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Change in eye colour



  • The color, shape, and characteristics of the iris reflects the state of our physical and emotional health. As a result it is entirely possible that a change in diet will affect the chromatic characteristics of the iris. Those interested could read on the subject of iridology.

  • internettouristinternettourist Raw Newbie

    On Mystery Diagnosis, one women had a few years of health problems that no one could explain. When the girl was very desperate talking to her doctor on the phone her husband chimed in in the background "Tell him your eyes are yellow. Tell him they're yellow." The doctor had an ambalance pick her up immediately. The yellow is a sign of liver failure, toxins as you have said in the system. So in anybody, it could be a sign of toxin level.

    The first year I thought the white of my eyes had turned very bright with the dark brown still being dark brown. Now after 2.5 years of mostly raw, I don't think they are very bright. They and the rest of my face do look an awful lot like pictures when I was early 20, except better groomed eye brows now. And I no longer am looking for products that cure pimples or dull skin....quite a financial and time savings.

  • hey kauaigirl! Ya i have dark brown eyes all my life and i was wondering if my eyes could change like yours. How long did it take you to notice and what did you do to change it? Please help! ive always wanted a different color!

  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    My eyes were always brown until I was a vegetarian and raw food eater, they are a glowy green amber now. When I moved to another state and applied for a driver's license the lady behind the counter told me they were "hazel" so I changed it from brown in the application.

  • ServeItUpRawServeItUpRaw Raw Newbie

    Mine were hazel with a fair amount of brown radiating out from the center. Within one week of going 100% raw I had very little brown. It blew me away. Not that it happened, but that it happened so quickly. I've always loved green eyes, so having more green is very cool.


  • this may be off topic, but is it possible for ur facial structure to change? i was looking at pics of me before raw and after and my face has changed. the eyes seem bigger and there is more of a defined jawbone

  • I really want to change my eye color and be healthy! i also have deep dark brown eyes and need some advice on how to change my eye color . Please help and thanks

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    My eyes have not changed one bit. Not either true blue or green but a mix. They do look different in different light. My husband said, 'man, your eyes look blue' a couple of days ago. But I looked, they're the same. They also look very green when I cry.

    I sure have seen baby's eyes change colors as they get a bit older.

  • Maybe that's what people mean when they say that people who eat raw or vegan have a certain "glow" about them.. maybe their eyes have more spark to them and their skin just shines which gives off a positive energy.. I've never thought about that but certainly interesting!

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    I could be wrong but I was told there are only four true eye colours, blue, green, bluegreen and brown. any other combo could be do to what is going on in your body.

    but then that is just what i have been told. I have seen people with an almost gold colour it was very pretty I hope that was a true one. It was unusal

  • Nothing wrong with having beautiful dark brown or black eyes! Mine are very dark brown and are one of my best features.

  • Great to see this topic kept going after all this time.

    Another couple of questions to those who experienced an eye colour change, how much of your diet changed and how long were you raw before you noticed a change in eye colour?

  • You guys are lucky. I HATE my eyes with such a passion. They're dark brown. I looked all over the internet, and all I really found was some hypnosis thingy. I don't want to pay though...I'm poor. Anyway, how do you dark eyed folks get light eyes? I can't eat raw food, though, my mom would "spank my face".

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    Hey Elf_ninja, after reading about this I became very interested in the topic, and even bought a book on "iridology". So I pretty much have been looking at my eyes every single day. I've been raw 3 months, and it's definitely changed since the beginning. I have noticed the most that the inner ring closest to my pupil has lightened, where it's starting to get closer to my actual eye color! There is a darker thick line exactly where i've had medical problems in the past, and it has also become considerably lighter as well. It is still present thou. Almost more strange is my skin. My "chicken skin" keratosis pilaris is half way healed, and literally gets better after every night's sleep. Nothing has ever before had this effect. I am 85%-90% raw. cheers!

  • This is interesting, because babies always have lighter eyes (often blue) that turn darker after they're weaned. Is it possible that raw vegans return to their baby eye colour?


  • I eperienced a very slight eye color change...from grey/blue to darker grey/blue with light green near the pupil, but that may be just age. *wink*

  • Resurrecting a bit of an older thread here, but I find it incredibly interesting! I never had any idea that eye color could change when you got older. I know that a lot of babies are born with lighter eyes than they end up with, but thought there was no going back after that! Reading this thread, I had the same thought as Tara, that maybe after eating raw for awhile, the eye color would revert to what we were born with. I hope that is not the case with me. I have green eyes and I wouldn't want them to change back to the blue that I had when I was very young. Brighter is fine though!

    One eye change that I have seen so far has been in my contacts prescription. The vision in my left eye actually got a little bit better! This has never happened in the 15 years that I've been wearing contacts/glasses. My eyes always either got worse or just stayed the same. I've only been raw (off and on, with some cleanses in the middle) for a few months, so I was surprised to see a change in my vision so quickly.

    luxdivon, I also finally got rid of my keratosis pilaris! I had it on the backs of my thighs and upper arms for years, and it got a bit better with consistent exfoliation and moisturization, but raw has caused it to go away 99.9%! Very smooth now! :)

    I can't wait to see what other positive changes I experience as I continue with raw!

  • Raw PassionRaw Passion Raw Newbie

    Vegetara I think you're right. We are born pure and with light eyes and then as we become intoxicated they change - perhaps that is a sign. I was born with extremely blue eyes, I couldnt breathe the air, I was allergic to everything my parents gave me and really sensitive to everything. As I grew up I became accustomed to everything.

    Then I became vegetarian but also more aware and I find myself intoxicated again. My eyes are much lighter now though Im not sure I want them blue I rather like them the colour they are.

    As someone mentioned with the lovely name 'autum leaf colour eyes' - such a lovely way, but I have the same colour and to be honest I'd prefer them to stay that way.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Boy, I wish mine would change...I've got boring dark brown.




  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    i love dark brown eyes! that's what mine are. they were darker but i think people still consider them "dark" brown considering i'm not hispanic or anything.

  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    So cool...I want my eye color to change...maybe to a light brown that would be awesome. I have dark brown eyes.

    I will try to go 100% raw and see if anything happens

  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    WOW, this was an interesting read. Years and years ago, when I found out what the orange in my "hazel" eyes meant, I have been looking at them for changes when I do a detox, or used to do colinics. BUT I WOULD LOVE FOR THE ORANGE TO BE GONE!!. And, maybe even now raw for 3 weeks I am not crazy, cuz I will catch my face in the mirror and I swear my face is shiny !!! I thought maybe it was a bad sign as I am used to bad signs. So awesome to know I could be starting to have the glow already. How long did it take for everyone to notice changes in their eyes?


  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    4 months.. a dark line in my eye is slowly but surely fading to normal color! :) On the iridology chart it shows the exact location of the medical problem i've had over the years. I will post the before and after pictures when it's completely healed :) the very inner section next to my pupil of my eye went from brown to my blue color within the first two months..

  • Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

    My eyes changed color alot too but stopped with the Raw lifestyle. They turned more green. Yup... another greenie! They always turned cat yellow or orange. I thought it was awesome and people ALWAYS thought I had colored contact in but I never did. Now..they are just green! Darker green though...I am hoping they lighten up a bit! My prescription changed significantly though, and for the better. I cant qualify for eye surgery because my eye sight was improving to quickly. It will never change to 20/20 but it changes enough!



  • that's awesome, how raw were any of you guys and how long did it take you? Did you notice anything you did that made your eye color change even more??

    Please Reply!

  • This is sooo AWESOME! I used to have brown eyes, then when I started eating healthier they went to a hazel green--mabey theyll even go green!Thatd be great!

  • so hey lyn, how long did it take you to notice your eye color change from brown to hazel green? And what kind of raw foods do you eat daily?

    I've heard something about it only happens to people of European descent.

  • It took about a month and a half. i recently started adding more green smoothies and the brown in my eyes is almost gone: they're more like a grey-green now. And I am of European descent(well, mostly, Native American too) so I don't really know if the change is possible in other cases. I think if it's your natural eye color it 'd be possible. And by natural eye-color, I don't necessarily mean what you were born with because who knows if one's parents were toxic too. I think it's possible to have genetically light eyes and not necessarily even see it on parents.

  • HI!!!

    How long have you been eating raw that your eyes have changed color?

    Also i read that most peoples eyes have gone back to what their baby eye color was... i was born with amazing grey eyes but now they are brown.

    Can any one take a guess at how long it would take for my eyes to change color?

  • Raw PassionRaw Passion Raw Newbie

    I don't think my eyes have changed colour but instead the undertone shine through more. I always had multicoloured eyes, seriously they are brown, green, blue, amber and grey! It's my eyes that have become my fixed beauty point - Infact I used to have strangers mention them, especially since I have large wide eyes too.

    Now they are more two tone amber,grey and green, I'm still very proud of their colour but I'm not longer multicoloured girl.

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