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Daily (or Weekly) Menus?

So this Monday I decided to go as much raw as possible (so I’m like 95% right how) and it’s pretty good. The only thing is, I haven’t been eating a lot at all. This is partly due to not a lot in my house at the moment.

Anyways, I am curious to those who are 100% or really high raw, what are your daily menus like? What do they consist of? I have The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe and at the end he gives weekly menu ideas for 80% raw and then 100% raw and they all seem doable. I’m just curious as to what yours are like! Thanks!


  • Before breakfast I drink green or mate tea, usually both. My breakfast is fruit: apples, bananas or oranges. about 2 of them. If I’m working I have some fruit for lunch too, usually 2 apples. If I’m at home or if I’m working on a late shift I make some raw creations eg: pates, wraps, green smoothies, or raw cereal from dried buckwheat. I snack on apples or almonds or sunflowerseeds. Sometimes I make a hot chocolate from (unfortunately) not raw cocoa, I sweeten it with stevia extract. For dinner I have tahini with veggie stripes, or wraps. After some hours after dinner I may eat some more fruit. During the day I drink a lot of water, tea, and maybe 1 coffee.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    First thing I do when I get up is have a tall glass of water, sometimes two. I do that while I make a big green juice, usually lots of celery, parsley or chard, whatever I have at hand, and an apple or grapefruit for flavour. If I feel a little sniffly I’ll add a big chunk of ginger. After that I typically try to get a workout in, and when I’m done that I’ll have a smoothie. Depending on how hungry I am, sometimes I’ll have a fruity green one- bananas, orange juice and lots of greens, and sometimes I will have a tahini based one. I try to stick greens in no matter though. I add bee pollen and rhodiola to that. Sometimes gojis as well. If I had a light smoothie I will usually have a fatty one later on, at around 4pm, and if I had a fatty one I could just have some grapefruit juice or fruit until dinner. Sometimes I just start snacking on dates and tahini also… Hard to resist! Dinner is typically a big salad that I blend a bit to make it mushy. Lots of greens, some avo, tomatos etc. Sometimes I will have a little miso and seaweed as well. On days I have dinner with the family I might have ceviche. I know, it’s not vegan… But still raw! I really want to say dinner is typically at 7pm and I don’t eat after that, but the family doddles so much, I sometimes don’t get to dinner until 10pm! After dinner I typically have tea, sage or chamomile. Sometimes I’ll have grapefruit juice as well.

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Hey there!

    My menu for my daily day is quite simple. I just decided to start planning my menu for a week – this way i don’t eat the same exact thing over and over and over. I had gained back some weight due to an excess of avacados and nuts/seeds… so, i thought this would be a good idea :) What I normally do is have water in the morning, 1 large grapefruit for breakfast. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but for some reason, the grapefruit keeps more more full than other fruits (even bananas). Then, if i need a snack, i will have more fruit. Then, some sort of Salad for lunch and then i’ll have a nice dinner – i usually spend time (not that much time, but more than what i do on lunch) on dinner. I’ll make Kebab’s from Bryan Au’s book or Zucchini Spaghetti with Pesto or Angel Hair Yam pasta w/ sauce… something along those lines. I’m trying to give myself a little more variety by finding recipes on this site that are nice and easy! I’ve also started to print them out to make my own “cookbook” of recipes from this site. On friday of next week, i’ll sit down and book mark some that i want to make for the following week. I think this is going to help me out a lot! Good luck to you! Oh, and on the days when my son does not have pre-school and we’re not rushed, i make a Green Lemonade from Natalia Rose’s Detox book… very simple and tastes good too!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    I usually start out with water or some herbal tea.. I get up at about 6:30.. work out.. get ready for work.. have some kombucha at about 10 oclock. Then I usually have a glass or two of juice throughout the day, perhaps some fruit. For dinner I try to have a raw recipe from this site or a nice salad.. and sometimes a raw cookie or two after dinner, and then some more tea. On a weekly basis I usually stick all raw during each day, then perhaps two days a week (or 3) I’ll have a meal with something cooked vegan and a salad. I am trying to cut back on that though because after completley a master cleanse and monitoring my weight daily, I can see where cooked food sits in me and makes the scale go up

  • JDJD

    Daily “Work Week” Schedule

    5:00am Rise 5:30-6:45am Workout at gym

    1. 7:00am Green Lemonade (kale, romaine, apple, lemon)

    2. 8:00am 2-3 servings of Fruit (apple, banana, orange, pineapple, grapes, pear, strawberries)

    3. 9:00am 1 serving of fruit

    4. 11:30 Salad (usually spinach, zuchini, squash, tomato, cucumber, cilantro, celery)

    5. 2:00 snack (could be raisin, cacao nibs, goji berries, raw nuts)

    6. 4:45 snack (could be raisin, cacao nibs, goji berries, raw nuts)

    7. 7:30/8:00 Dinner raw soup

    Throughout the day I drink water or sometimes organic tea.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    I don’t have a daily schedule so much, but usually in the morning, I have two or more glasses of water before breakfast. I like savory foods (lemon/salt/garlic type) for breakfast, so lately I have been eating things like “Creamy Alfredo Pasta. mmmmmmmm…” or “Rock & Roll Kale Salad” (I leave out the sweet things & the only vegetable I add besides kale is red cabbage) from this site. I also often make things like raw tacos (I intend to post my recipe one of these days), raw lasagnas, easy nori wraps, raw pizzas, etc.. I used to sometimes just eat a bunch of fruit for breakfast – mangos, bananas, etc. When I had to go to work for a full day, I would have a nut & fruit shake and then take a huge salad, or kelp noodles with alfredo-type sauce, or just veggies with a good filling dip for lunch. I also liked having fruit &/or nuts available for mid-morning snacking or after work. For on-the-go, I like anything that will go in a big ziploc bag (then I can transfer it to a plate/bowl/glass later when I am ready for it) I also like having things around that are easy to come home & eat, and that don’t go bad in a day, like “Bumbleberry Pie” or alfredo or something. I love to have salad greens around, and maybe once or twice a week I cut up a bunch of veggies & store them in the fridge to throw into my salads (I am more likely to eat lots of salads if it doesn’t take forever to make it each time). Also, I like to make a couple of dressings, enough for several days at a time. Now that I have a good juicer, green veggie juices are easy to make and take with me wherever I am going. YUM!

  • my daily schedule is green lemonade in the a.m., fruit (usually half a cantaloupe and an apple), green smoothie, another apple, an avocado and tomato salad, and then dinner—which has been quickly moving from cooked to raw as I am finding it more and more difficult to eat raw all day only to eat cooked at night. Yay!

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Hmmmm, well yesterday, I had a bowl of sliced banana with a thick homemade almond milk poured on top and cinnamon. Then I had a couple clementines for mid morn. snack. Lunch was a big spinach and baby arugula salad with avo, tomato and a raw black olive dressing. Mid aftternoon snack was some raw macaroon ‘batter’ (couldn’t wait to dehydrate them before I tasted them. yum by the way.) Dinner was cilantro ‘noodles’ (recipe from this site, again, very yum.) I added carrot ribbons and juliaenned red pep. and slivered red onion to the zucchine noodle base!! I had a couple more macaroons later in the evening to test their donesness!!!

    This is just a snapshot of my food intake. It changes alot, sometimes it’s lot’s of green smoothies. It just depends whats around and what i feel like. I make sure to have a wide variety of things to make sure I am getting what I need for optimal health and energy! This is day 5 of my 100% raw challenge by the way, and my energy levels are through the roof! :)

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Pundee – you’re very motivated! working out at 5:30 am – that’s great! I work out for 30 minutes at lunch and walk 1-2 miles after work. Smoothie for breakfast. Typically i just eat a huge variety of fruit and fruit salads or regular salads for lunch, olives/oranges for snacks, and goneraw recipes for dinner. this week: broccoli salad, ants on a log, creamed corn, nuts and dried fruit, avocado sliced with lemon and sesame seeds with dilled cucumber, thai young coconut vitamixed with thai curry spices (thom yum soup), raw sushi, marinated kale salad, marinated portobella mushrooms (not with nama shoyu-there’s a recipe using all raw ingredients), etc. I’m getting a world cuisine spaghetti maker today – then ill have pasta dishes!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    I make zucchini pasta a lot lately, but I don’t have a spiralizer, so I use a peeler to make wide, thin “noodles” & then I stack them up and cut lengthwise to make fettuccini-style noodles. A spiralizer would be faster, but I don’t want to spend the money when this way works fine for now. Luna blu reminded me of fruit with thick almond milk – I used to make it sometimes with fresh berries, or peaches, or whatever fruit I could get fresh at the time. I made the almond milk thich by just using less water. Even my non-raw friends loved it :)

  • i have either a green smoothie or juice (usually carrots, apple, ginger, beet and spinach) in the morning, depending on whether i have time to clean the juicer or not. this usually holds me until noon for lunch, but if i get snacky i’ll have some fruit. for lunch, i usually have a huge salad or try something quick from this site, or eat my leftovers from dinner. my staples are a guacamole salad (all the components of guacamole in chunks instead of blended), baby lettuce with avocado and hemp seeds, kale salad or some dehydrated crackers with sunflower seed pate. i have fruit throughout the afternoon, and usually a larabar or banana before my afternoon yoga class. dinner is cooked vegan about 4 days a week, but like others have said, i’m starting to not feel so great after the cooked food. when raw, dinner is usually zucchini pasta with alfredo sauce or a raw pizza. after dinner i will snack on vegan brown rice chips if i’m eating cooked food that night, or kale chips, dates, raisins, etc. if i am not.

    i’m trying to cut out the cooked food and snacking, but i’m still only a couple of months in and struggling a little.

  • I’ve just started the 80-10-10 diet. It’s hard getting used to the quantity of food you need to eat in order to cut the fat down to 10% (I eat about 2000-2400 calories per day). Yesterday (my 3rd day 100%) I had…

    Breakfast: Smoothy w/ 2 bananas and 5 chards leaves and 5 kale leaves 1 Grapefruit

    Lunch: 2 Bananas and a mango plus 6 medjool dates and 2 macadamia nuts

    Snack: Half a cantaloupe with some blueberries

    Snack #2: Smoothy w/ a banana and a handful of frozen mixed berries 2 small tangerines

    Dinner: Big salad of 1/4 pound “mixed field greens”, 1/4 ounce sunflower seeds, half an apple, half a pound of strawberries and a tomato. Bowl of half pound of strawberries (the other half) and a chopped up banana. The other half of the apple.

    Snack #3: 2 Kiwis

  • breakfast smoothie: i can’t get into “green” smoothies, but I will add spirulina & cacao, raw power! (it’s hemp & brazil nut protein w/maca, goji berries & vanilla) banana or avocado, frozen berries, almond milk or coconut water, hemp seeds & agave or honey, whichever is closer…

    lunch is a salad, either one that i packed or one from the cafeteria, because i usually eat after i work out during my “lunch hour.” i also often have some oranges or apples.

    when i get home from work i try to make a big green juice, if i don’t i am prone to snacking on things like nuts, oranges or dried fruits. then for dinner i usually either make a salad, a smoothie or nori rolls, depending on what else i had that day. i also often have a small glass of red wine.

    that’s about it! sometimes i make stuff in the dehydrator, there are some pizza crusts going in there right now (they are at home, i am at work) i made some lemon poppyseed scones recently, i also like to make lettuce or collard wraps, or sandwiches with raw bread. i hope that helps!

    i will say on my first few days 100% i ate tons and tons of fruit… i think there was constantly a piece of fruit in my hand or my mouth for like 3 days! that was helpful for me to stay full. bananas, in particular are satisfying and help with food cravings. whenever i craved anything at all, i just ate a banana and it went away!

  • heartshapedskyheartshapedsky Raw Newbie

    i blog what i eat every day at http://heartshapedsky.vox.com/. i write about other things as well, but my food posts always just have the date such as: 3/13.

    i’m a month into eating raw foods and about a week and a half into 100% raw. i have a blender and a food processor. i don’t plan my meals but rather i stock my kitchen according to the suggestions from ani’s raw food kitchen. really great book. so far so good!

  • Thanks all for the replies! Very helpful. It seems that most of you just keep it simple, like you don’t go all out and make all these fancy raw recipes (well maybe once in awhile) but your menus mainly consist of smoothies, fruits, some snacks like nuts or something, and big salads. That’s kewl!

  • Yes, I second what mandelicious says about bananas. They are my new “carb” – taking the place of rice/pasta/bread/grains. Today I ate 8. They’re the best way to keep the fat intake down.

  • JDJD

    winona, thank you! Trust me, sometimes I just do not want to get out of that bed but what motivates me is that if I don’t do it in the morning, I will have to do it after work and I do not want that. I used to work a 7-3:30 shift but now it’s 8-4:30 so when I get home I do not want to have to worry about exercise. I think it’s terrific that you workout during lunch and after work. I believe it is equally important to eat healthy and exercise. So many people just do one or the other.

  • Yeah I eat bananas a lot but not really to keep my fat intake down. I am really skinny lol I need to gain more weight!

  • Thank you so much for all the info this really helped me get a better idea and understand.

  • i consider my self high raw and eat about 90% raw. i usually have two green smoothies during the day… or 1 smoothie and spinach salad with lots of bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. if i still want snacks, i do eat a lot of carrots for snacks… i find that they really are filling. for dinner i usually have a salad, or i make an asian cabbage slaw that i posted a recipe for on here. once or twice a week i try to vary that with a recipe i find on here… double stuffed tomatoes, spicy bell peppers medley, pizza… etc. that way i don’t get too sick of salads!

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    There is a book called No-Cook Book that gives a daily menu to follow for a year! I think that is the title, or it is Un-Cook Book, will find it and give info tomorrow…

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