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First Juice Feast- Any joiners?

Alrighty- I started on my raw journey back in February. I was really gung ho in March and was doing very well, but still smoking partially due to my stressful internship/work/school schedule. So- my internship ends next week, I’m out of school for a month, so I figure May will be a good time for me to do my first juice fast. I’ve never done this before, and I’m only planning on doing three days to start with. I was considering doing a green smoothie feast, but I’ve been reading up more on juicing and I think I’ll give it a go. I think I will have less cravings this way. I am hoping this will also help me quit smoking cold tofurkey as I have been intending to quit as soon as my life settled down for a second and I set the ending of my intership as my cutoff date. I have been cutting back substantially in the past few weeks and feeling better. SOOOO: A) Anyone want to join me on a brief (or longer if you like)juice feast for support? B) Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas about what I should do to prepare in the week and days ahead of this? I plan on starting Thursday, May 1st and going through Saturday, then continue through Sunday if I feel good.


  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    I think I will. I want to say “I will!”, but it all depends on budget. If my budget is low I may supplement with a tablespoon or so of green powders. Are you doing fruit juice feasting, green juice feasting or both? Sorry if you stated that in the above already. I’ve been meaning to do one and was thinking of May. This might be the perfect time. :)

  • Slosh-uhSlosh-uh Raw Newbie

    I wish I could but its really not a good time for me because that weekend I’m going to visit my family and I’ll be introducing them to raw foods.

    I’ll probably do one when I get back though.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    I am in the midst of a juice feast.. I’ve been going for 7 days and plan on four more days. It’s been going really well. I did a master cleanse a couple months ago and the juice feast is more enjoyable and easier and feels good. I use kombucha and green powders during juice feast.

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    i plan to do one this summer, when it’s cheaper and more available at the markets.

    I have been wondering though, what is the difference between a juice feast and a juice fast? I have read up on juice feasts and it seems that is more a smoothie-based thing and a juice fast is a juicer-based thing.

    good luck

  • hey rawrach! i sent you a myspace friend request hun. add me! i’d love to join you on the juice feast the timing would be perfect for me. april 30th i’m going to a rawluck and the following day would be the best day to start a juice feast. count me in and contact me via myspace too…support system rawks

    bitt – i think the difference between a juice feast and a juice fast is just in the terms being used. when feasting…you get to drink juice in ABUNDANCE. while fasting you’re restricting yourself of something…(food). it’s usually hard for ppl to keep to a fast because of that word “fast”, because one is saying to oneself…”i cant have…..”. FEAST is wonderful because I say…I CAN HAVE….and i CAN in abundance. also, juice feasting is just JUICE…not smoothies. the fiber has been taken out and the “fasting” element comes in. the digestive system is getting to take a break of having to move all the fiber. but still getting all the love and goodness of organic juice. juiced daily. in abundance.


  • rawrach a good thing to incorporate at the end of your juice fasting will be a salt and water cleanse you can find instruction some where in the forum if you can’t find it and you’re interested let me know.

  • StefunkStefunk Raw Newbie

    I’m all for it! I’m already planning to start one tomorrow. I’m going for 30 days. I’m hoping to keep up with it. I’m a huge quitter but I’m determined. I have 15 recipes chosen from this site and all the groceries I’ll need. I went to a farmers market and only spent about 35 dollars. Wish me luck!

  • Awesome- thanks people! I was beginning to doubt myself, but now I feel resolved. I’m going to actually try and start tonight by skipping dinner and going with a green juice instead. I didn’t really have any plans on whether to do fruit or green juices, I was thinking some combo of the both because it doesn’t seem like a great idea to do just fruit b/c of the sugar. So, I’ve come up with some juice combos from the groceries I have, I went and bought massive quantities of fruits and veggies this past weekend. I’m pretty prepared to quit smoking totally, the last few i’ve had have made me feel wretched! :) Stefunk- how’s the first couple days going?

  • I started a master cleanse 3 days ago. I am switching tommorow to a juice feast. I have done the MC before when I was transitioning from eating meat to being vegan and it agreeded really well with me. This time around though, as I have been very high raw for over a year, I just felt really bad on the MC. It made me feel like I had been binging on proccessed sugars. I don’t know how long I will juice feast, at least a couple weeks. To anyone who has done a juice feast before: do you have significantly less bowel movements on a juice feast?

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    circleakitchen.. I tended to have 2 or 3 eliminations a day on master cleanse, just one a day on juice feasting. But juice feasting is so much easier, more pleasant and feels healthier. I’m on day 11 of a juice feast, planning to break feast tommorrow. Don’t really want to but I”m also in the last several weeks of training for a marathon and need to do a 20 mile run saturday, need some pre fuel for that. I ran about 15 miles on coconut water a lone but was a little tough. Anyway, juice feasting is pretty fun. I love just making a huge glass of carrot/orange juice, what a treat! and I feel almost like a scientist when I figure out each day what to make to get a lot of good nutrients in me. I’ve been juicing lots of ginger, grapefruit, cucumber, celery, all so cleansing. Much more healthy then my beloved maple syrup and lemon (I actually liked the master cleanse lemonade but juice is healthier for sure)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Oh, I just saw your post and it looks like you’re starting already, right? You can use warm water enemas in the mornings to help the cleansing along, and adding chlorella and/or spirulina powder to your drinks will help give you protein.

  • Ok- I started today! I had a juice this morning with 2 apples, 2 lemons, and 2 carrots; and I made one to take to work with me today that had 3 celery stalks, half a cucumber, half a lemon, and two oranges. I think that should get me until I get home, and then I have some turmeric/carrot/lemon juice. I want to go to my dance class tonight and I think I’ll have enough energy, but does anyone have any suggestions as to what you take before and/or after a workout while fasting? Mrs. rev- did you start today?

  • StefunkStefunk Raw Newbie

    Well I’m on day 5 and loving it! I’m down 11 pounds and can actually see where the weight is coming off. I have so much energy, I’m not as stressed as I was just 6 days ago, and I seem to be at peace with things. I made the Joggers Paradise yesterday and it is by far my favorite! I drank it while driving in rush hour (which usually stresses me out) and I was fine. I also have been around lots of fast food lately and have had no desire to eat it. I actually held an onion ring yesterday and dipped it in ketchup and had no desire to eat it. Shocking!!

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    Oops I forgot it was May. All I had was a blended mango and green powder though. I think I’ll start juicing next meal and move on. My produce isn’t going to last so I’ll juice fresh and use my powders on and off. Not ideal, but it’ll do. I think I’m going to make mine half of today and through the weekend. Then do it again on the next couple of weekends. I was wanting to do longer to prepare for some later month cleansing I was planning. For some reason the weekends in May seem like a good idea for my body right now. Then I’ll do a really big cleanse next month.

  • i did ok yesterday on my first day, ended up hungry with headaches and went to bed early, but I feel much better today. have-mersey: I’m with you on doing shorter, more frequent fasts. I’ve been reading about doing once a week 36 hour fasts, alternate day fasts, and I think my goal for now is to start off with 3 days this week and then try to do a 36 hour fast once a week through the summer. According to Steve Meyerowitz (Sproutman) these short fasts can give you alot of benefit while not requiring you go for like 30 days. If you fast once a week for a year you still give your digestive sytem 52 days of breaks. Any thoughts on this? I’m trying to hype myself up for a longer fast, but it’s kindof hard to wrap my head around, so maybe I start with 3 days, then try 5 next month and so on or something like that.

  • Stefunk- sounds like your doing really well! When did you find hunger pains disappearing? Kminty- how did your feast go? Sounds like it’s probably a good idea for you to break if you’re going to run that far, good luck! I’m really digging the graprefruit-ginger combos, too.

  • Hey I was wondering if any of you have information about juice fasts or feasts? I find it pretty interesting and wanted to learn more about it.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Rawrach and Stefunk – Wishing you all the best on your juicing! I’m sending words of encouragement your way. This is very inspiring to see others attempt it – i’m not ready, as I’m far too attached to my raw meals. But one day I hope to follow in your footsteps – perhaps I can do a 3 day juice fast a couple times next month. Great suggestion ya’ll!

  • StefunkStefunk Raw Newbie

    Rawrach-I only had hunger pangs on the first day. I had to make a grocery list and go to two stores to get groceries for my family. It was the worst as I was putting all the food in the pantry. I also had a slight headache during that but I’m sure that was because I didn’t have any caffeine. Since then I’ve been fine. I like the 7 day fast idea. I think after this one I’ll do that from now on.

    DoveyLovey-I found everything I needed here, under juice, and at www.juicefasting.org. Good luck!

    I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to do this. I’ve lost 14 pounds since Monday and have never felt better!

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    Ugh, I have had cravings for every food I have ever eaten! Even if it was disgusting and I despised it! ew and mmm. :( And I know It’s just detox symptoms, but I REALLY REALLY want scones and tea. Oh my. I need to speed this up, or grow some patience. This is ridiculous. But a good sign.

    I just had to say all of that, or I was afraid I’d go and make some. I think I’m a bit better now. Tolerable anyway. But, I do think I will have to do some experimenting after juicing.

  • Hey Stefunk, have_mersey,rawrach, and everyone else….are you still doing the juice fasting? I’m starting one tomorrow, do you have any veggie combinations to suggest? Thanks! :)

  • suekosueko Raw Superstar

    I’m on day 30 of juice feasting, following the guidelines on juicefeasting.com and I really feel fantastic. Stick it out past the first week and the changes will astound you. If I can do it, anyone can. I generally have no discipline!

    have_mersey: If you can figure out a way to make scones and tea raw I’d REALLY, REALLY be interested when I’m done with my fast. I think it is the thing I miss most about being raw!

  • I’m very new to raw (have been reading a lot about it on the internet and talking with raw friends) and have recently decided that I want to give it a go. I’ve been gradually trying to decrease my intake of cooked and processed foods and increase my intake of fruits and veggies, but would like to speed the process up. In addition, I would like to lose some weight and am thinking of beginning a juice feast on June first. I would like to end it in August, completing a 92 day juice feast. Right now, I feel like I will be able to do it, but I’m afraid that once I begin I’ll realize I’m not capable of beating back the cravings…has anybody jumped right into an extended juice feast before going 100%?

  • I will definetly join in!!! I’ve recently committed to 100% RAW again, and it has been soo great. A juice feast would just be (raw) icing on a date torte :) And as for jumping in… Yes. The first time I went raw, I started it with a week of juice/smoothies… than I became 100% (about 1 yr ago).

  • Well, then I think I’ll join in…starting June first :)

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