Any other T1 diabetes out there?

I’ve been perusing the website for the past few months and have recently “joined”. I’m wondering if anyone else has T1 diabetes and how your insulin needs have changed since going raw. I’m currently finding that I can pig out on some high-carb raw foods and have decent blood sugar levels (140’s-150’s) when I’ve only used a unit or less of insulin. I’m thinking I might just be producing lots more insulin lately (dx’d a year ago) but was thinking the raw factor might be part of it. Anything cooked or processed and if I bolus incorrectly, I can hit mid-200’s easily.

Any suggestions/advice?


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    RobRosie please becareful!!! I do know that you are on the right track but monitar, monitar, monitar your bld sugars!!! I was dx type 2 and keep my levels under 100 on raw… Not sure how type 1 will respond, maybe your nutritionist can help or someone on this site more knowledgable than I… Good Luck with your journey!!!

  • Type 1 for 20+ years, on a pump. I find that is the case for me when I drink green smoothies, but not with stuff that has lots of dates or bananas without greens. There is ALOT of info out there regarding healing yourself and diabetes. I am overwhelmed by it sometimes. So much to take on/in. Check out books by Gabriel Cousens and his Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center website if you want to find out more. Also, has some back newletters (April 2006 maybe…) that talk a lot about what you were mentioning above. ANGIE from this website is following Gabriel Cousen’s plan.

  • Thanks Hippie Chick. I am really looking for others who are in my boat b/c I would love to compare apples to apples. Most other boards I go onto won’t even think about a radical change in diet, much less dropping the whole cooked thing. And it seems that T1s are a tiny majority of the diabetes pool out there, so it’s even more difficult to find others like me.

    I’m really not looking to follow anybody’s plan (unless they have been on it themselves and have some actual data to back up findings), just wondering how raw affects other T1s blood sugar levels and insulin usage.

  • I hear you I am definitely using less insulin b/c the lack of processed carbs/grains. I think that the fruit is effecting me less than it normally would, but only when I combine it with lots of greens (as mentioned previously). I put this on my monitored posts (check it on the top of the topic…WATCHING TOPIC) and then any responses can be seen when checking on my profile. I’d be happy to keep this conversation going, with other T1s too…

  • My sis is type 1, and I have been trying to find facts for her about the raw diet as well. She is a nurse so it is even harder to convince her that it really will help so any and all info that you two come across please do share :)

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    Angie WAS following Dr. Cousens’s plan – for about 3 weeks. Then, I felt I couldn’t stand another sprout, or nut, or green vegetable, and I started eating grains and fruits again. :) Anyway, before that, I was eating whatever felt good to me (grains, fruit, nuts, oils, whatever – as long as it was raw – and I ate meat sometimes, but I cooked that), and overall, I use only about one-third the insulin when I am eating this way, compared to the amount I used before changing my diet. In going back to cooked food several months ago, my insulin needs went back up again within a few weeks, and then slowly back down again after starting to eat more raw food. I understand that it is frustrating to try to find out about diabetes because most information is for type 2 since it is most prevalent. Two things I learned from the books I read by Dr. Cousens: Gymnema is an herb that has been shown to help regenerate beta cells of the pancreas, and Niacin supplementation, given in the first 5 years after diagnosis, has been shown to slow down or even reverse type 1 diabetes.

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    Oh, yeah, I was using the smaller amounts of insulin even with honey, mangoes, etc. – and I hardly ever ate much greens until the last few months. Watch yourself and you will find what works for you. Then let us know, too. :)

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    yes! i am Type 1, although i was only diagnosed a few years ago. the raw diet has helped me tremendously, and given me hope where there was none.

    initially my insulin needs went way down, but it has leveled out. i notice the most dramatic difference in my novalog intake, but i mainly attribute that to a low carb diet.

    all and all i feel so much better, and the depression has lifted.

    theres several previous forum posts on this topic, you might try a search.

  • HI ANGIE…was wondering about the Dr C thing and how it was working for ya, but didn’t want to pry…it’s like bragging about a boyfriend in high school and finding out he’s a jerk and having everyone keep asking ‘bout him… I am surprised I still remember that. Anyway Dr. C’s stuff is very valid and I have started dabbling, but can’t commit to 100%, it sounds so radical. I have even thought of going to T of L. I am proud that you gave it a serious go for 3 weeks. With a family to feed, I don’t think that I could not be tempted to ear. Honestly, I had to try the pot roast the other day. Just a bite. LOL!

    What I have noticed is that my lack of desire to eat has obviously lowered my bolus amounts (I am on the pump). Anyone use Symlin too?

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    I don’t have diabetes but noticed this VERY interesting thread on,96282

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    Here’s another thread that discusses type 1 diabetes… progress!:

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    Oh, yeah, I just remembered Kevin Trudeau. He recommends a lot for getting rid of toxins, reducing stress, etc. and for diabetes, he recommends a product called Diamaxol, which I believe has to be ordered online. I have heard that his complete approach has been 60% successful in type 1 diabetics and 100% effective with type 2. Also, Dr. Cousens’s program at the Tree of Life rejuvenation center in Arizona reverses type 2 diabetes all the time and they have had 3 or 4 patients successful in reversing type 1. I am working on the spiritual and emotional causes now.

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