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10 day master cleanse



  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    Hi SA-RAW, I hear ya. I'm not a fan of it either, rather happy that my work schedule in the middle of the night doesn't allow me to do it often. ;) I think lukewarm is better, and also drinking it through a straw can be helpful.

    Isn't the energy amazing? I know, just know, that I have been really annoying to others when on the MC too. lol

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    OK, I'm starting on Saturday and doing another 10-day. If I wait til January I will want to do 30 days with others on Glickman's site, but I don't feel mentally ready. So I'll do 10 for now and hopefully I'll be ready next time around. I really just want to get one 30-day under my belt to see what the effects are. Maybe March or April...

    SA-RAW, are you hanging in there?

    dafodil, you're done now aren't you? How do you feel?

  • I'm hanging! I don't want to upset anyone like those girls who talk about how they wish they could gain weight :) but i'm not really finding it that difficult. BUT but but its the end of day 4, i'm sure the cravings for solid food will get worse? I had a much harder time doing a juice fast than this, i wonder why? The thing I don't understand is that I feel I have emotional eating problem: boredom, comfort, stress etc and when those challenges arise like my usual raw picnic on the floor of my apartment after a hard day at work, i push it out of my head and say nope I can do this. I'm doing this to cure my issues with food AND my digestive system sucks!! Even after being 100% raw for a year. Who knows, its a mystery.

    Oh and warm salt water was MUCH easier this morning and adding more salt was easier too bc at least it tasted like SOMETHING and not a watered down something? I still don't think its working like other people have talked about. More salt tomorrow i guess...

    Free, good luck with your cleanse!!! Let us know how it goes pretty please

    Any thoughts?

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    No! It will be smooth sailing from now on! You will still think about food and maybe plan what to eat afterwards, but the cravings shouldn't get worse now that you're over the hump. Day 3 is typically the worst. Many folks have trouble even getting down the minimum 6 lemonades per day after the hunger is gone. Isn't this sooooooooo empowering? There are so many better things to focus on in life than just food. :) I had done short water fasts before, but never thought I'd be able to go 10 days. I kept hearing, though, about how good you feel and how you aren't hungry on the Master Cleanse, so I went for it and I'm glad I did!

    I still have digestive issues as well. I've been drinking kombucha every day since the spring to help in healing my leaky gut and making sure I don't put anything in my body that could make it worse. This is the main reason I'm hoping to do a 30-day eventually. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be long enough to seriously heal my gut.

    Tomorrow is day 1 for me. I'm pretty psyched. :)

  • sooo what exactly is a master cleanse? sorry for asking, im just new to all this haha

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