Raw or vegan and protein-Advice?

My boyfriend has been vegetarian for two years and is planning to soon go vegan. I’m concerned because he is slightly anemic and deals with weight and health issues. He follows an American diet, and I’m worried that he won’t get enough protein or amino acids (he doesn’t eat many raw vegetables or greens either).

What advice can I give him if he can’t go 100% raw? Also, how do raw foodists get their amino acids and adequate protein? I would like to go completely raw, but am worried about protein inefficiencies.

What foods do you eat, how do you food combine, and how does your body react when you don’t get enough building foods? Also, how long have you been raw? Do some raw foodists still eat meat or dairy?

Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!


  • Hemp seeds, green veggies especially broccoli, kale and spinach, mung bean, lentil, wheat and alfalfa sprouts, spirulina, nutritional yeast, pumpkin seeds are very good sources of protein and more importantly essential amino acids. You don’t have to be worried about protein indefficiency at all, the protein generally recommended by dieteticians are far much higher than we really need. If you eat raw your body will absorb the protein it gets much better!

    You say your bf is vegetarian,but he doesn’t eat much veggies, then what a heck does he eat?? If you make delish pates or dips and serve with veggie stripes I’m sure he’ll manage to up his veggie intake. Also smoothies with lots of greens in it are very good for protein too, for additional protein you can add hemp powder or spirulina powder to them.

    Raw foodists are generally raw vegan, so they don’t eat animal products, maybe some of them in the phase of transition eats a bit of raw dairy.

  • Thanks! I was pleased to find that hemp seeds have all the essential amino acids. I think I know where to go from here. :)

  • Fruits and veggies provide ALL the protein we need. Were do you think cows and the other animals that humans eat get their protein? From plants! :-)

    Have him read some good basic books like Diet for a New America and The China Study.



  • SarahJSarahJ Raw Newbie

    Have him start on some green smoothies with lots of spinach – he will be fine.

    Hey chilove, how’s Hawaii treating you? Those of us in chilly Canada are very envious.

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