pulling+bloated sensation on right side? liver, gallbladder?

I have a question…I have been experiencing a pulling, tight sensation.. sorta like a bloated feeling on my right side. It happened about 1 1/2 wks ago and then went away. Now It came back & I’ve felt it the past 2-3 days. I recently gave up coffee & I’m now only going once per day instead of 2-3x. but I don’t feel like this is constipation because the tight bloating is only located on my right side? I don’t know much about detox and other things because I’m really new to raw, so any and all advice is appreciated.


  • artzyfartzyartzyfartzy Raw Newbie

    oh and I’m about 65% raw on most days.. sometimes 80%..

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Could it be gallstones? They usually cause acute pain but maybe you are not to that stage yet. There are stonebreaker teas on the market that soften the stones and liver flushes to help purge them. If there is any possibility that the colon is too full, you could always just do an enema. Green juices are also great for uh…. cleaning out the intestines with a great side benefit of being very alkalinizing.

  • artzyfartzyartzyfartzy Raw Newbie

    i wondered if it was something to with the gallbladder as well. i really am not having pain though? are these teas you speak of in a regular ole’ health store?

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I don’t know if it is the same or not, but I have had a sensation like what you are describing – just weird for a while – for me, I think it was either mild constipation or cleansing. deborahann has a good idea – maybe your colon is too full if you are not going as often now? Enemas (dump out the enema solution and refill with warm water) and green juices help me a lot.

  • artzyfartzyartzyfartzy Raw Newbie

    i’m pretty relieved to hear that both of you are thinking i’m ‘backed up’.. i thought so too because of the coffee withdrawals – but the fact the bloating sensation is only on the right side kinda made me wonder what else it could be.. just glad to not hear something worse. I’m also wondering when I’m i going to start going again?! I’ve been coffee-free for a few weeks now – and eating better than ever. and now more constipated than ever. I always thought my diet contributed to my ‘on time’ and perfect bowels….....i guess it was coffee ? :-(

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Green juices should help. I also swore I would never do the enema thing and in Feb I did a 30 something day juice feast and did them and they really do help. I suffered chronic low grade constipation for a couple of years and got away with senna teas and colon activator herbal supplements. I now go really well until I fall off of the wagon and eat bread and then everything stops! I find I am much more sensitive to cooked food after the juice feast and I am still detoxing. My cellulite is finally looking better (and then I go and fall of the wagon today!) and my cravings are slowly getting less severe. John Barron’s website sells the tea and I believe the juicefeasting.com references a product. BTW, I am not a regular coffee drinker and it used to make me go, too. Also, if you are too acid, you tend to constipate so check your pH. Urine first thing in the AM should give you a good idea of how you are doing.I get a good price at swansonvitamins.com.The only thing that keeps me alkaline is green juices. Green smoothies help, but are not nearly as effective as the green veggie juice. It’s a shame because it takes FOREVER to juice all that produce! LOL

  • Strange,I’ve been suffering from the exact same thing! The doctor told me it is IBS, but I have no idea, I feel like I have tried almost everything. I am almost always bloated and it is a pulling tension feeling on the lower right hand side of my abdomen, almost pelvic area. It seems to be always there even when I am not bloated, it is not so much pain as just really annoying discomfort all of the time. Did you ever find out what the problem was or resolve it?

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    ARTZY - Who knows what it is. I told my nurse practitioner I had 3+ bowel movements daily and she thought I had IBS. Can you believe it? I stopped myself from being rude but I just wanted to say, “Are you sure you have medical training.”

    I think the only way you can determine if it is connected to your gallbladder/liver is to find a way to try to eliminate that possibility. If the remedy doesn’t work, then either it wasn’t the right remedy for your gallbladder/liver problem or you have a different problem.

    When I had gallbladder problems, I took Standard Process A-F Betafood, which stopped my gallbladder pains in 2 days, negating the need for surgery. My kinesiologist says it works well for all his gallbladder patients.

    I hope you figure out what is going on and – You still look great. :)

  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    Sounds like you’re backed up. I had the same thing and after awhile I relieved some, well…um…gas. All better.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Your liver and your gallbladder are located in the middle of your abdomen not on your sides. Could it be your kidneys? they are located mid-ish back near the top of your hips – if there is something wrong with your kidneys you can feel it in your sides too – near your hips, mid back and even up a little farther.

    where on your sides is the feeling?

    I am having kidney pain right now myself – Just got over a UTI and some of it must have made it my kidneys. It is sort of an achey dull pulling sensation and my side feels “puffy” – no major pain. It can come and go if it is mild and often you might not have any other syptoms.

    Hope you get it resolved soon.

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