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Can you tell me about DETOX?

Hi all – I’ve been poking around raw for about a year now, looking at recipies and cookbooks and the like. Today makes day four of 100%! Right now I feel great. I have been reading many posts on this site about detox and feeling a bit scared. What exactly is deotx? I am anxious that at any moment I will start vomiting or shaking…..needless to say I would like to be prepared. Any info anyone can share would be appreciated.


  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Detox is something to be prepared for, but not necessarily feared. It is your body getting rid of toxins that have been hidden away inside your body, and those toxins coming out can cause symptoms just like if they were just put into your body again. Symptoms can be flu-like, sometimes you will get sick with something you were sick with in the past, and sometimes it will even show up worse than you had it before, but it also usually will be done quicker than before, too. Sometimes you may also feel weak temporarily. It is definitely something to be aware of and prepared for. Green juices (tons of them) and warm water enemas (dump out the enema solution and fill the enema bottle with warm water to use for your enema) can help the cleansing process along and help lessen/eliminate the severe detox symptoms. Nuts and oils/fats slow down the cleansing process so it doesn’t happen quite so fast. Also, it is important to drink lots of water and take it easy physically during the initial transition and detox period – if you’re not exercising, don’t start anything major, and if you are, maybe cut back some so you don’t push your body too hard, just as you would if you were sick with the flu or something else. Good luck, and go at your own pace. Some people do great going 100% and doing juices, etc. to get through detox quickly. Others have to transition to raw very slowly – just do what works for you, and enjoy yourself! I wish I had known about the freen juices & enemas a long time ago; I think I could have transitioned a lot faster and easier if I knew all this stuff back then. Oh, well. Everything in its time, and I have learned a ton on my journey! :) Glad to have you here! :)

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I recommend lots of water, and take 1 tsp of psyllium husk 2 times a day and also have flax 1 tsp two times a day. Just pop each tsp in a glass of water and drink it. They’ll help with colon cleansing, which will help w/ detox. Don’t worry too much about it – I just had to sleep a lot, no real detox for me. Just take it easy, go for long walks, sleep a lot, you’ll be fine – ask our forum if you have questions!!

  • Thank you! I feel like I am doing an ok job now. I have been doing a huge green smoothie/soup in the evenings and the past two nights have added flax oil to them. Forgive my ignorance, but what is psyllium husk? And where can I get an enema bag? I know I have to up my water intake, working on that 15 minutes at a time. Maybe I’ll try a green juice in the am as well.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    I just buy the enemas in bottles – the disposable ones – and empty them and then fill with the warm water, cuz I don’t know where to buy empty enema kits. Larger size is better on the enemas, too, or you can just fill the small one twice.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i didn’t experience ANY detox symptoms. i think it depends on what your diet is like to begin with. i did get VERY hungry after week 2 and started eating bananas like i was an ape. i recommend eating a lot of greens!

    it might be easier to just set up an apt. to get colon hydrotherapy. i was pretty surprised at how reasonably priced it is. rawfooddetoxdiet.com has a list of practitioners in most states, and in some other countries outside the us.

    good luck!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    p.s. another way to think of detox… on raw, you are giving all your cells the go ahead to release all the bad stuff they have been squirling away for years from poor food choices. sometimes if we become too clean too fast too much gets released all at once, so that’s a good sign to SLOW down… greens and raw fats slow the process, fruit speeds it up…

  • Hello there,

    Don’t worry about detox! Many people don’t notice any detox symptoms at all and most people’s detox symptoms are very minor and short lived.

    The most common detox symptoms are headaches, tiredness, cold and flu symptoms, and/or stomach issues. But like I said, most people’s detox is mild and short lived.

    It really depends on how old you are (how long you’ve been abusing your body by putting the wrong things in it) and how toxic your lifestyle was before.

    Enjoy your raw journey! It is wonderful and totally worth it!


    Audrey www.rawhealing.com

  • Thanks everyone. I feel more clam now. I have been really inspired as of late, just completely ready t make this change and the thought of getting sick made me anxious. This is a really positive place to be!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i am almost at the end of week 3 and i think my digestion was what was detoxing the first week. i had some bloating and increased bowel movements. then sometimes my stools were hot (I have read this can be detox). Of course, it was interesting that they turned green!

    but other than those things I have been gradually feeling BETTER not sicker. (i was pretty sick to start off).

  • Hello everyone. I am fairly new to the raw thing and this is my first post here. When you talk about detoxing, are you just referring to detoxing the digestive system and colon cleansing or is there any detox through the kidneys as well? For the past couple of days, my urine has been smelling very odd. Sorry if this is repulsive to some of you…but I’ve never had this happen before. It almost smells chemical-like! I’ve also found out that a lot of the foods I’ve been eating which I thought were raw really aren’t. Like tahini paste, “raw” cashews, “raw” pumpkin seeds. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Amygdala – I’m going to say yes to the kidneys, any path of elimination – kidneys, lymphatic system, bowels, skin. I would guess that different types of substances are released in different ways, depending on where they’re stored (liver, fat). There are all KINDS of weird detox symptoms, it’s endlessly fascinating! There are some raw books specifically about detox, I know Shazzie has one, haven’t read any myself, but they may help you.

  • Hi amysue. Thanks for your reply. Maybe I should pick up a book like the one you mentioned. I have Victoria Boutenko’s book “Green For Life,” but I don’t remember if she mentioned any detox symptoms in there. I’ll have to pick it up again and see. It’s just the craziest thing…but this smell is so strange and strong that I am wondering whether I am passing some nasty chemicals out of my system or there is something else going on!

  • rachel_akikorachel_akiko Raw Newbie

    Well, my detox symptoms were pretty mild… I had headaches the first three nights in a row, and coughed up a lot of phlem, and got a few extra pimples. Oh, I would also suddenly feel really tired and just fall asleep in the middle of the day. I didn’t puke or feel horrible, though.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    You might find this helpful and not so scarey… Detoxing/Cleansing/Correcting Response

  • Rachel and Bluedolfin….thanks for your help. I see acne mentioned a lot and I never had that. Had a few headaches and bouts of tiredness which I thought was probably low blood sugar due to eating mostly greens. But I didn’t expect the smelly urine, lol. I did see it mentioned on one list of detox symptoms.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Great responses! And thanks for that forum/post Bluedolfin. I like that “sorta” FAQ.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Amygala: My privilege. We have all been there in one form or another… and continue to “be there” because this is all a process…

    germin8 and everyone: I started as a primer for newbies: newbie page. Please contribute to the threads and start new ones. I was looking to streamline some info that is asked about fairly regularly for easy access… yes, you might call them FAQs. I can see doing one for equipment and books also. What do you see as being good ones to start? It really works if lots of people contribute. The threads were not intended to be only “my view.” It would be great to have a resource or FAQ tab where this type of stuff can live. :)

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