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10 day master cleanse



  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    I’m so amazed by all of you going the distance with this, I really have all the respect in the world for you. I have a few reasons for this being my last day (Day 8). I would like to be back to normal for Fathers Day so my husband can choose where he would like to eat and I won’t have to bring along juice or be grumpy or hungry. Two – I feel like I’ve done a lot of cleansing – went through the sore throat, headache, aches, chills, and now I feel normal, making me feel like I’m done and I did a lot of good. Three – it’s just too distracting right now to be obsessed with food. We’re wrapping up first grade and all of my daughters activities, we have a huge day today as my husband closes on this historical property which is a dream come true and I want to be there for them.

    Congratulations kindaraw, and keep it up everyone else!!

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    ok i have to move my start to tomorrow..one of my friends will be leaving to be stationed in Alabama and we will go out to eat tonight…cant say no to that..i will start tomorrow…

  • Hey Hey Hey girls, what’s shakin? I’m doing great! I completed the 10 days of my Master Cleanse and wouldn’t you know it, for breakfast I had an MC lemonade. I am just now having a mixture of fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice and damn it tastes good!!

    Meditating-I fly back to the East Coast to visit my family all the time. The Washington DC area. I hear you about the Dosas. I love those. I lived in India for a while and love Masala Dosa’s with the potato curry in them. Vindaloo is outstanding too. Believe it or not I have been craving green smoothies. Can’t wait to make one for breakfast tomorrow.

    AlyssaDyane-You are the bomb girl!! 15 days, that is just awesome. Congratulations on your 16 year old jumping into good habits early in life. Way to go. I cleaned out my refrigerator before I started too so I know that concept of no temptation.

    Hey Sabrina-Hope you are feeling better today and have ditched the headaches. Keeping busy certainly makes the time on the MC go a lot faster. Good that you have a lot of packing to do!

    Greenie-Where are you, what’s going on, today should be your last day? Let us know how you are feeling.

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    i just caught up reading…i just found out i am a graduate..lol..thanks meditating. I will start tomorrow again..at least 10 days. Will do the salt water flush tomorrow morning…cant wait for that (yeah right!!)...but i do look forward to my lemonade although i was quiet fed up with it on day 5, this time i will also have limes available so i can switch before i get all silly again like last time.thanks everyone for the support, that was great and something i really enjoyed and need (again).........anyone else want to join on a monday start?.....

  • Day 12, and I have now re-organized my whole house. There seems to be a lot of that going on lately. Anyways, I feel great and very excited to be half way over. I think I already have our first week off’s meals planned.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Hey ladies – Day 7 has been the best day ever to quote David Wolfe. Just feel human again, no more grouchiness but still hungry. Noooo weight loss, at all. Weird, eh?? So happy I finished my first grade report today!!!!!!!

    cavegal – stop with the chocolate!!!! It made me hungry just to play Slamwich card game with my daughter and see cartoon drawings of tomatoes and lettuce. You know I will be trying that idea, though.

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    Hi everyone. Well I started drinking OJ at 2:00pm on Day 9 (and drank about a quart through the rest of the day). My stomache loved it and I immediately felt I had more energy. It was strange to wake up this morning and not have a BM, I haven’t had one all day (probably because I stopped the tea and SWF). I drank OJ today as well until lunch time when I had a large cup of vegetable juice. The veg juice also went down smoothly so I continued to drink it until just after lunch time when I started to slowly munch on about a cup of warmed veggies. I took the food slowly and chewed every bite for a very long time to generate digestive acid in my mouth. A few gurgles in the tummy was all I experienced…no cramps, but I’m not planning on eating anything more solid today as I have been totally full since, and I want to see what my digestive system does with the food (i.e. will I poop it out tomorrow?) So that’s the latest. I wanted to give everyone on this forum a big high five and warm thanks for all of your posts…I couldn’t have made it this far without this forum!!

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Hey kindaraw – it’s been fun! Glad you were here with me. I’m thinking of following your lead and ending on Day 9. I’m still mystified by the whole breaking the fast routine. I just read pages and pages online about it and all I can conclude for sure is that you don’t break the fast with 3 glasses of merlot and veal parmesan with spaghetti because you’ll end up in the hospital. No worries there.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Hey ladies! Back in the food world here. My transition is going smoothly and quickly, I seem to crave new and heavier foods by the hour, which is fine with me. I had to go to a big celebration dinner last night at a seafood restaurant, and I didn’t feel right bringing my grapefruit juice in with me, so while everyone else pigged out on lobster and steamers and calamari, I drank unfiltered tap water, cause that’s all they had. I couldn’t wait to get out to the car where my cooler was waiting with my juice!! I survived and I was so thrilled to be eating again I made the banana cream pie recipe on this site decorated with strawberries for family and guest. I ate some with no problems, YAY FOOD!

    Wow AlyssaDyane! It’s a family affair, that’s great!

    cavegal, you are too funny. Did you find the juice almost tasted fatty? It was like a meal to me! Congratulations and thanks for keeping our spirits ups!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    thanks guys for all the tips and info on cayenne! I think I will be OK with the stuff I have- it is pretty deep red looking. We shall see…

    cavegal – I am starting NEXT sunday only because I have two raw potlucks coming up this week and I don’t want to miss out. I looking forward to starting. Everyone will done will theirs by the time I start mine! I might do 14 days if I can handle it.

    I am getting ready to raid some lemons trees out here to get some free lemons. :)

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I am so glad to read that everyone is doing so well with their MC. I hope others sign on soon because I really like reading this thread.

    ALYSSA DYANNE and CAVE GAL - You go girls! GREENIE is right behind you. KINDARAW has graduated!! What a feeling. I’m so excited for and proud of everyone here.

    I had plenty of carrot and green juice today. I ate a few plums. I started having watermelon fantasies today. When it gets hot like it has been the last few days I just want cold, juicy fruit. I actually drank a glass of MCL without the cayenne today because I love the taste. I find it very quenching now (as long as it is made with lemons).

    CAVE GAL, you let me know next time you start a cleanse cause by the 4th day i want to send you a ticket to come stay with me. I would put you’re energetic, cleaning self to work. LOL. I ‘m sorry you are so tired this afternoon but when you have those periods of energy and clarity it is such a great high. I loved that, even if I did crash and burn a little some days later.

  • Day 9 comes to a close and I have set up my dining room table with my centerpiece and all the platters and dishes that will be holding my rawsome delights for the party I am having on Friday. At long last, members of my family are finally visiting me here in Texas. It has been 11 years. Like a dutiful daughter, every year I make the pilgrimage back East to visit my family at least twice. I will be serving Tabouleh, Humus, a fabulous vegetable platter with the mock cheddar cheese dip, guacamole and chips (I know not raw but I have to be considerate and do not have a dehydrator, celery stuffed with the spring onion cheese, raw chocolate truffles and the date fig power bars which I will cut into appetizer pieces.

    I am so looking forward to preparing all of these delights for my friends and family. There will also be a cheese platter (got to be considerate of my SAD friends and family). LOL! The house is sparkling. My bedroom looks like a set out of Kismet. Looking forward to showing off.

    Sabrina tomorrow is a good day to start. You will have the positive force energy from my final day. Amysue you did a great job. 9 days is nothing to sneeze at, I know!! I am going to bed now so my last day tomorrow will get here sooner!!

    Good vibes out to kindaraw and meditating!!

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    okay this makes me so sad to report but I have not had a BM since I started on food. I’ve had chronic constipation my entire life and I was so hoping this MC would help the situation. I’ve had 2 avocados, lots of fiber, and LOTS of liquids including the smooth move tea. I really don’t want to take magnesium to get it going but I don’t know what else to do.

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    Oh so basically it’s been since Saturday AM without any action. Any suggestions?

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    hey girls…thanks alot..i was busy today we are getting ready to move soon and that gives me some to do..did the salt water flush this morning and yes it worked alright…already have headaches today like expected…i wont write much..i am tired from all the packing and garage cleaning…again..thanks girls, i really appreciate the support

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    SABRINA - Bless you child. Moving is sucj a stressful event. I jumped off the MC because I have a friend coming down for app. 10 days. I haven’t seen her for 10 years so we will have a good time and probably eat out often, After she leaves, I am going to check with my ND and see if he approves if me picking up where I left off.

    ALYSSA DYANNE - You are such a trooper. Keep up the good work.

    CAVE GAL - wouldn’t you know. I live on the East Coast.

    I haven’t been craving junk food (which for me is Thai beef salad, Mongolian Beef, Dosas. Vindaloo, etc,) but I know I will be eating those soon with my friend soon so I am looking forward to it. I haven’t eaten that kind of food regularly in a several years. However, right now the local narket still has juicy, organic peaches and I am loading up on those grapefruit too. I really just want to eat cold fruit right now.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    Oh happy day. I went 12 days on my MC, which ended Saturday. I need to slowly come off as a good friend I haven’t seen in 10 years is coming to stay with me for a week beginning this Thursday. I received a perfect reward on Sunday: JUICY organic peaches. I love peaches but haven’t eaten one in about 5 years as I can never find them organic and I know they have a high pesticide retainage. I found them organic once, but they were hard as rocks. I went to the market Saturday evening and found organic, juicy peaches and organic strawberries. Sunday morning I had the most divine glass of peach juice and later that day I had strawberry juice. That evening, I had a pint of fresh strawberries and I ate them so slowly and they completely melted in my mouth. It was heaven.

    I have been dying to weigh myself but a few days ago I put my scales in the closet as I don’t want to be consumed by weight concerns. I decided I would weigh a week or so after I start eating regularly. That way, I won’t feel disappointed when I gain some of the weight I lost back. It is REALLY hard for me to do this but I find I only think about it once a day now (rather than 10).

    I think I should invite CAVE GIRL and ALYSSA DYANE to my house for a week next MC since they so enjoy cleaning and organizing. I love to organize other people’s stuff but not my own.

    Hell Butt – What a funny term. LOL. I eat tons of really hot food but have only experienced Hell Butt once in my life. I wonder why that is? I must do some research on that. Ha Ha. I remember awhile back when I was eating sushi regularly I never had to pay for my meal because I always bet I could eat a big wad of wasabi without drinking water or crying. Someone was always a taker and I was none the poorer for it. I never lost a bet. Whenever I go to a new Indian or Arab resturaunts, I tell them to make it my food as hot as they can. They always ask me if I am sure and then the chef peeks out the kitchen to see if I am choking. I have even had one chef come and tell me he couldn’t believe I ate the food and thought only a true Indian could do that. But that is funny how it affects most people. Maybe my body just absorbs the BTU producing chemicals.

    I had the most productive weekend. Saturday, I was still tired and with the heat index it was 100+ here. I worked a few minutes, rested a few minutes, that was my routine all day long. I rarely go out in the sun and have been concerned about my vitamin D production. I wore a tank top and got a slight sunburn on my shoulders, something I haven’t had in 30 years. Well worth it though, I finished a good deal of what I needed to start my gardening. I was sweating all day Saturday and for the first time made lime MC with agave. I don’t think I like the lime as much as the lemon or maybe I just missed the maple sugar, which I really like.

    I am so proud of everyone here, myself included. I am looking forward to food (I have been dreaming about my avacado dressing on a lovely salad and also this citrus and avacado salad I make) but I really enjoyed the sense of accomplishment of having been on the MC. I plan to do another one in early September and hopefully at the change of each season thereafter.

    Everyone – Keep up the good work. :)

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    Today is day 10 and I feel excellent – very clear, alert, and quiet. I’m not at all hungry and don’t feel like breaking the fast. I’ll be traveling later in the month, though, and don’t want to be on the MC and possibly running to the bathroom every 5 minutes while I’m negotiating airports etc. So tomorrow I will start eating.

    I’ve decided to come of the fast with fruit and green smoothies, not orange juice. The oranges around here are very old and sour.

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    Amysue, I know what you mean about being mystified but you’ll just listen to what your bod wants and be fine. I will say that exercising after the first solid food did prove to cause some mild cramping (and by exercise I just went on a brisk doggie walk). I ate three lovely medjool dates last night before bedtime and am up this morning with fresh juice and ginger peppermint tea just to start the day off right. Meditating, that’s hilarious about the wasabi, I think you and my hubs have alot in common. Congrats everyone. Also on my last day, I spent the whole day “cooking” in the kitchen. It was SOOO great to have my DH and Cuisinart back in action!!

  • Kindaraw: How bout a SWF? That might work. We know how effective they are on the MC. Maybe your body is missing them! LOL!

    Jumping for joy here today as I have reached Day 10!! I am so proud of myself for sticking to this and clearing my house. This evening I will be doing a saging and Reiki (I am a reiki master) ceremony on my home to flush any SAD energy from my abode!! I feel incredibly energetic and have had a marvelous ten days.

    Hey Meditating if you live on the west coast and would like to send a ticket for organizing your home next time you decide to do the MC then I am open for a visit!!

    Congratulations to Sabrina on Day 1. Let’s send her some great vibes!

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    cavegal: congratulations!!! Yes, the SWF was exactly my thought this morning and it worked. I LOVE the SWF!!!!

  • Day 14 here

    Okay, the boyfriend and I are both experiencing some serious tummy growling. Really loud tummy growling. Non-stop for over 24 hours. I could hear his grumble in his sleep! It was very embarrassing during my business meeting yesterday. We never had this happened to us before. Anyone ever had this problem during the cleanse?

    Other than that, we feel pretty durn good. I am now down 17 pounds.

  • Day 13 for me. I weighed myself this morning, and I am down 16 pounds. Both mt bf and I feel just great, though we are excited for it to be over. Oh well, only 8 more days. Then I can celebrate the following week end with a raw meet up at Au Lac!

  • Congrats, ladies, on transitioning back to food.

    Day 16 here. We feel like we are in the home stretch.

  • Day 15 and all is still just fine. I notice I just feel pretty evenly okay most of the day. Our 16 year old started the cleanse, and she is on day 3 today – she wants to go 10 days. So last night we cleaned out the fridge. It is absolutely empty with the exception of some condiments, a bottle of home made beer. It’s crazy.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Hey all, just popped back in to say congratulations to cavegal, so glad it was so rewarding, it was fun to hear of all your activities!

    kinaraw – congratulations on the flush, you must feel better!

    AlyssaDyane – lots of tummy rumbles during the cleanse, also very embarrassed, Don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

    Sabrina – have a great cleanse!

  • Hi everybody! I am new here but have been reading for a while, and really got inspired by all of you gals doing the Master Cleanse!

    So I am going to join you this Saturday, and do it for a minimum of 10 days, but hopefully 14 – depending on how I feel.

    I am newly recommitting to a raw lifestyle after a “year off”, and I feel I need a clean slate to start off right. As well, this will be I hope the way to put an end to 10 years of struggling with an eating disorder and recent problems with alcohol.

    I am very excited about taking care of my health in a very serious and committed way!

    You can follow me at www.gala-rising.blogspot.com, as I will be updating my efforts daily!

    Good luck to all, you are so inspiring!

  • Day 9 for me!! Last night I totally crashed at about 9:00PM and was wide awake at 2:30 in the morning. So I cold water washed all my bathing suits and let them air dry then did some paperwork organizing in my office. Then back to bed and up at 5:30 AM. Got my bills paid before going to work and now I am dragging butt. I am really tired today. I can’t wait to get home to get some sleep. No cleaning tonight.

    Congratulations Meditating. Congratulations AlyssaDyane!

    I will try and post again tonight when I get home. My eyes can barely stay open. Please let this day be over soon!

  • AlyssaDyane-Way to go girl!! Only 7 days left. You are doing great and congrats on giving away the 17 pounds to someone who needs them!!

    Kindaraw:Got love those SWF’s!!

    Amysue:Thanks! How are you feeling since being off? What are you eating, etc.?

  • Hey Gala, welcome back to the greener side of the street! Good luck on your journey!

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