to find out more.

  • steamboatkatiesteamboatkatie Raw Newbie

    mham.. you can add anything to the mixture. It’s still good with no agave in it. use it how you normally drink your coffee. Or make something like an iced coffee with hemp milk or almond milk and vanilla.

  • I drink coffee about once or twice a week but lately i havent been drinking it all, i think i’m try and give up cream in it.

  • RawKarateGirlRawKarateGirl Raw Newbie

    Sounds so good!! Thanks!!

  • CharisCharis Raw Newbie

    I never liked coffee, but once in a while, I do use coffee beans to flavour things a little (I do like the general coffee flavour). But that’s rare.


  • I still do, black. I am trying to wean myself off it though, but I am having a rough time. I have definitely reduced how much I do drink, and I have gotten to where I do not have to have it every single day now. I am replacing it with teas, with nothing added. Hopefully, I will be able to get rid of it completely soon!

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    I’ve gone back and forth with coffee. I do think its what you put in it that can be the worst offender. But basically if it feels like a habit or a crutch I back away to find out whats really going on. I mean I like the taste and all but I used to love cheesestaeks too and I don’t NEED those.

    I’ve been drinking raw Synergy kombucha tea in lieu of coffee and its awesome. I’m also starting a batch of coconut water kefir. Trying to create some better energizing habits ya know? Good Luck.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    I stopped drinking coffee about a year ago, mostly due to the realization that I was addicted enough to get headaches mid-day if I skipped my morning cup. Green tea and chai helped quite a bit with easing my way out. And, juicing, kombucha and green smoothies have replaced my former routine.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    I drink GT’s kombucha (http://www.gtskombucha.com/). I find it at many local grocery stores, such as New Season’s. I haven’t tried making my own yet, but there are instructions.

  • sillydogsillydog Raw Newbie

    As I understand, the high quality, organic green teas from Japan are processed at low temperatures, though we don’t often get the good stuff over here. Does anyone know if Matcha is heat processed?

  • I quit coffee mainly because I could not go to the bathroom no matter how many cups i drank. but with 1 cup of green tea a day, i go without a problem… and honestly feel much better. though i do love that coffee buzz.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    I had never heard of kombucha before hearing about it on this site. I am just consuming a bottle of GT’s Original Kombucha… interesting… I’m not sure if this is one of those things that “grow” on ya, or what… What is your favorite flavor? What was your experience when you first drank it? Has anyone compared brands?

  • GT’s Gingerade is my fave, then Gingerberry and mango. I tried every flavor, but cranberry I think. Yeah it grows on ya, it took me two days to finish my first bottle, and I felt a little like I had been drinking. Then I decided to just drink it because it’s so good for me, then I was hooked. My main drink has been water for so many years, I enjoy having a fizzy refreshment.

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