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What's your Average Day Diet?



  • Had family around so was making lots of crazy raw stuff, but back to normal eating today.
    Whole Cantalope
    Blended Green Drink/Soup (Kale, Spinach, Avocado, Apple, Seaweed, Brazil nuts, hemp seeds and Fresh Coconut Water..Makes 1 whole Pitcher) Topped with Raw Onion Rings and a Veggie Cracker.
    Tuno Sandwich topped with Thai Cucumber Salad, and Kreamy Orange Miso Dressing with a Side of Brocolli Mash. **I normally dont eat alot(the melon/fruit and Blended Green Soup are usually enough for me in a day, but did a long hike today and had leftovers and I did not want it to go to waste !!

  • How many of you count calories?

    How many of you log your intake [with or without counting calories]?

    I’m curious about this. I recently [a few days ago] made myself stop counting calories.. I began to see signs of obsession.. something i’ve dealt with in the past. I still keep track of my intake and write it down, but i’m focusing on healthy food instead of numbers. I’m hoping this helps me.


  • I keep a daily log. I don’t count calories. Here’s what I ate last 4 days.
    SAT: grapefruit/apple/strawberry juice; persimmon/orange/carrot juice; 1/2 granny apple; 2 pears
    SUN: few bites of honeydew; papaya/banana shake; 5 dried Turkish apricots
    MON: watermelon/mango/blueberry/strawberry juice; 1 golden apple; red-leaf/red cabbage salad with raw persimmon dressing; handful dried Turkish apricots and almonds
    TUES: 1 mini watermelon

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    I don’t keep a log, and I don’t count calories, but here’s what I ate today:
    Morning: Green smoothie (1 banana, 1 apple, BIG bunch mixed greens, water)
    Snack: Banana
    Lunch: 2 young coconuts (water and meat)
    Snack: green smoothie (1 banana, 1 apple, BIG bunch mixed greens, teaspoon chia seeds, water)
    Dinner: Big salad (1/3 of an avocado, 3 small cucumbers, 4 plum tomatoes, 1 red bell pepper, about 3/4 cup of mixed sprouts, a bit of olive oil and some celtic salt)
    I also had 500 mL of water when I woke up and 500 mL with lemon just now.

  • BREAKFAST (noon)- a huge fruit salad (grapes, apples, persimons, bananas, pears, whatever i Have)

    I dont really have meals i just eat alot more furit from around 3-9

    9PM dinner of a salad or wraps with some avo usually.

  • mango woman- I don’t feel sluggish when I consume so many nuts… I tend to feel sluggish if I dont get nuts in. Maybe this is because I am very active? I dont know.

  • awesome this helps a lot =]

  • Hey, I see a lot of you like green smoothies. I have tried to make them but I can’t seem to find an appetizing recipe. Any tips would be great!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Tiny1—it takes a while to get used to it. try making a fruit smoothie and throw in like one leaf or spinach. then gradually add more greens each time you make one.

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