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Eating just fruit



  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I discovered through this fruitarian experiment that I do enjoy greens too. :-) I will still eat a lot of fruit, but I also see no more reason to avoid the green plant matter! Plus I feel like making recipes again.

    I’m glad I did this, and I may do it again soon because I found the all-fruit diet very easy and nurturing.

  • Don’t forget tomatoes, TONS of minerals in those things! Cucumbers actually are about 18% fat calories and just over 20% protein calories. Just about all fruits have some fat and some protein in them (usually between 5%-20%) and the fat in them has omega-3/6 ratios that are perfect for humans. Leafy greens are good for some of the nutrients that are on the low side in fruit, plus the chlorophyl is really good for you.

    My definition of fruitarian is a fruit/leafy-green/VERY occasional nut eater – and you can get ALL your required nutrients from those things.

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    RawKidChef, You cant get diabetes from eating too much fruit, not going to happen! Check out the site I posted. http://www.thefruitpages.com. Everything you want to know about fruit is there. I eat about 12 oranges a day. and about 15 to 30 bananas a day depending on how active I am. Fruit has all tha amino acids we need including the ones our bodies cant produce and in complete balance. The sugars in fruit are good sugars not processed. To those who feel you need greens or need greens as a variety issue by all means eat greens then! But one CAN live on 100% fruit! RawKidChef I have a 12 year old son. Hes very interested in fruitarianism but he goes back and forth from his moms to my house and she feeds him and my older son the SAD diet. Its good that you are doing this early because its the best way to live! For those who feel you need greens go right ahead and eat them but please do not say “fruit does not have the nutrients we need” because this is absolutely NOT true! Yes greens have many nutrients and vitamins but fruit is the best balanced way to get the nutrients and digestion is very smooth with no complications.Fruitarianism is a CHOISE as is RAW. I was RAW before I migrated to fruit and ANYTHING is better than hamburgers and fries,burritos,chips,candy,etc,etc, Everyone looks to science for answers on nutrition when the nutrition is already there in the fruit, Everyone has their opinion and theories and theres nothing wrong with greens. I just feel for ME fruit is all I need and Ive done my homework on it and Im living it and feel great and Im looking better and better each day.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    To the staement: fruit rocks nuts suck, grains suck, seeds suck… Well I agree that fruit rocks! i don’t agree that nuts and seeds suck. I Do 100% agree that grains suck. Except for Quinoa, as it is actaully a seed.

    Here is my statement, GREENS rock, veg. rocks, fruit rocks, seeds rock and nuts are pretty good in small amounts. That is the order of the way I think humans should eat.

    I am sorry if I offend anyone but I think eating only fruit is not the right thing to do!! Chimps, our closest reletives in the animal kingdom, eat greens as well as fruits. Being so close to mother nature, I believe they have an inherent knowlege of what is right to eat!! We should follow in the steps of out little cousins. Except for the eating of ants! :)

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    What I’ve read recently is that store-bought fruitarianism is not sustainable in the long run, just because of all the hybridized fruit on the shelves. It’s recommended that you try to eat wild fruit. Maybe even grow your own fruit trees in your back yard. :)

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    wow roadrunner, that’s good to know!The site sounds awesome and I am excited to look at it! I still feel as if greens and nuts are a problem. At least the nuts are. That’s good that your son is not against fruitarianism. Thank you for all that info. Very helpful. I am a fruitarian. I have never felt so good in my life, even eating greens luna blu has caused me severe digestive issues. Nuts are a big problem for me as well, and seeds are even worse. Once I sprinkled a few spoonfuls of ground raw sprouted flax on a salad and O wow so delicious and filling. I thought I could eat flaxseed so I kept eating some for a bout a week and I was really constipated for days. Never going through that again. It’s all fruit for me.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    achin – wow, how do you grow your own fruit trees? Sounds fun!

  • itouristitourist Raw Newbie

    I like see that many people are doing well with high fruit consumption. I eat a lot of fruit.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Roadrunner – thanks for all the info. you posted about fruitarianism. I have never known that it includes nuts and seeds. Life is great, and I love all the options we have now! Also I love getting everyone’s knowledge, experience and opoinions, as it gives me more to weigh for myself and find out what’s best for me. :)

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    Great video on protein and amino acids:


  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    RawKidChef: Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you, I’ve had trouble logging on recently.

    I don’t know much about growing anything! Maybe another member can help. However, I’ve heard seedsofchange.com has good quality seeds. Try to get some good heirloom quality fruit seeds if you can. :)

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Thanks! That website looks cool. :)

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    does the fruitarian diet include greens? i thought it did.

  • Oh jeez, this again lol, I have only been a member so short a time and yet have viewed this arguement MULTIPLE times, I guess, in my very humble opinion, variation and following your tummy works best for me. There are days I eat all fruits and others when I need something heavier, my body generally tells me what I require, and as long as I listen (which sometimes I cover my ears with my hands and sing “I wanna be an airborn ranger…” really loud) I do so much better. Right now, it’s telling me to get some water, soooo….

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I didn’t think anyone was arguing.

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    It really doesnt. fruitarian is fruitarian not greenfruitarian. Anything with a seed is fruit, greens have no seed,zuchinni,cucumber,tomato have seed so theyre fruit not veggies. Its pretty simple to follow and best in mono form. For me lately Ive been eating mostly oranges, a few bananas, and avocados but mostly oranges, I had a grapefruit today and WHEW forgot how sour those were but was quite tasty! Rob

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I’m mono-ing on apples and watermelon for the past few days. I can’t get enough! I’ve been eating other stuff too occasionally, like romaine, as I please, though I’m really enjoying the fruit.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    No, the fruitarian diet doesn’t include greens. Lately I’ve been addicted to lucuma, young coconut, avocado, and pineapple. Hey Rob, is young coconut considered a fruit, or nut? Is it conidered a violation of the fruitarian diet to eat young coconut?

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    Hey RawKid On the young coconut I really dont know if its a fruit or nut, I dont eat it. I dont think it has seeds does it? there are many fruits out there Ive never tried either like durian,star fruit, and others that Ive only read about but seriously i dont know on the coconut. Im sure its not a violation of the fruitarian diet if you eat it and if one eats fruit all the time but occasionally eats romaine or spinach or something thats fine I just personally feel that a true friuitarian eats fruit and fruit only. When I first went raw I ate seeds,nuts,salads,romaine,brocolli,cauliflower etc etc and one day I realized, hey… I dont like all this green stuff and veggies but i love fruit!!! So I got a book called “Fruit:The Ultimate Diet by ReJean Durette and read it, then I came across those sites I posted and read both of them thouroughly. www.fruitarian.com and www.fruitpages.com and Ive been on fruit ever since.Also back when I ate greens or veggies I was always feeling crappy or slow, or “heavy” but on fruit I feel light and MASSIVE energy and Im actually getting stronger now than when I was 250 pounds and muscular, now Im a trim 165 and building muscle. There are so many things i want to do now when before on the SAD diet and being heavy all I did was sit around on my a**! but not now its GO time!


  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    You’re so inspirational! I love eating fruit more then anything else, that’s true!

    Do you know what though? I’m addicted to hot spices. I will eat romaine with cayenne pepper or cut up a jalapeno (technically a fruit) just to have the “spicy” kick that I enjoy. I just realized I could still have spice though; cutting up an avo, cucumber and tomato with jalapeno would be 100% fruitarian AND satisfy my spicy addictions. :-)

    Do you eat cacao, roadrunner? I’ve been making banana puddings with cacao lately. It gives me a speedy rush that I’m not sure about, but the taste is really yummy.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Hey….cool! I will decrease my intake of coconut. I like coconut water though, so cleansing!

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    Moth, Ive never tried cacao. Ive made my piece with chocolate where on SAD I had at least one if not 2 or 3 candy bars a day. and when I got healthy I just let chocolate go, and pizza ,and hamburgers, all of it. those 3 things were my favorite things to eat and Im so glad i stopped now before they killed me early. Im a runner, I run anywhere from 2.5 miles up to 5 miles every other day and I used to laugh at runners when they went by and joke how they should drive a car or theres nothing chasing them why are they running etc but now i run and to me thats a major mile marker for me. I never saw myself being a runner but I love it, thats my time to myself, just me and the road at 4:30 am and so peaceful and quiet as well and fruit has made my running experience so much more rewarding. I used to walk alot then one day I began trotting and then jogging and here I am running. All I ever did before was sit around and do nothing but munch and watch T.V.


  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I eat cacao! Cacao beans are technically a fruit, so I’m good with that. It’s great. Chocolate ice cream…..mmmmm good.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey guys! My fruitarianism just kicked in again, and I think it’s for the long haul, The final straw was when I was talking to a friend about the latest in my raw lifestyle, just kinda commenting on things, when he said, “You know, you seemed to do really well on all-fruit. It seemed to be working well for you, it’s just that you stopped doing it when you went on that trip.”

    It hit home; I was fruitarian for a few weeks, and loving it, feeling better then ever, until I went on a trip and started eating more root vegetables and greens, which tend to make me feel too heavy and grounded for my taste! (I’m an air-sign) I’ve gradually been making my way back to fruitarianism since then, and hearing my friend point out what I already knew, really hit home and woke me up a little. He’s right; I was feeling GREAT on all fruit!

    So here we go. I feel so at peace now that I made this decision! I’ve been mono-mealing more and more, just eating the same type of fruit for most of the day, so I’m ready for this.

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    Moth, Where are you from? Is it a cold climate? Or warm most the time? Roadrunner

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    hey roadrunner ~

    I’m near Boston. It’s JUST NOW starting to warm up a bit. I survived the entire winter completely raw with no real problems and noticed I actually started being able to tolerate the cold better, being raw.

    What I really need to do is find a way to purchase fruit in BULK. I have not been able to find a service around Boston that’ll let me purchase the fruits I would like by the crate. I work at Whole Foods though, so maybe I’ll be able to talk to my produce manager and see if there’s a way I could buy crates of fruit with my discount.

    Something needs to be done though. I’m going through fruit too fast and it’s not coming in fast enough to suit me. My reusable shopping bags aren’t big enough!

  • I have been watching this discussion for a while and i am very interested in trying to be a fruitarian. I have done a little bit off research on the topic and figured out that the best way is to follow a mono diet. Do any of you have any tips on how to start? What fruits to eat? How much fruit to eat in a day? Can you eat too much fruit?

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Here’s my two cents’ worth on cacao and young coconut: Coconut is a seed, the largest seed in the world. However, young coconut has a different nutritional profile, since it’s lower in fat. It’s still considered a seed, but with less fat, and of course, a lot of lovely tasting coconut water.

    Cacao beans are nuts, but there is a pulp inside of the cacao pod, and that’s the cacao fruit. I’ve never seen it for sale, so you might need to go down to Ecuador or some other country where cacao trees are grown to taste it. Maybe someday it will be available for sale on a raw food website, at least in dried form. I’d love to try it! :)

  • dianas4230dianas4230 Raw Newbie

    In my opinion, this fruit diet is very necessary and useful for our body. However we should not abuse it. After all, we also need to obtain other food.


  • HelenGreeneHelenGreene Raw Newbie

    You can go with fruits. Just move on.

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